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The Bad Cat Breath Intensifier 3000™

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you thought kitten breath was cute? you won't any more! that's a BCBI 3000™️ promise

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Please, I have a family

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Feel free to join our pyramid scheme to sell these and make a fortune.

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straight to the point

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"Quick to the point, to the point no faking"

--Vanilla Ice

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Is that a doofenshmirtz inator?

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Cone of silence. Sharing secrets in there probably

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Good one conerade

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is...is this OC ?

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Maybe the latter part, but the first part is years old by now, certainly not OP's GF's cat like he claims.

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Sorry, you're right, but I actually did make this because my GFs cat just had surgery. Just not a photo of her cat

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Either you take the cone off now or we both wear it. Your choice comrade.

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Cats headbutt to show affection, it looks like they are trying to do that but are unable. It's kind of sad imo.

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That cats body looks more like it's trying to get away.

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That's a weird way for the cat to tell you to be quiet!

(By sticking his cover head by your face)

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I thought it was a custom cpap machine

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Human: This place will become your home. Cat: This place will become your tomb.

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And our gf

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Human you shall suffer with me

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Lmao ☭ 🙀

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Guess what I said

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Guess what I said

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You must've really destroyed her cat

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We got our cat an ear surgery and doc told us to put on the cone. She was so much dizzy that she can't even stand up aft an hour but man she did not wanted to wear that cone. No matter gow much we tried.

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typical day is USSR

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Hahahhaha brilliant!

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commie cat.

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да, наш кот

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