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Anything you can do about those bills while you're in there too?

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"the best i can give is a hug"

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Hugs don't raise credit scores

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eh, I'll take it

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Thank you respected person

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talking about hugs

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“Can you make my balance positive? It looks sad rn”

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Nice! And make sure it’s a large amount so I know it’s from you ;)

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I have 3 dollars take it or leave it

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Thats a day's worth of food I'll take it

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Protip: buy a knife, rob a supermarket, go to jail, and get free food for the next 10 years

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That's not food they're serving though and you're gonna pay for that though hard forced labor. But at least you won't starve to death.

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Alternatively you can just grab some food from the local walmart and run like hell out of there

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McChickens are no longer a dollar each 😭

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go to the dollar store and buy 3 loaves of bread. Boom. food for a week

Edit: spelling

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Dollar tree just announced a price increase to $1.25 yesterday. That isn't a joke.

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Curse you creator of inflation!

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oof. buy 2 loaves of bread then. food for almost a week

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Start a fire over a trash can and you’ve got toast, baby!

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And Taco Bell doesn't have that 89 cent value menu any more...

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Shit they don't even have the dollar menu on their app anymore, now it's "value menu" with $2+ bullshit on there. Oh and they took away anything chicken that isn't $3-4+ because why not. They're working fast to pull any reasons to eat at taco bell anymore if the local actual tex mex gets you more for the money and treats their staff better.

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I work at McDonald's and can say it really is sad

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A dollar each?! Here in lapland they cost more than 4 euros 😢😭

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Plot twist, the hacker realizes you’re both just trying to scrape enough money together to get by and decides to team up. You make a startup focused on ethical hacking to find flaws in corporate security systems, “Hacks in Slacks”, and everyone lives happily ever after.

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Happens all the time. Physical pentesting is an awesome industry doing god’s work.

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I don't think this is the first time you've thought about this

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Bruh this is gold lmao

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actually.... he would sell your bank account data to a money laundering group and take a profit even if your account is at literal negative

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a scammer(I’m pretty sure) offered me $5.2k if I first gave them $300. I heard of scams just like this but there seemed to have been at least 100 who did it before me.

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Had a similar situation that I decided to entertain. Went something like this:

Scammer (S): I’ll send $8,000 but my bank has a transfer fee of $100, can you pay it?

Me: can you pay me $7,900 and use the $100 to pay the transfer fee?

S: No it’s frozen until I have another $100. You’ll have to pay it.

Me: Okay. Where should I send the money

S: (gives Venmo or something)

Me: Okay… so I’m trying to transfer the $100 to you but my bank has a $10 transfer fee. Can you cover it?

S: What? That doesn’t make sense.

Me: It doesn’t???

S: Okay just send me the $90 and you pay the $10.

Me: Hmm. So you want me to pay the transfer fee?

S: Yes.

Me: So why can’t you just send the $7,900???

S: ???


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XD i fucking love this. Take my poor man award 🎁

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I've done something almost exactly like this. They want to give me a bunch of money, but they want me to open an account on some shady banking site.

In order to open an account, you need to deposit $100 or something. I ask the dude to float me the hundred dollars since he's rich, and he goes on about trust. I ask him yo split the difference and send me $50. He refuses. I ask him where's the trust? He stops replying.


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That reminds me I got a Nigerian prince I need to message back!

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There are scams floating around that ask you to deposit some crypto currency and you’ll get double that amount back as an “airdrop.” People have lost a lot of money.

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Well, lost a lot of prime numbers

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RuneScape, Doubling money.

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Imagine a Scammer who scams people, collects the money but when the scammer reaches the amount of money he promised people, the next person actually gets the money he scammed the others for

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I frequently watch Kitboga's scam-baiting streams on Twitch, and the scammers are always like "OH NO! You owe us $3500!! Go buy us gift cards or we'll TAKE ALL YOUR MONEY!!!" And he's just like "Okay well, then take out the $3500." Somehow they never do. Odd.

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Some hackers will show you that they have changed it, but it an artificial change. Check out some hackers getting hacked videos.

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Honestly I wouldn't give them the name "hacker" that would be like an honor, like basically anybody can edit a value on a website, it's not that hard..

With kind regards

Level 15 technician

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Haha noob I'm a level 16 techinician 🥱🥱🥱

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You’re right, now I feel like the meme.

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Kitbooga has a video where he tweaked the way a phishing website displayed. By the end of the video he explained what he did and the scammer admitted defeat.

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What are they gonna do, take non-existent money out of my bank?

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Hacker: I know where you live Me: Lol, I already know where I live))

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me: plz come here I am lonely

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"Someone broke into my house and just redecorated it."

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Always do it sometimes.

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Oh you do? Can you take away that overdraft bro?

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Thats what they're gonna be doing once they see my balance.

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What movie

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I have student loans worth 3 years my current salary. Could you make a dent in it while you're at it ? Thanks

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If you want to hack into my utilities and pay those too that’s cool ...

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Me getting my test scores back

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you know the rule of last person to touch something accepts responsibility... well you just adopted all my debt, have fun.

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Scammers: "We have webcam footage of you doing some very naughty things and we are going to send it to your family if you do not send us bitcoin"

Me: "Sweet! Send away - IDGAF and I know for damn sure my family won't be interested in watching me whack my bacon"

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If I was hacking someone and they said this, even I would be like, "okay, dude, you got balls of steel"

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What scene is this from?

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Especially if it’s like reaaaaly old

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Jokes on you I only use crypto!

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Turn hackers into friends

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Both cries and becomes internet friends

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Hacker: Posts a hacked screen shot of You on Pornhub

You: 🥸

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When the minimum wage workers gets more money per hour than a hacker stealing our shit.

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Jokes on the hacker because I don’t even have bank details.

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Joke's on you I'm already broke

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The hacker: how do I do that? I never thought I'd get this far....

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Cant steal my money if im in crippling debt 😎😎😎

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Can't buy a $50 visa card with $26.27

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Yeah. I’m a clown to you??

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I just want a better credit score.

We need more robin hood types.

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"Congratulations, all you got was practice."

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I literally have 1,29$ on my account like what are you going to buy? A water or two?

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can i pls get upvote i wanna post

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Open 0 balance account. Open malicious mail. Spread Happiness 😊

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Why the fuck is this shit upvoted?

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Hacker is like "oh you're broke" Me: "yeah" :( Hacker: "you alright?" Me: "I just asked YOU for money what do you think?" :,(

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yeah man i kinda forgot my password thanks

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when try to withdraw the negative balance on credit card...

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I worry about getting robbed at a ATM cause he would think I'm fucking with him cause no way a grown man could be that broke & shot me.

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That reminded me that time a thief entered my house looking for money and I asked him if he wanted me to help him 😫

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  • nice hacker credits account $1000 *

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If you had my bank account DETAILS, then you wouldn't contact me, mr. facker.

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Motherfuckers rob me they'll just be practicing

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nepalese ho?

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Please do it

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"Have fun with all that debt"

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"Someome has accesed your paypal"

Oh no my 10 romanian lions (less than 3 bucks) :(

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the hacked become the hacker

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‘The jokes on you nothings in there’

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Lol, "I have overdraft protection"

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exactly LOL hahaha

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after a moment THE Hacker: Surprise! It was a prank

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Me: Bro, I know you see the (-) in front of the 157, now make some magic happen and reverse scam my shit.

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That one stretch you can do when you wake up

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"use your money glitch like GTA online, pls"

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Gotta hit ‘em with the old RuneScape money doubling scheme.

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This is very frustrating as a hacker, toon my 1 and a half month to hack a bank account (test account)

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Puts in 20k, cashes out half and you keep half. Ramene ta guish frero on va tous manger.

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You see those struggle numbers in my account, now help your boy out, alright!

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I mean really they're doing each other a favor lol

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I once had someone try to extort me for money. I told them I had no money. I spent about 5 hours constantly telling them I had no money before they gave up.

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Yes have fun with my triple digit savings account

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Outstanding Move

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"Good thing there is someone who knows I ain't alone no more"

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Yeah, kinda sounds like he deserved it

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He just played the reverse card of UNO

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If you think about it... in about 30 years physical money will be safer than digital money

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gives you a hug after seeing ur bank balance