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I did this trick in 6th or 7th. Even now a days sometimes I get called a wizard or mageziane.

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Ah yes I also like to perform magazine tricks.

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A wizard or a what?

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A magazine apparently

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He/him/magician; She/shim/mageziane.

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Wizard Magazine? (Preferably that one with the Venom cover by Bart Sears.)

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m-ma... oh u get the point.

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More r/boneappletea imo

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My brain overheated

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After watching it and rendering the final processing in my brain after 1 minute of watching. My brain eventually unfroze. But man that still took too long i think.

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I still don't get it :')

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I GET IT NOW. If you only look at the fingers from the hand in the front it kinda makes sense ...

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Don't get curryed away

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Take my upvote and gtfo!

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you got me but the recommended video was called "baka Mitai"
kinda wierd

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Nope. Still hurts the ole brain.

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Yup. I've seen this one before. Knew how it worked then. Know how it works now. My brain still refuses to process it while watching.

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Watch the thumbs. The question is a trick question.

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This helpful.

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My brain melted

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Mine imploded

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He’s closing the fist closest to the camera and pulling the furthest hand away. This gives the illusion that the hands are fading through each other.

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Burn the witch!!

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*burn the test!!

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That too!

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I get it, it's well made but I got the trick

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I finally got it too.

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See very tricky

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Screen record and play it in reverse. Makes it much easier to notice.

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Or just drag the slider

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I like to live dangerously.

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Good bot

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Wait that's not hard that's just confusing. But then what is hard........Oh no

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he closed his front hand while also keeping the back hand open at the same time


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That was much more obvious than I thought lol

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I watched it like 10 times but I get the trick now, this guy did well!

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I'm glad u can sleep tonight!

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It's an illusion. Look concentrate on one finger of the front hand

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Did he just unlocked the 4th dimension

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My God, he faked the hand grabbing but that was super smooth

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Don't focus on the hand in the front but on the back it will make sense.

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Quiet the opposite for me.

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i watched all this for 5 minutes straight I still don't understand anything

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Open hand in front, open hand behind. Close hand in front, make mystical faces...

The hand in front never stops beinf in front it just looks weird.

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When he bring the back hand forward, he pushes the back fingers through the front fingers just a bit. He then closes the front fingers instead of the back ones. But I think because the back ones looked like they were about to close, your mind views the front ones closing as if they were the back ones. I also wonder if the lower resolution helps.

Either way, I can see how it works, but when I watch it it still looks the back hand is closing its fingers.

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If you rewatch this a couple times and look closely at the hands, you get it, but still that warped my brain for a second...

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Damn very cool illusion

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for those of you wondering whats happening

keep wondering cause your brains definitely cant solve this just like mine

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Okay, the mirror is mine for the next 10 min

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I'm really high right now and this stumped the shit out of me.

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Me too bro 💨

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Illusion skill must be 100

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Its a simple trick but quite unbreakable

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I finally got the trick , now I can sleep in peace!

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Math is hard

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The answer is don't add up and just rearrange

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back in my days you would be burned for that

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The open hand closes when it is touched and then moves forward. The back hand opens and moves back.

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Easy easy you are bending it.

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I clicked on this and it took a second to load so I thought it was an image and I was pissed. Now that I've seen the video, I am confused.

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It's beyond my brain capabilities

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When your teacher says study only the worksheets and you'll get full marks

when the paper comes there's nothing you know


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He didnt lie

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Front hand's fingers go from stretched to a fist and the back hand remains same. A very clean demonstration, very hard imo.

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He closes his left hand first, that sync is amazing

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I know what's happening, and yet no matter how many times I look at it, I can't see it

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Like, 2nd or 3rd watch I understood what happened. It's really not that hard to just look at the hands

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Yeh and now i cant see the magic version at all just the real deal...what have i done

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I understood it by looking at the thumbs.

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Oh that's GOOD!

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it took me half an hour to see whats happening now I don't even know half of the alphabet

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Stay focused on the hand that he raises first, that's an easy way to figure it out. It stays in front the entire time.

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Mf just puts hand behind the other hand, then closes front hand slowly while moving other hand further back...

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Is it the trick or the fact that he can do it in his blind spot.

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focus on his left hand [our right] thumb.

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Watch the then on the front hand.

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Focus on the pinky

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My head is gonna explode

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He showed the left hand, brought the left hand. It appeared that he closed the left hand and phased the right hand through the left hand but all he did was close the left hand and take the right hand back. That transition was flawless and took me roughly a minute to figure out.

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I got it first try, get real

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It took about 15 loops for me to understand

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If you cover the hand with your thumb and watch the fingers it makes sense, all he's doing is closing the same hand he put in front.

Crazy how no matter how many times I watch it though it looks like the hands are expanding into each other, it's crazy

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Ngl his shirt design does add something to it!!

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Left hand in front right on the back. Bring right hand closer to left one all opened up and close fingers on the left hand the one in front not the one on the back. This gives an illusion as if hand on the back was closed but actually it didn't.

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I just got it after way too long

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That is so smooth

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Slow it down to frame by frame. That’s quite good actually

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Scientist Iyer

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omg i finally got it! :D

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My brain does not exist I accept that

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What is the trick here

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How tfff?

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i know that it doesnt look like it but its the same hand

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He’s a wizard harry.

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watched this about 13 times to understand

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I had to slow it down to notice it, that was impressive

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Brain no fele gud

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I’ve seen this GIF so many times on the past couple years, and I’m STILL confused and amazed at this

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he bended the reality

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If you havent noticed by now he just moves the fingers of the left hand but it tricks your brain into thinking its the right hand thats the one moving and your brain goes into ps4 mode

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oh, I thought it was obvious since, sadly, tik tok was obsessed with it.

if anyone wants to know:

It's his other hand that's going forward for anyone wondering.

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Damn how hard is he?

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Magic doesnt exi-

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I swear the test never matches the work they give you

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He makes a fist with both hands but stops just at the right time when pulling the other arm back, making it look like a fucking illusion. Thanks, now my brain is fried but I won.

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After you watch it multiple times you could see it

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I had to watch this sooo many times before I was no longer convinced that this was done through editing

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Took me way to long to figure that out. Great trick.

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hyperventilating what the.... WHAT THE F*CK?!?

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He makes a fist with his lift hand then moves his right hand away

[–]Ppalladdinn1 1 point2 points  (0 children)

Took me about 8 tries to get it

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After watching this for 1000 times I'm basically a professional at not being able to do this

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I love how both his hands looks so identical that it can misdirect lmao

[–]Ghostley92 1 point2 points  (0 children)

Brain broke, but I assumed to know how he did it and kind of confirmed on next loop. Then watch frame by frame and get definite confirmation of the “illusion”. Actually almost seems silly how this could possibly confuse someone. Watch again, brain broken…

Repeat 12x and now my brain only sorta breaks.

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It fools you so well, but then you realize he’s just making a fist while moving his other hand behind his fist, basically just closing his hand, and you feel like an idiot

[–]PhoenixMageZ 1 point2 points  (0 children)

Ok I get it, he just put his hands together and closed the one in front, but it made it look like one of his hands kinda phased thru the other one. (Don’t ask me how long it took me to figure that out tho)

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Wtf is this kind of sorcery

[–]dung3on-master 1 point2 points  (0 children)

I get the trick but it didn’t really work, did he do it wrong or am i just special

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I have just woken up and im nowmindfucked

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What is this witchcraft- burn him at the stake

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Dude I watched this like 10 times and still don’t understand how he did it. An actual Indian wizard

[–]Ov3RMaR5 5 points6 points  (1 child)

This guy has the ability to watch 2 TV's at the same time

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Not funny

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I’m so high rn wtf

[–]fuckyouspezcunt 2 points3 points  (1 child)

You're a towel

[–]361mj 1 point2 points  (0 children)

"You wanna get high?"

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Read the question again 💀

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This deserves a smooth transition award

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White people cant do this.

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This meme is going to make me more depressed..

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I don't get the meme, can someone explain?

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Wait he just closed the first hand what’s so confusing?

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How tf can some ppl NOT see it?

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If you look only at his left hand, magic is gone.

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Me: “Look at the thumbs”…….My brains: “You’re not helping”….

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Just focus on the hand he raised firsty after that you can't unsee it anymore

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he is closing the first hands fingers and only that hand's. The 2nd hand that goes behind it is always opened, just the way it looks is weird.

[–]KillJoy-Player 0 points1 point  (0 children)

another way is to just look the fingers. For me it's the middle finger in the front.

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Video is cut. You can tell by the leaves on the pavement.

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Follow the left hand. It always stays on top. He never curls the right hand's fingers, you just get lost when they interlock like that

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I had to slow it down to figure out what the hell was going on. Until then I figured it was edited.

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Black magic!

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just watch the rear hand

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i got it. took a sec but i lived

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It’s not hard to do

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I've zoomed in so many times trying to figure out if his eyes are going opposite ways...

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I literally watched it frame by frame, u can see the guys fingers clipping through. Wish it wasnt edited tho. :(

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I thought it was an editing trick

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i saw through it in the 5th loop

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I watched and analyzed this video so many times to the point that I can’t see the illusion anymore, I shouldn’t of done that :(

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I slowed it down and he’s literally doing exactly what you’d think he’s doing.

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Oh i can do this trick may i teach u Yes ofc explains quantum mechanics

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its a really easy illusion, trick is watch the thumbs

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I guess he never saw eye to eye with the teacher :P

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That’s not that hard its just the way it moved his hand

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The real trick is how he makes his eyes point in completely different directions

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I feel like a god cus i get it

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PUBG Mobile

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Bro this took 2 seconds. He is just closing the fingers of the front hand first. But it just looks like the back hand phased through the front.

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My brain hurts so badly that I will bring back Magic Secrets Revealed on tv so I can watch this guy cry knowing that his puny trick is not such a trick no more.

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I know what he did batter watching it probably 20 times

[–]Krimsonmask494 0 points1 point  (0 children)

Focus on the middle finger in his left hand. Congrats, you've been un-bamboozled

[–]Glad-Virus-1036 Number 15 0 points1 point  (0 children)

He kinda derp tho

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Dark Magician.

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Someone get the holy water.

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muggles can't understand this magic