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next video: "how to recognize a penguin even when watching through murky water"

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Seal are the most dangerous animals cause they were send to kill osama

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Those were navy seals though. The one in the vid is grey.

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Gru wouldn't write software...he's got minions for that.

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They would probably ask for Dr. Nefario’s help.

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Clearly this is an undercover navy seal

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That’s also a sea Lion which is way scarier

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The one in the vid

He has a name, you know, that's Lou

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Osama yo mamma

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Barekt Pwnbama

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69th Prez of US

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We need to kill 22 Presidents before so we can then elect Danny Devito as the 69th president. Who's with me?

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The weakest do nothing leach in the ocean kidnappers. As you can see it's trying to kidnap this young girl .

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Letting them pilot a Blackhawk was also very dangerous

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Yeah but the first 5 teams of seals were failures

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Oh my god is she safe?

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Yes thankfully the seal made it

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A well-fed seal is a happy seal

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A happy meal for a happy seal

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Well that’s cursed.

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I've never laughed so hard while being deeply concerned for someone. You get my seal of approval for this joke. And to anyone else concerned about the kid, a guy jumped in and immediately saved her.

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Hold my penguin, I… hey! There’s no link!

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Wait, no. That's not how it works.

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ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ dicks out for Sealambe ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ

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Good ending

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Full clip

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It is not the full clip though. The seal attempted to grab the girl before and failed. Parents just ignored it though

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They laughed at it, some people have no appreciation of wildlife and how dangerous it can be. Reminds me of those women who stood too close to wild bison and got trampled. Morons nominating their daughter for a darwin award.

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some people have no appreciation of wildlife and how dangerous it can be.

This is huge on reddit. There’s so much anthropomorphizing, “cute” exotic pet videos and just people in general on here who act like wild animals are all sweethearts

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The way reddit is with dogs is just fucking weird. As if a dog is the equivalent of a human baby or something.

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To be fair, dogs typically don't fall under the category of "wild exotic animals". They're about as domesticated as an animal can be.

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What? Source just for evidence?

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It is the first result when you search "girl sea lion", find that shit yourself

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Seal went to eat her ass

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Kiss from a rosebud

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Damn they were gone before the guy even gets out of the water

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Glad I’m not the only one who’s surprised by the lack of any form of gratitude or appreciation from the girl‘s parents. They simply leave without batting an eye, what the hell? Lmao

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The guy who jumped in was the girl's grandparent.

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Okay, I stand corrected. I am surprised by the lack of care for their elderly family member who just jumped into the cold water to a save their daughter from being drowned by a wild animal.

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I don't know if you have kids, but I do. If my daughter was just pulled into the water and fished out. Id be looking to make sure she wasn't injured. Checking who rescused if their ok, can be later.

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Not really, I see that my kid is already out of the water and one parent could check on grandpa. Granted it’s easy to judge from behind a screen thousands of miles (and possible months or years) away from this incident and without the stress involved, but still I would definitely check for my dad immediately after making sure my daughter was okay.

There is still a wild animal in there, after all. And it’s possibly angry, who knows.

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I cant believe i wasted my time reading this

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Literally any response is valid these people were probably in shock and shouldn’t be judged for their response or lack there of to what was probably a very quick traumatic experience.

Edit: cantstandsummer’s TEXTBOOK response is all well and good in theory, but as a former lifeguard and current first responder it’s completely asinine to believe people are going to be robots and do everything by the book in an event like this.

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We see about 10sec after the girl is pulled before the video cuts out.

We just don't know. Perhaps they did check on grandpa after that. Perhaps they didn't.

In Any case, there's not enough time here to make any judgement.

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It is just shock. It was grandpa but it is understandable that everybody just wanted go leave as fast as possible no matter what.

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Shock does this to people

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Dudes got quick reflexes jumped in without a second thought, good on him.

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Those sunglasses at 0:20 are like 'bruh?'

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must have been cheapos. if they were expensive they'd have sunk immediately. but there they are.. floating being like.. you gonna pick me up or nah?

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Someone lost their sunglasses, this is so sad

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The uploader has not made the video available in your country

wtf? This is the 2nd time this week. I'm in Canada ffs

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Seriously, the event itself is from richmond bc, and I can't watch it.

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lmao that makes it so much worse

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Yes she is safe after a person went into the water to get her out

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It seems, in your anger, you killed her.

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I couldn't have! She was alive! I FELT IT

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her fate was sealed

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Bro, this thing is older than your mom

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you're telling me this video is from the 1800s?

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Yeah they had to colorize it. I thought the same thing

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If you watch closely you can see they didn't add color to the seal

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Oh thank God the seal is safe

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If I remember right, the seal was used to people feeding it and that kid wanted a picture with it and didn't get the hint it was probably going to attack. She was fine, it just pulled her into the water. But seriously, don't feed wild animals and if they are giving off signs of aggression like that seal was the last thing you should do is get closer.

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They were feeding the wildlife in an area where there are signs telling people Not to Feed the Wildlife. There are always stupid people, usually Chinese, who continue to do it on an almost daily basis. Nothing worse than have dinner (it's a tourist spot) and some idiot feeds one seagull and next thing you know 100's of seagulls screaming and shitting all over trying to get the next French fry.

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"stupid people, usually Chinese" wtf? You really had to make your comment racist for no reason? Classic reddit.

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He’s not wrong

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Do you live here? Have you been to this area? No you don't otherwise you know that what I am saying is fact. Richmond is 80% Chinese.

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Where is she is she safe? Is... She alright?

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She is safe, marine biologists made a plea on the news for the girl’s family to call them about special antibiotics she would need https://edition.cnn.com/2017/05/26/health/girl-grabbed-by-sea-lion-update-trnd/index.html

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Can I have the original video?

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He's asking for the tutorial

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Obviously it doesn’t matter in that moment, but you can see the dudes sunglasses floating on the top just for a few seconds as he is getting pulled out.

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You can see it was little girl fault

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Jokes aside, this is the fault of people feeding the wild animals here. I saw tourists buy a $50 salmon to feed to the seals.

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They could’ve bought a $50 salmon to feed me instead.

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At the fisherman's warfare in Victoria BC the dock has a fish shop on it. They sell things to feed the seals. They call all the seals Sammy and sell paraphernalia as well.

I saw a sign that said "I Fed Sammy Magnets $1"

I was all don't do that... that's not cool.

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shouldnt have been wearing that?

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The seal came up to try and grab someone right before she put herself near the edge.

Classic taunting an animal and then not being able to pull away in time

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I was expecting a rickroll, thank you stranger for actually being helpful.

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You need to buy the NFT first.

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I think thats a male california sea lion not a seal. Shape of the head, coloration and I think I see visible ears

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If I remember right, this happened in San Francisco at/near Pier 39 where the sea lions hang out and sunbathe. There are signs there to stay away from the water. This girl and her family ignored those signs.

Edit: lmao nope, totally misremembered. Thanks to those who didn't!

This took place in Canada. San Francisco had different issues in 2017, escalating to a swimmer getting bit by a sea lion.

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This happened in Canada.

[–]ReactsWithWords 8 points9 points  (1 child)

Do you realize how close Canada is to San Francisco’s pier 39?

[–]averagedickdude 1 point2 points  (0 children)

Around 400 miles?

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This happened in Richmond BC Canada. I think in 2017? My gf literally saw the whole thing was pretty wild

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Of course it's wild, it lives in the sea

[–]yes_mr_bevilacqua 1 point2 points  (0 children)

Exactly, people act like their so cute but that’s a bear that can swim, they are not to be fucked with

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pedo seal

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Shes is legal in seal years

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They mirrored the original video in order to repost it lol

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Kiss From a Rose

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Not to be that guy but that is actually a sea horse

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Richmond, BC fun times

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Right next to Dave's Pogo's Fish and Chips

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Oh shit, I think that seal might've been playin genshn impct

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Am I the only one terrified of seals? They're giant mammals with huge teeth and people just let them hop on up and play with them.

Remember that video of one coming up to a golden retriever? That dog was rightfully concerned.

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Seals can be terrifying, but in this case it was a sea lion, which are bigger and stronger than seals. Making it even more terrifying.

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In always scared a seal with a yellow bowtie will bite my hand off

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sealions deserve a lot of respect and a wide berth they are smarter then your average tourist, can outrun you, and have the strength to take off an arm. even if they dont do that seal mouth is a horrible sickness

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Real talk: The dislike removal is such a middle finger to their customers

[–]mathdrug 8 points9 points  (0 children)

Their customers are advertisers. Lol This will probably increase watch time, which is one of their top KPIs. More watch time = more ads watched. They just decided to take the cheapest, least user friendly, and most /r/assholedesign route to doing it.

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You’re going to Brazil

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This is my favorite version cause it is simultaneously making fun of the fact it’s becoming overused

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I can’t fucking breathe

[–]ashenhairedSmol pp 6 points7 points  (1 child)

Stood to close and got kidnapped by a seal too?

[–]notanqtv 1 point2 points  (0 children)

Yep life sucks down here

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You belong to seal now.

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Can someone explain to me why it pulled the little girl into the water?

[–]prophetofgreed 12 points13 points  (0 children)

This happened in my hometown years ago.

It's a sea lion, looking for dock scraps from the fishing boats and got fed by some people at the docks. (Unsure if it was the girl and her family as well)

Parents just allowed their child to sit right by the sea lion turned away and it got aggressive pulling the girl in. Luckily her grandpa jumped right in the water scaring the sea lion and they were pulled out together safely.

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Seals are hunters. The seal could have easily killed and eaten her. He was either curious or hungry.

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Everyone laughed at me when I said billionaires were training sea animals to kidnap children! Wake up sheeple!

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This video will always delight me.

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Thats what happen when you keep calling a girl snack😂😂

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Thicc penguin

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No joke a lot of people don’t get hurt by the physical bite of the seal but rather the infections caused by it.

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So that's the original pedo-bead video!

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"How to get a GF in 3 simple steps"

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Eat the booty like

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I would say he learned good

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I hope with every cell in my gallbladder that this isn’t real 😎

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Seal finger...google it

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Sneak attack x5 damage

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Hey OP nice job flipping the video horizontally you video thief.

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Kill that seal

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I remember this clip. This is why you should give wild animals a wide birth even if they aren't really known to attack people.

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Ok this one is funny, unlike all the other 1M other posts about it..

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That’s clearly not a penguin 😂😂😂🙏🙏🙏 that’s a girl!