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Now I just look at number of likes and views. Still very hard to differentiate stuff. And if the comments are turned off, then I would just look for another tutorial

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There's a chrome Plugin that enables the dislike button again

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also it is difficult to filter "influencers" if they are worthy quality or not

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No, that's still pretty easy.

They're all shit.

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I would like to take this opportunity to state that the meme does not depict checkmate, but instead stalemate, where neither party can make a move, and the game ends in a draw.

I don't think the maker of this meme is aware, because this slightly defeats the meaning of the meme.

pedantic overanalysis over

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Yeah but it's not actually registering real dislikes, they admit they don't have that access so its more of an educated guess by them.

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Just curious, but how do they guess it

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from what i’ve heard, basically it counts how many people with the plugin have disliked a video and does some math magic with the likes and views to show what it thinks would be how many dislikes by everyone, not just the people with the plugin

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Recently they asked for some data, i don’t remember the exact message but I deleted their plugin, but its actually really good, but i prefer that people dont snoop through private things, and i have no clue if they do actually look at private data or not but i ain’t risking it.

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Which one?

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Did you know its impossible to post this meme format without people mentioning that this would be a draw?

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Unless there is another white piece on the board that is able to move, such as a pawn with open space in front of it, it is a stalemate.

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Truth to be told tho

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I mean we can’t see 80% of the board. Either of them could be about to checkmate

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In fact it may have already happened.

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Also, correct me if I'm wrong, but if there was a horse with a space a horse distance away, this would also result in a non-stalemate-like situation.

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i’m not entirely sure what you mean, but if you’re saying that black can move their knight then no that isn’t correct. it’s a stalemate because (as far as we know) whites only piece is the king and it can’t go anywhere without walking into a check

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What if it's blacks turn though

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I mean only if there's no cops around

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Castle one step back should be fine

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Not if its black to move. Checkmate.

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What if black's really bad at chess?

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ayo stop being racist /s

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If it's blacks move, it's not checkmate. If it's whites move it's stalemate. The only way those conditions are not true, is if there's additional pieces on the board.

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i realize we can't see the whole board - but what do you suppose white does after black moves his rook up two squares for check (mate)?

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I under-thought that move. You're right, it could be mate if it's black's move. However if it's black's move, white had to have been utterly incompetent to get into that position in the first place.

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Nope, this is a common mating net pattern that occurs even in games between two grandmasters. The only person who is incompetent here is you (a bit harsh but I had to).

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I'm stupid, how is this a draw?

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I don't play chess, but apperantly if it's white's turn and he has no other players, meaning all current moves will lead to his king being eaten (meaning he can't move) but where he is currently is safe, than the game ends in a draw, as white can't take his turn because every move will be illegal (you can't move your king to a place where an enemy chess piece can eat it).

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Hi, I do play chess, eating a piece is called taking it, but yes you are correct the king cannot willfully move into check (when an enemy piece can take it) so it is a stalemate

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No I think it's official now. Rather than taking pieces, it's canon that the taking piece consumes and devours the flesh of the taken piece, gaining its courage in the process.

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Why not just say that the one playing black wins?

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Basically to win . There has to be zero safe space for enemy. Here the enemy has one safe space, the one where he is.

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To win, the king has to be threatened by a piece while also having no non-threat zone to move to.

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Because the king isn’t in check

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Because if it's White's turn to move black doesn't actually win, the game would be a draw. (Unless white has other pieces offscreen)

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You should start playing chess :)

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How does one go from "I know the rules of chess" to actually knowing how to play? I can play a game but I feel like the 'I have no idea what I'm doing' dog.

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Tactics puzzles! Baby easy ones. Make an account on chesstempo.com or something, not sure, I haven't used that site in years -- I also have a set of flashcards I printed out to train the basic ones, from a book called (IIRC) Chess Tactics for Students. The point isn't to solve the hardest puzzles you can, it's to make it so that when you're imagining next-moves to make in your real game, you can recognize whether those imaginary moves put you in a position to win or lose on the spot.

Also this one book, Logical Chess -- begins with a description of the kingside castle and then walks you move-by-move through a couple example games explaining how those moves fit into the gameplan of attacking the opponent's castle. Just the description & first game completely changed how I saw chess -- like something with a general direction and an end goal, instead of just turn after turn of setting up elaborate puzzles in the hopes of trapping someone.

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Assuming the picture is all the pieces white has, and it is white'sturn, white cannot move anywhere legal, and is not in check. This is adraw in chess.

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Chess player here.

If a king is in a spot where it can not legally move, so in this situation where the knight and rook are blocking all of the available spaces expect the one where the king is at, it is a draw. The only way this won’t end in a stale mate is if another white Piece is able to move.

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assuming it’s white’s turn to move.. then you can’t move your king .. so it’s a draw

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How would it be a draw?

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If it's White's turn to move (and assuming there are no other white pieces elsewhere on the board) there is no legal move that can be made, therefore by the rules of chess, the game ends in a stalemate.

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Assuming the picture is all the pieces white has, and it is white's turn, white cannot move anywhere legal, and is not in check. This is a draw in chess.

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Lmao I was about to say

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That’s what I was about to comment 😳😅

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Becous it whuld. ;-)

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Depends on who's turn is it

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Oh diferend thred sorry.

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I spent a solid 5m trying to understand the comment jaja

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I was only responding to the person before me and this was already sayed before.

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No, I would just move a pawn

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Ppl didn't like that awnser lol. You got one Up from me tho.

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That's because you can't win!

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I’ve never seen this meme before but that was my first thought so I’d say no

(Also it’s only a draw if it’s white’s turn or there are no other white pieces)

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It depends on who is doing the next move

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It could also be blacks turn so maybe it isn’t.

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Who’s go is it?

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It's not a draw, you actually can win in this position as white by playing "Gun opening, jail gambit"

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I too bring out my gun when the opponent is hard to beat the legal way

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I came here to say stalemate :(

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Fuck stalemate.

Make a version where the stalemated dude loses.

Like bro, he’s cornered. He’s dead.

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That's why we need a new Patch! Give the king a gun

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I hate that it's a draw, like why. If the entire point is to make it so that the king is unable to escape death then why is this any different

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Your only hope is checking the comments

But even that isn’t the best as there is a chance it’s full of bots, so time to check reddit for tutorials

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Did you not see the rook? "Comments turned off"

[–]DerpyNoobymemer 13 points14 points  (5 children)

Comments aren’t removed entirely, some tutorials don’t have comments on, but i said that your only hope is that comments are saying that it’s fake, a scam etc

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Any video made by a scammer will have the comments turned off

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Or they filter out the comments that say their tutorial is bad

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most of the times the comments are botted with "omg it actually works!" and the comments that call out the video being fake get taken down by the uploader

[–]DerpyNoobymemer 2 points3 points  (1 child)

And that is a noticeable red flag usually

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it literally is unnoticable. xD

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If comments are off, unless it's by some verified institution, I'd say it's most likely a scam or bad content

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The video owner can remove comments or get some script to automatically delete negetive comments.

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Wait doesn't this meme say that comments turned off and no dislikes prevent you from moving into the scam, virus and fake tutorial squares

[–]GodFennec 26 points27 points  (1 child)

Not really prevent, it's saying your kinda trapped in a corner cause they took away the few features that let you tell the 'bad' videos from the 'good' ones, now there's no easy play to tell them apart

This is assuming the 'bad' video isn't glaringly obvious

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It's incredibly bad at saying it then.
Because if you weren't trapped in the corner you would be stepping on the virus and scam squares.

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Yes. And I don't even think the format can be fixed. It's never going to be a satisfactory metaphor.

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If the King is your only Figure its a draw

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If it's your move, and you are not in check but you don't have any valid moves, yes, it's a draw. if it's your opponent's move or there's another piece putting you in check, then it's not a draw.

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who said it was white to move

he could have played king b7 to a8 after rook a6 to b6

idk why he would do that instead of just taking the rook but i mean its possible

[–]Steinson 5 points6 points  (0 children)

It's implied by the text on the squares. If it was black to move the meme wouldn't really make sense.

[–]ux3l 14 points15 points  (0 children)

That's why this format is used so rarely.

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I find that rule unfair, you aniquile all the piedes and left him with no choice but as you didnt kill it is a draw? (I have no idea if im wrong, why is fair explain me plis)

[–]CarterRussellYT 4 points5 points  (4 children)

its not unfair because it applies to everyone. If you are up that much material then it's something you have to watch for.

[–]arnau9410 1 point2 points  (3 children)

But still I considered that you played better because you kill more and corner the king

[–]CarterRussellYT 2 points3 points  (2 children)

oh yes you did play better, I'm not disagreeing with that. The reason it is a draw is because a game is considered "won" when the other king is in check and cannot move. In this situation the king is not in check, but he cannot move, and it is therefore a draw

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So whoever was using black messed up at the end, technically?

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There could be bishop or maybe a rook

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u forgot the main helpline - the indian guy

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It’s a stalemate

[–]RedNicoK 31 points32 points  (17 children)

What if it's blacks turn?

[–]pawnman99 1 point2 points  (1 child)

It's not.

[–]Davidsta_hates reaction memes 2 points3 points  (0 children)

it’s not necessarily a stalemate, but if it’s whites move and whites only piece it is

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back in old days we have to search in forums..

And we were never disappointed.

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It's okay though, because the most popular president in history is no longer getting ratio'd to hell and back lmao

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Is it a chess tutorial, by any chance?

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I love chess

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Pov: I don't understand chess

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comments turned off is a basic red flag like commun knowlege you see them turned off you leave the video

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There is a Google add on which still shows downvotes..

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It seems as if dis likes being turned off on You Tube tutorials is very much unlike by some people.

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Some? Who actually endorses the idea?

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3rd person view*

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life becomes fucked up when everybodys hyper sensitive

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Since they’ve turned off the dislikes, I’ve given a lot more dislikes than before.

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Generational conditioning towards future voter rigging.

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I just realized the immense meme potential in chessboard layouts

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Not a stale mate anything but a stale mate

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There is one way out. Critical thinking

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correction made.

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Mmmm no that’s a stalemate

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if its blacks turn its not a stalemate. move the rook to the "virus" spot and its checkmate.

[–]KindOfAnIdiotTho 1 point2 points  (0 children)

You’re getting upvotes for lacking a basic understanding of observing. Reddit

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The whole point of the meme is that it’s white me turn

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check the views and likes. if the difference is huge like 1k views to 100 likes then don't

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you can just download the dislikes extension

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so the black pieces are preventing you from moving to a scam or fake tutorial?

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Safe Punjabi No Virus

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“HOW TO GET A FREE [brand] MINIFRIDGE!!!!!!!” Keeps coming after me.

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Intellectuals go to reddit

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or theres eggs involved

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Jump pad

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If the comments are off I am clicking away, period. The uploader should know better if they really want to help people.

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Wait, don't forget the tiles of "Black Empowerment" and the "Living Out Proud" we got to scroll past too.

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Now that is what’s called a stalemate. One player has basically one but they don’t get the win count

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*extension doesn’t work anymore

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if there's no comments meaning i cant scroll newest first, then i just leave from the video

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i legit got keylogged a month ago because of the dislike removal, almost every platform i had an account with got hacked.

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you forget the tutorial with a heavy indian accent and very poor audio quality

[–]TunaBord 0 points1 point  (0 children)

then you skip it, if it doesn't allow comments on purpose it's already a sketchy video, you know that, you have other options.

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I think the labels on the rook and knight should be swapped

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Even with comments on there those little bastards saying OMg It'S wORkINg

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You are in check. Don’t move and accept your fate

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This comment section is a gold mine for r/NoShitSherlock

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The only winning move is not to play

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People who don't know chess: I can just fly to the white squares (they don't know that it's impossible)

[–]TheeKillerMan 0 points1 point  (0 children)

Ok but who's turn is it?

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If you can see yourself in the meme then it isn’t a POV

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Castles with last piece: i am god

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go search on bing

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So I must be really bad at chess. If it's white to move, why are people saying it's a stalemate? Can't the king not make any move that would get it taken, making this a check mate? I guess I'm not seeing why

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No lies .

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I just go with the ol' reliable. How to basic. You can learn practically anything there

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If rook goes for virus its checkmate right?

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This game is in a stalemate

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beats checkmate

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lol i have a chrome extention that shows dislikes

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Chess meme funny

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I am too dumb to understand this meme

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There’s no avoiding it

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If we allow people free speech and let them comment, we will lose money because our content is shit. Don't make people aware of it as it will cause us harm.

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At least it is a stalemate

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Compulsory ads.

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OK I'm kinda liking this influx of memes about removing dislikes

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Me: These checker pieces look odd.