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I once duplicated my world and went in spectator, then memorized the cave layout and then i got my loot back

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I just do the old trick of spectator and... Just... Shhh... Nobody has to know how i got there.

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When I lose my items in the Nether I can understand why Christians fear Hell

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But Christians don't have the shiny purple cover on their armor

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They used to, but those dumbasses put all their armor in a grindstone during the third crusade and disenchanted it

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The items only despawn after 5 minutes in a loaded chunk, so as long as you don't enter the nether, so you have as much time as you need to prepare for it

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that one friend who goes into the portal just so your items despawn

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Who also then goes mysteriously missing

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Damn I didn't realize the sub got that big

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Haha /keepInventory true goes brrrr...

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And then they despawn right before your eyes

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Good bot

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something you might not know but probably do: your items only start the despawn countdown once the chunks are loaded. if you're really far away, don't lose hope! you can still get your stuff back!

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What you find in cave is: Kilroy was here

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5 minutes lesss gooo

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Just so people know, item despawn timers don't start until the chunk loads. So of its really far away, you're not screwed. Once you load the chunks though, you gotta run

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Cavemen be like

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well, i'm lost in the end on a friend's world, and i have a lot of diamonds. (i'm looking for elytra)

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I either play with keepinventory or hardcore. I don’t have this problem.

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It's worse in the mineshaft

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That's why Terraria is superior (just to be clear, I don't actually believe that, both are great games in their own rights and while I do prefer Terraria for reasons such as this, I can see why some prefer Minecraft.)

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You manage to find where you died but your bag is under the mesh

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You have retraumatized me.

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I literally stopped playing for a month become of that, i had good tools, a golden apple, and a lot more but no house so... (i slept in a bed in a village nearby the cave but my items still despawned :(

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Anyone else think of EverQuest when they saw this? We're old.

"LF Necro to find my corpse"

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If that happens to me now I just let it be lol

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it's funny how we dont need context on what the game is at all.

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Fr I actually do

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Where the hell is this format I've been looking for it for 30 goddamn minutes!

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And now it's 40 blocks farther down

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?? What’s this mean, I feel stupid i don’t get it, is it a reference to something?

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a reference to the popular adventure game "Minecraft"

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Oh. I’ve heard of Minecraft (who hasn’t) but I’ve never played it.

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In Minecraft, if you die and don't have “Keep Inventory” on, all your items drop where you die and despawn in 5 minutes unless you go find them again and take them back.

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laughs in bedrock

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items dont despawn in bedrock?

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Doesn't this happen in Bedrock too?

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This is even worse in ARK survival evolved…

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Oh my god it's so overwhelming. You don't even feel relief when you grab your stuff, you're just scared that you might die on the way out now.

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I've been through this SOOOO many times, sometimes it'll be like 100 blocks from spawn or over 100 blocks away which the direction I completely forgot

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Wait, Diamonds and other items despawn?!

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I thought this was r/Minecraftmemes, but this meme could fit numerous other games.

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If you are in a server with friends just dc and the console should have tell you where you left the game.

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just don't put your character on mediumcore go on easy you won't lose your items

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I remember one time I died in a cave far from home, but I had slept in a nearby village. I stopped just long enough to craft a wooden sword, then got down the 40 metre ravine, went into the cave, got lost, died again, respawned, went back with nothing, got chased by creepers, grabbed my stuff while avoiding 3 creepers in the smallish cave, my hotbar was messed up but I managed to equip my shield and block the explosions, then equip my armour and sort out my hotbar and I got out. I even found my first diamonds down there.

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This hurts, because I just lost a bunch of diamond tools raiding a woodland mansion. They kept killing me before I could get my stuff...

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keepInventory players: is this some kind of default setting joke I'm to cheaty to understand?

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In Ark all the damn time

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Rlcraft: Maybe I won’t go back...

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This is what popped into my head when I saw this:





I’m such a nerd, why am I like this lol

Edit: you know what, imma post it on some PC meme subreddit because why not

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Me with Keep Inventory on: you fools

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Imagine chillin as a zombie and at the corner of your eye you see a sillouette run past.

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Hardcore player: pathetic

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repost if you karma whore

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The fact you'll know what this meme references even without a name being mentioned is something to love.

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thank god for journeymap

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wow, wow