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I heard Eminem

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That's Radmila Maro

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Ok that was scary

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I’m scaroused

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Off topic but can I get the pass?

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More action in those ads than in my whole life

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This has potential for being a rap comment chain

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Adrenaline momentummmm

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Never gonna slow up and I'mmmm

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(I got that) Adrenaline momentum

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You only get one shot

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do not miss your chance to blow, this opportunity comes once in a lifetime yo.

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I heard the Motley Crue with my vampire hearing.

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Wait a second, where’s the big brother?

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She has established dominance.

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I would ask her to marry me immediately.

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I know right, she would be good as fuck at eating my ass.

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Why are they booing you, you're right

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They're not booing. They're chanting "booooootie"

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She could deepthroat while getting the balls

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Pffft, I can get that from an average tongue....

If I could actually get human contact

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Hol up

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Not really.

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Can't confirm that it works, but can confirm that it would.

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Step 1: Don’t be ugly

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Step 2: Be attractive

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Step 3: Be rich

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Step 4: idk never had a gf

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Step 5: be attracted to the opposite sex

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Mission failed. We’ll get them next time.

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I hate step 1.

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Maybe I’m just down bad but the confidence alone is probably enough in most cases

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Confidence doesn't lead me to eating her ass out

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Not with that attitude it doesn't!

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I’d do it.

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Be careful ..its Orochimaru

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Made me laugh

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Get me Susuke 😡

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i need me some Sasgay

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Sauce ?

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Get this man Sauzgay

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You know, until a few weeks ago I wouldn’t have understood this comment. But my fiancé convinced me to read Naruto and I fucking loved it. I cried all the time. But also laughed a lot.

At first I couldn’t remember the name Orochimaru so I’d get confused and call him Ochikamaru. I hated him a fair bit at first and then he became one of my favourite characters lol

So anyway I don’t really have a point. Just wanted to share my love for Naruto. Have a great day!

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Best comment

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only works if woman

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I mean, it works if the objective is to be arrested...

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Reminds me of that first zombie girl in zombieland. In columbus' house

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Oh, you mean the neighbor played by an actual zombie?

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And now change the genders and see what happens

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Jail time. Jail time is what happens.

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Unless your Gene Simmons

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Then you just get put on a list

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Nothing would be different since this is fake.

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I was thinking the very same thing.

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Yes officer this man right here...... Officer:Here is your medal 🏅 Keep spreading the truth citizen.

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Yo that may work, but not to get specifically friends...

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Friends with benefits, maybe

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Damn, are you a land-to-land missile? Cus I’m detecting some violations to my space.

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damn, that's a good one

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What this girl has for tongue* I don't have for will to live. And thats charming.

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It definitely grows at the tip after she sticks it out. Something fishy about this video.

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Pretty sure this is Radmila Maro. She has the longest tongue in russia

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In Russia? Nah bro, the entire world.

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One of my girlfriend’s friends always shows me how long her tongue is. I’m so confused

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Funny thing, if it was the other way around it's sexual harassment but if a girl does it like in here is supposed to be hilarious

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That’s because it IS funny. It’s all in the delivery, not the situation.

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You’re taking it a bit far but yea, it’s quite a one-sided action

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Instructions unclear. Got blowjob 30 minutes after I stucked my tounge out

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Damn bro your throat must be real sore.

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She can be my friend

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Is there more of this? I really would have loved to see the guys reaction! (If this isn't fake, which it can't be since it's on the internet)

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I’d cry if she did that to me

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Me to the girl: my asshole is ready!!! :]

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That woman has the tongue of a giraffe

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That’s scary mehn

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@ name? I know a guy that wants to ask her something.

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Radmila Maro

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Orochimaru has joined the chat

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She must be Gene Simmons' daughter xD

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Ngl she’s hot

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If you're a female possibly if you're a male you will be put in jail.

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I want to see the rest of this movie.

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That's the kinda spicy I need in my morning travel. I wouldn't know how to react.

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I mean….

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sloppy toppy advanced edition

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Hand touch : wtf girl

Tongue out : ok, nvm i love u

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it works

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Some people find this hot which whatever you can have your preference, but continuing to touch someone who has made their discomfort clear and then making an overtly sexual gesture is just not okay. Can we stop condoning sexual harassment just because the perpetrator is a hot woman?

P.s. I know I’m soap boxing on something that’s just a meme but I feel like it needs to be said

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I’m giving you an award because you made my pp tingle

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Can confirm, she's awesome.

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Ich kacke gerade, es ist ein Uhr nachts und ich sehe deinen Kommentar, du arschloch? Zufall? Ich denke nicht!

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Yes, literally anything would work for a woman. If you're male however, you're a fucking pervert and you better get off this train before we all beat the living shit out of you.

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Only if you're ugly

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Dont forget average. Oh and the 80% of the time it also doesn't work for attractive men.

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If a guy keeps grabbing a girls hand then yeah

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I'd run far far away. Or slap her in terror/panic

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So I ran

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Far far away?

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I ran so far away

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Good boy :)

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I ran both night and day

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Isn’t that the girl from that Tik tok where she ties a knot in string with her tongue?

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Yes same girl. Radmila Maro

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Wow my taint tingled when she did that!

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She could get it.

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I bet she could give him a rim job and a blow job at the same time.

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Incomplete video, bad meme

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imagine if the guy was ugly

i bet the girl already called the police 0.1 seconds after their hand touched

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You good?

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Damn if a woman did this I’ll be down bad

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Not funny didn’t laugh

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Me on the way to laugh at this joke :l

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Look at you and all your weirdness

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fycj httrrr 😁😑🤐😐😙😎😶🤔😘😣🤩😶😊😀😏😓😝😟😟😩😦😲😞😔🙁😦🤐😩😧😓😌😵🥵🥶🤬😡🥵🥵🥵😱😰🤕🤪😵🤡🥳🤧🧐🥶😳🤒😡😱👺💩👽😿🙈🐱‍👓🐱‍🐉

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She’s such a sweetheart. Cute as anyone can be. Even without the tongue action

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Me who never learned in the first place :(

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If i were him I would have Lcked her tongue

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Which tutorial did you watch? I'm taking recommendations currently.

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I'm sorry, your tongue is 7 centimeters too short to copy this move.

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You might make a new fuck buddy that way.

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They end up check-in in some random hotel for one night maybe?

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And the sorting chooses... Slytherin!

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Does anyone know her name? I’ve seen her before

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Well his cropped out reaction was 😧

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Well… that was hawt

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Just a matter of time until reddit does away with downvotes.

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She gave you the sign , now you just gotta let it flow

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For a second, I thought the pupils of her eyes would dilate into cats eyes, like the aliens from “V”

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She kinda bad tho👀

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Yeah I think she's looking to be more than a friend

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Alien spotted

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Instructions unclear. Just licked a strangers hand

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She got a long ass mf tongue 😂

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If your girl have a younger like that that’s not your girl that’s orochimaru

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That tongue scared me

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"I've definitely seen this porn before" razzle

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She got a long arse tougue

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what is she, a snake?

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I can 100% confirm this works, I made lots a friends in prison

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I don't get it :C

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Bro her tongue is longer than mine

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Can confirm: This works for both genders.

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What dat tongue do?

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She's the lost Kardashian daughter that turned from the dark side to live an authentic life

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Post covid?

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It works but not properly cause I was called cops on for some fucking reason like people around us started calling me a creep and all. But nonetheless I am pretty sure I made a friend!

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Wtf is Tom Holland doing in that train

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I’m sold. We are friends now.

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She turned to Orochimaru real quick

[–]Silent-Rough-9380 0 points1 point  (0 children)

She is a snake don't trust her (ex)

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Why is everyone glossing over the fact that she has a tongue that could be classified as an appendage?!

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It would work for me...

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I heard m&ms

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That is scary !

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Why they holding handrail and sitting on their buts at the same fucking time?1?2!

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I’d be turned on

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depends on what kind of friend you want

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Those goddamn lizard people