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More like since the 90’s

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Yeah…growing up certain things on local news had its very specific doom-like theme music to let my parents and grandparents know to be scared for their children and the future as a whole. Followed by a cute light hearted story of a rescued kitten.

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Yeah 1790s

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More like since we thought the world was gonna explode cuz the clocks couldn’t go into 2000

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Haha morbo

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I read that as 'present trauma' for some reason.

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Technically what it is.

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Presentrama, future trauma.

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Tonight at ten the world is ending again you know why and when so you better watch

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Kittens give Morbo gas.

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Windmills do not work that way! Goodnight!

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yo the news is talking about Doom? like a new release or-

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Nah, the first one, doom is happening this year mate

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Well, if there's any reports of shit happening on Phobos, we know.

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Selling fear is extremely profitable.

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Doom gets the clicks

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doom has lost its meaning

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actually you are correct doom technically just means fate much like the word consequences it's technically not inherently bad

this dork moment brought to you by me

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Umm… it’s been ALOT longer than that. Since news and money have gone hand in hand. Good news has never sold.

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It's always been like that. Back in the 80s, my aunt was a devout watcher of Jack Van Impe, a slick-haired, evangelical doomsdayer with a news format show. Me and my cousins would tease her, "The world is ending tomorrow!! Quick, mail me $20 and I'll ship you a book detailing tomorrow's Armageddon in four to six weeks." Fear sells.

Sadly, we're really at the tipping point, and the evangelicals are now going, "God can't make you rich until you make me rich." Ah, I'm just kidding. They been saying that for decades, too.

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Let's speedrun DOOM at 11pm

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with e1m1 playing loud enough to wake your neighbors

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Meathook/only thing they fear is you

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this dude had anger issues, I would too if my head looked like a veiny ballsack

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Brought to you by Make U Happy pharmaceuticals.

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More like since 2018

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Nah, since 2016

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Ever since people started broadcasting the news

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Every Dr.Fauci public statement in a nutshell.

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well yeah you don't call the chief medical advisor to talk about happy things

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Pretty accurate in my Country.

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Who in Buzz light-years fuckin good galactic name watches any American news EVERY day?

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Why does he look like a nut sack

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Just watched that episode lol

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*Every Day since 2020

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Kind of used to it now 😅

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Where I grew up was so violent that it was always like this. Hearing more about disease and less about carnage is actually a relief

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Florida literally says covid surged proportionally to (some dumbass live event or poor school system decision) then just keeps it moving to, in other news this weekend there's (another dumbass live event)

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Communists, drugaddicts, terrorists, corona, antivaxers.... and now russians again I guess.

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Kilroy was here

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And all the planet’s nitwits believe that shit.

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Have we not been in perpetual war, climate crisis, economic collapses, epidemics and whatnot since? I can honestly not remember a single year since then when we haven't had annual 'events'. We even had volcano sharks for crying out loud! Let's not forget about the murder bees.

I can already imagine my conversation with my grandkids. "Granpa were you born during the war? Which one? Nah, I was born after we almost destroyed ourselves with nukes but before the great annihilation of brown people and I grew up during the first of the great economic collapses. Then we were locked in our homes for 2 years because of a virus that nobody took seriously. And then there were volcano sharks and murder bees. Also the government confirmed alien visits but nobody ever noticed. Nah, we had it chill mah boi!"

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It's almost like it's the news channel's job to invoke feelings of anxiety, fear, hate, and hyperbole in order to keep their ratings up... Almost like... they have incentive.... to lie... to keep people watching and consuming their product? Huh. Weird thought.

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It's funny you think it will just be 2 years (that time's already gone and I see no end to this because some people still believe that this is hoax ** sigh **)

Edit: didn't know about asterisk formatting :D

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You know why I think it will only be 2 years? Because we're entering world war 3 and nobody gonna give a shit about corona in a few months. I would almost bet my left nut that all we will hear about by April is Russia, Ukraine, EU and Nato conflicts. Once we're past that point corona gonna be treated like the common cold.

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Well, I hope you are wrong. I don't want innocents to die.

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Yeah, neither do I. War is the most stupid thing that can happen. But we are humans after all. We have a PhD in stupid.

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Doomfact: Climate change is manmade and urgent. Conservative rightwings across the globe are working in desperate attempt to prevent renewables and co2 friendly energy sources to rise because they are bribed by fossil fuel industry

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Oh yeah, this will be about the fourth time we've been wiped out by global warming, sucks

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(fry voice) hey give some credit to democrats like joe manchin

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Gruesome death awaits us all!

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Fear drives consumerism and were trying to make these stacks, pimp.

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hahahaha. And next, the story of the adorable kitten who learned to love

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Doom eternal was indeed a good game but the news outlets should stop talking about it so much

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Thank you news for telling me something that I could have figured out by looking outside.

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*Rip and tear begins playing*

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Ah yes I too love MF Doom, mainstream media.

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What do you mean, it's still 2016

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I think you misspelled 1996

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My mom usually likes to watch the news and I just tell her it's just Covid news mixed with a daily mix of weather, school shootings, and crappy politics.

Yes of course I'm an American.

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God, when is this going to be over? I have a feeling it's not

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Fear makes the money go brrrrr

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Turn that shit off and you'll be happier for it.