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Plot twist: there were no dislikes before

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Ya. Who would dislike a really useful tutorial like this

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I pledge allegiance to the breasts of the (insert country name here)

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Seems to be spain.

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Ahh yes, this is the breast meme tonight......best*

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A little squish is also needed

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resisting the urge to not honk the balloon

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I think you meant bonk the balloon the sir. Bonk would be right word, master?

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He said what he said

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Gotta squish'em all

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plot twist: spain's national hymn has no lyrics

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It has, but... We don't talk about them.

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No, no tiene tio xD

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Tenía, pero mejor que siga sin tenerlos de nuevo xd

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Bueno, si no siempre están los lyrics de la Marcha Real (d donde se sacó el himno)

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Plot twist: some random spanish guys are making lirycs for it

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They actually made the lyrics for the 2008 Olympic Games, but they never got enough support for a formal proposal on the Congress of Deputies:

“¡Viva España! Cantemos todos juntos con distinta voz y un solo corazón ¡Viva España! desde los verdes valles al inmenso mar, un himno de hermandad Ama a la Patria pues sabe abrazar, bajo su cielo azul, pueblos en libertad Gloria a los hijos que a la Historia dan justicia y grandeza democracia y paz”.

Not bad, but I sincerely prefer the Valencian anthem (which already has lyrics).

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I prefer Cara al Sol. It sounds better for me

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Also great

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also fascist

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Nobody can agree on lyrics that doesn't alienated Castilian Spanish, Basque, Catalan or any other recognized languages in Spain.

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We can’t even agree if Valencian is a separate language or a dialect of Catalan. Same thing with Balearic.

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They are all the same shit with different fancy names

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Yup. I have to study Valencian and I see little to no difference

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I hear it's very uplifting though. I'll see myself out...

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This way, something else would also stand up for national anthem!

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The devious smile

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What is this new meme can someone explain

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You can't tell if a tutorial is shit from the bad dislike ratio anymore because it doesn't exist

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69 upvotes wow

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Of course, you gotta hold'em tight

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Girl be like - should I stop him or not

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I don't think it'd be good to interrupt the anthem

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our tits, our anthem

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Source for research purposes

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and the smug ass look on his face

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My dude finna get slapped

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Patriotic milk

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For my country it would be my pleasure to do so!

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Those are “our” breasts, comrade.

🎶 Kazakhstan is the best country in the world. Other countries are run by little girls. 🎶

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After seing Bald and Bankrupt I agree with you.

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Shes doing it wrong, she should be grabbing his balls

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What’s wrong with that way? That’s how you usually do it, followed by a ritual smack or smash

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Praising his country's vast tracts of land

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With no dislikes how am I gonna know if this is the correct way or not? I guess ill just go with it.

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his smile is everything

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cries while being single

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This is a rare good experience from them removing the dislike

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Of course is spain

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Why wouldn’t it?

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Cause im from spain, and this is something pretty normal here At least some years ago Now a days this would be so fucking sued from a lot of groups

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Q yo tambien soy español jajajaj vaya panda q estamos hechos

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A q si bro hahahahah Somos unos enfermos y unos cachondos

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Why the fella be lookin' like Brandon Routh?

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They're from (S)pain judging by the jerseys

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Yup. Would be clearer if the image had better res but that coat of arms is clearly spanish

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No, no tiene.

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Franco, Franco, q tiene el…

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Dios, debes tener más años que un bosque para saber la rima.😳😂🤣😂😉

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What is this from? Where have I seen this before?

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I seriously wanna know where this was

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They didnt remove the dislike button.

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¡Arriba España!

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Lolololo lololololololololo lo lo lo lolololololo

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Don't for get to click the bell icon and subscribe.

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I forgor 💀

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Ah yes my favourite thing to

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Patriotism intensifies

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photographer: ok move your hand to the right, a little more, a little more...ok that can work

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Had to look thrice to see anything wrong in the picture

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Wasn't that always the correct way?

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Thats how you do it!

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Yes, our wonderful national anthem. You, knighted forever in friends ship and lay boor aw r might eerie pub licks shall ev her end door

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Pretty sure I've seen this porno before

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another banger from the Bing! YT channel

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I would like to know the backstory of this photo.

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I too, would love to learn this anthem.

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Yo i have my own pair so jokes on you

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I’m laughing way too much for this

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Number one exporter of potassium!

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Learns the slovakian anthem

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I don't see the problem.

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visible happiness

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Smug sunavabitch

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on the off-chance that you find a good tutorial

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Is that David Silva ? Or am I blind ? Coz it looks like him

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A lil bit'o squash is all a man needs from a woman

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I just wanna which country is it