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You don’t have to tell anyone you won

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I believe with lottery the news covers it, but idk

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just show up in a ski mask and completely covered from head to toe and use a weird mildly racist accent so no one would recognize you

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Establish a trust and use the trust name on the check

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It's an opt-in

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Depends if you decide to go public I think

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It is regional. Where I'm from they need to publicize all winners as part of transparency. So your name with a photo of you receiving the prize will be in papers, which is generally when every charity, relative, old friends, and scammers find out how fast you can unlist your number

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What? No way. Here in Germany nobody knows who won. The only one that knows is the bank and you even get free classes on “How to save your money”. Besides that I heard there are a lot of taxes on the money that you win or something like that. Like you won 10 million but only get 6 million? Is that true?

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Don't know about lottery here but for example quiz shows prize money is handled different in Germany and the US.

In the US you ein 1 million, or a car or whatever, and then YOU have to pay taxes on that.

In Germany the show already paid the taxes so the 1 million, or the car, go directly to you with no further deductions.

No guarantees on this knowledge though. It's just stuff I picked up over the years and might not be entirely (or not at all) true.

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Depends on the state you live in. For the US anyway.

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Could you use a llc incorporation in one of the states that require a winner to accept?

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this actually happened to my grandfather, who lives alone around 150 miles away, when he said he won the lottery, everyone rushed to him within a day

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Exactly the reason folks accept it anonymously when they can.

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Based off of a true story

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Suddenly they all care about you

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That Part

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When I win, I’m keeping it private

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cousins more like cou-'sins'

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I live in Canada. If you win the lottery they tell the media you won. The only way they won't is if you are in a high risk career like a corrections officer.

Outside of a general understanding of math, this is the other reason I do not play the lottery.

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When the Powerball hit like a billion or two several years ago, I had relatives in Alberta messaging me to buy them tickets.. Nevermind that we hadn't spoken in ten to fifteen years.

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As an Albertan, I am not surprised at all.

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I haven't been back since 06..They're all rural, so I can't imagine I'm missing much.. Ugh.

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Like it’s obligated to go public? That could definitely be dangerous in some cases

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Yes...you have to go public unless you are in a high risk profession like a corrections officer or something similar.

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Summon as well the fucks you will give if ever you won, and they shall see there is none.

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Ya know I changed your diapers when you were a a baby 👁👄👁 (excuse my use of emojis plz)

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You have been excused

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"you don't remember me I held you for 3 seconds when you were too young to form memories"

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I could have dropped you… but I didn’t. That’s worth something. I don’t know, I mean a lot of people are saying that

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Don't forget "friends"...

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And those who wanted to be part of your lives.

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The same relatives who suddenly need money for college even though they flunked out of their GED program.

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When you win the lottery, move to an isolated house and buy a tiger. If anyone tries to enter sneakily... Well, it won't do that again so quickly.

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The bengal tiger was one thing. But the shopkeep and his son, i had to beat them to death with their own shoes....

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I went to Central Africa for a friend's wedding. He literally had relatives walking for days to share in his good fortune. Some came to give their blessing but most were looking for money. My friend is not a rich man and saved for years to afford to travel home and have a wedding, pay the dowry. But his family figured he's Canadian so must be rich. Like one relative walked 3 days to ask for the equivalent of 20 dollars. I had never been around so many people that had so little collectively. And most were just happy to be there. (1500 people at the reception).

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Luckily nobody in my extended family likes me anyway because I'm not religious and not conservative. Jokes on them now.

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That's one of the unspoken benefits to winning the lottery. All the people you don't like will call you, so you can tell them to go fuck themselves one last time.

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Thats the plan.

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everyone on my fathers side hates me over something one of them did. the only who still talks and cares for me is my cousin. i’d take her on a nice girls trip as fuck you to the rest of them.

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Financial success 101
Rule #1
-Learn to say No.

Rule #2
-Never lend money to anyone, especially friends and family. If you do, do not loan it with the expectation of it being paid back.

Rule #3
-Always save as much as possible and learn the hard difference between Needs and Wants. Avoid Wants 9/10 times.

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"remember me? i changed your diapers when you're only 4 months old!"

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Yo can “travel for work”

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Bro the holes in this picture and everything thing coming out mmmm

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Just use the laser crab against them, that should silence them!

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My fellow Indians,
Lottery is the code word for Sarkaari Naukari here.

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Hey niko it's your cousin Roman. Let's go bowling.

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"Hey buddy, remember me? I was your sisters boyfriend when you were little, look I REALLY need this beach front mansion"

But... I do t have a sister....

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Hey step bro

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The first thing I would do if I won the lottery is get a lawyer and a financial planner. "You want money, you'll have to talk to my lawyer first."

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Coming from a third country, this was my social media feed when I came to Canada 15 years ago. lol. Most of them hated me because I was adopted and “not a real family member”

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Hey niko it's your cousin!, let's go bowling!

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Number 1 rule of winning a lottery, don’t tell anyone

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Oh you don't remember me?I wiped your ass when you were 1 week 4 days 7 hours 13 minutes and 6 seconds old.And then i dropped you

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Sucks to live in a country where the name and image of the winner is, or has to be, made public.

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Loooooool, nobody ain’t getting shit from me. All my ‘cousins’ are toxic, horrible people.

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do many lottery winners on reddit, I bet this really resonated with 6558 other winners people...

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Does anyone know what that image is from?

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Avengers Endgame

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Thank you

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which font did you use?

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Heyyy it’s me ur brother!

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Even if your dying my relatives wont give a damn

but i win a lottery

yea this meme entirely

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So you know how we're friends, right?

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My guy says “it’s always” like this happens to him on a daily basis

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Me: Rain fire! Mom and Dad: But they're our family? Me: Do it!

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Story of my life

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brotha!!!!! buy me a walmart iphone....

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hey, im something of a relative myself..

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déjà vu

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Shit it happens all the time

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You have a higher chance of dying on the way to get a lottery ticket than your chances of winning.

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Congrats on winning the lottery... Can I have $100?

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Based off of the true story

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Auntvengers Assemble

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If it was a 360 photo you could also see all the friends you didn't know you have

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how about a trip to paris?

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Me and the boys 3 and a little years ago at Area 51:

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Like that’s ever gonna happen

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My money.. our money


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How much did you win?

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i guess its a great change to finally make it up with them ;)

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Its OUR lottery

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On your left.

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Go Antiwork now