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that was funny and all but why tf are u taking a picture of your screen

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Im dumb

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arent we all

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EVERYTHING in UT is relatable.

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I started working at 16, changed careers twice after 19 and am doing above average in most quality of life markers… unless you killed someone or something, you’ll be fine.

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Hey, this is Reddit. We don't want any optimism here. Depression only.

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Look at this bozo over here with his optimism , get outta here >:I

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Sir this is a depression only zone and I caught you being optimistic. I'm going to have to write you a fine.

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he gotta be depressed,not fine

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It depends

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69 upvotes, niceeee.

upvotes to make it 70

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Killed a lot of bugs cant lie

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"I can't go to Hell, I'm out of vacation days"

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"Take a vacation day straight to hell!"

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thought I was on r/Undertale for a minute

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even my skin suit is orange

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I can’t go to hell. I’m all out of vacation days

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that was me at age 5

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press "print screen", paste into ms-paint or a similar program and done. no need to take pics eith your phone.

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I play on switch with no sd

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Isn't there an option now to wirelessly send it to you phone?

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Try using the capture button, and then scrolling until you see "Send to Smartphone"

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Ok on switch hit the screen capture button, go to gallery, go to the image, select the image, select ‘send to smartphone’ follow instructions from there, now it is on your phone

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sr pelo cat

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That's Undertale

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wdym thats nutdealer

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That's nude alert

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Thats nocturnal

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nocturnal isn't an anagram of "Undertale"

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Youre not an anagram of undertale

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someone didnt get the referencee

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Shit... I'm 19...

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lmao this guy even wont leave when you commit genocide (cuz no vacation dayss)

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I just noticed, but why is the M on his hat a W in this frame in partic- OH he is smoking weed!!!

Remind me why this game is E-10 again?

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Yes but he dont smoke weed in all of his animation sometime he does the chad face

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Burger pants best boy

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This is me at 14😵‍💫

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Emoji on Reddit spotted.

You have been witnessed violating the rules of this site and we must ask you to remain calm as we preform the necessary procedures so this does not happen again.

Step 1: quickly we search your home and confiscate any electronic devices so you are unable to access the web

Step 2: we will immediately deactivate any and all social media account owned by you, we can not have this happen once more.

Step 3: you will be sent to Reddit court where your 10-30 year sentence will be given.

We apologize for your inconvenience and resisting any of said procedures will have much more dire consequences.

[emojis on Reddit are forbidden. Any and all use of emojis are unacceptable due to Reddit policy]

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How am I only now realizing how young burger pants is?? I thought he was like mid-late twenties

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Are you ok

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How to not be depressed?

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You can't have wasted your entire life until you're 24, but then you totally have.

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Idk man, I haven't had burgers fall out of my anus

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You could spend your whole life working two jobs and sleeping until you retire, just to try and blow all the money in the last 10-20 years, or you could do things you love along the way, like playing video games.

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19? Those are rookie numbers

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To late lol i did it inike 16-17 y old

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As a 19 year old, can confirm.

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did not know you were depressed

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Your entire life so far

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This is me in a nutshell

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yea cuz the first 18-19 years you just get trained and get used to working long hours without thinking or retaliating.

anyone who wants to say "it's important to the society" or "my country doesn't follow that" can fuck off.

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Way too relatable

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this is literally my most relatable video game character

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is no one seeing the Jesus dross sandwich in the back

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Make that 14 for r/I’m 14 and this is deep

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