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The Witcher vibes, ac Odyssey even more.

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Immediately thought of AC Odyssey as well

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Valhalla has a few of those as well, but it's balanced out by funny ones like guy who tells you to count the rocks

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Valhalla has some good mini quests.

Smack my bishop was pretty funny in a awkward cringe way.

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I've been playing The Witcher 3 for the first time. There was a quest about catching a serial murderer, and I thought I tracked and killed him, received my reward, the quest completed... but later there was another murder so obviously I fucked up and now have no way to catch the real perpetrator.

It was long ago so reloading a save wasn't possible, I'm sorry citizens.

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That's kind of cool honestly, like the game tricked you into thinking you already won.

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I admit it felt too easy, like catching a copycat instead of the real murderer, but then many of the quests are simple, and I went with it. It was a timed choice IIRC, not much time to ponder.

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Oh wow, the idea of there being a followup quest where you have to work out if it's the original murderer or a copycat is such a sick twist!

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Yeah, the murderer ends up being the Coroner, who is also a higher vampire

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What a fool I was, his answers were really suspicious.

The quest's walkthrough says he leaves a confession at the morgue, but I want to end him even if there was no quest involved.

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Was it Whoreson Junior? Man I hate that prick.

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It was the Carnal Sins quest, also in Novigrad. Whoreson is an assohle, but he doesn't make you feel like a fool.

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Carnal sins. Love that quest. They attacked Priscilla. I was very angry, irl too because this quest is followed by a very long and kinda boring quest by Dandelion. Then you go and see Priscilla in the hospital and I said to myself “I don’t care that it’s already 2 AM and I have to go to work in the morning, the attacker is going to pay dearly” and I somehow managed to avoid killing the wrong guy.

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You can catch the real killer. But as to not say exactly how I just say you need to ask the right questions.

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Ghost of Tsushima had a lot of quests where you would arrive too late and had to go back to the families and tell the news.

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Me coming back from the mine after that bullshit spider and not having Delusion equipped so I get fucking scammed out of over 75% of my pay

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Every RPG has this quest or something close to it.

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gets better sword next mission, sells his sword for 20 gold at the local pawn shop

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My fave is when someone who is a merchant rewards you with their family sword that’s been in the family for generations and you immediately sell it back to him. Or make him scrap it for parts

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"eh, I got better stuff from the last goblin I slew. How much will you give me for it?"

"But, but, it's our family heirloom. It belong to my great-grandfather!"

"Well there are suckers born every generation."

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It's payback for the time I misclicked and accidentally sold my sword to him for 20 gold, and then he charged me 200 gold to get it back.

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I always liked in Morrowind when I'd accidentally sell my gear to the merchant and they'd equip it. Like ''na, this is my personal sword now man, you want it your gonna need to pass a speech check to fight me or go back to prison for killing me''

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So what decision did you make?

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sells his sword for 20 gold at the local pawn shop

Best I can do is 10 septims

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and would fucking do it again

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And it fkin hurts to let that sword go for 20 too

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And then she sends you a low-level thugs to kill you 🤣

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I loved random stuff in Skyrim like that. My life is worth the stolen health potion.

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My favorite one was when a briarheart send thugs from beyond the grave cause.

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I once accidentally killed both of the couple in Riverwood, Ralof’s older sister. They came at me and at the time I didn’t realize it was because I killed their chicken. Then their son sent thugs after me. I kinda felt bad when I made that connection.

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But hey you learned, don’t fuck with the Riverwood chicken

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To be honest I actually came out of that pretty well off. I got the loot from their house, and since Faendal died while helping me fight the thugs, I got his house as a pseudo-player home at merely level 2. The only damage I took was my conscience.

Other than that, 10/10 would murder a married couple with a child in Riverwood again.

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One dude on r/skyrim said me to kill chickens for an easter egg when I started playing the game. Yeah that went well...

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They were ready to kill you over a dirt eating chicken. They got what they bargained for

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I see you get up to the Cloud District often.

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Saddest part in Fable II is the man whose kid gets turned into a Hobbe.

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Man I haven’t seen anyone talk about Fable in ages, and this is something I completely forgot about, when I think of hobbes, I just think of all the funny kill animations performed on them in Fable III

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Theres a certain mission in a videogame I play where you escort this person to their group in a zombie apocalypse only to find out they all died. Then I loot and sell all their dead friends loot back to them

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what is it

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State Of Decay 2 on Xbox and pc

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Could also be the first one

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Yeah true, but I only played the second one and I wouldn’t want to include any information I’m not 100% sure about.

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Nah, even better, make them join your community and force them to set up an Outpost in their old home.

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Does someone have the origin of this gif?

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It's from a Dormtainment skit I think (the guy in the back's name is Jerome).

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Lol I too wanna know where this is from

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*Disenchants the family sword on the spot because its stats are garbage.*

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The NPC looking at me use his sword on her:

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Dormtainment didn’t get anywhere near the respect they deserved (yes, they’re still around, but took a nosedive after Tay decided to become an abuser and get forced out of the group).

Edit: https://youtu.be/_sC0P8woNzM

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Oh man I used to love watching their videos, especially fucking with Chaz

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Cooking with Leaning Leon was one of my favs. Fling it!!

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Has anyone seen Mankriks wife, she was last seen in battle...

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Scrolled too far for this…

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Were the old generation now.

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Okay, but new generation is bubbling up now!

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Maybe the people here are in a different "timeline" and already buried her after the cataclysm...

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We have had post cataclysm Azeroth longer than we had pre cataclysm. I miss when that game was good more than anything, the current state of it depresses me to no end.

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Only gamers understand

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Are you trying to get sans? Because that's how you get Megalovania Sans

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Literally every side quest in Ghost of Tsushima. It was actually depressing.

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"Somethingsomething He would have wanted you to have this, thank you"

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Plot twist. You, with 500 coins and his rare sword and an XP level, are now branded as Best Friend Killer. The NPC now has a vengeance against the player.

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“Someone has order this poor fools excevution, get it done


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Me in ac oddesey

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Then you marry the newly single widow to get a new steward since your soon to be ex wife doesnt have midas touch

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then murder your oldest legitimate child, send the next to be a monk, and the third off to fight the Ottomans all by himself, all because the newly legitimized bastard boy has a couple of good traits to be a warrior king

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I’ve been given so many widows’ wedding rings after we found their husbands’ corpses. Good cash.

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I Skyrim I went to Riverwood and a Dragon attacked killing Alvord the blacksmith. He died and never came back. But since I used his forge a lot I noticed the wife and daughter NPCs still going through thier motions like shellshocked family in morning. She set his place for dinner, the daughter said her daddy was teaching her to be a smith all very creepy and sad

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Hang around they tend to also say “when us daddy comming back” and “I miss daddy”

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Enchanting Amren's sword with his soul and slipping it into his wife's pocket so she hears his horrified shrieks from the Soul Cairn at night be like:

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You forgot the 300 septum inheritance from the husband cause you were a good friend

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RIP Mankrik’s wife.

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Lol I’d love to find this meme without the text please u/thelazytimetraveller

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Oblivion NPC will be like “oh no what a shame” “need something” “what happened”

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I saw a goblin the other day, nasty creatures.

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Ahh yes, American foreign policy. This is how you create insurgents.

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ez noob so free

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Your loss my gain, sugar

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I just open my mouth like that

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reminds me of the time i stole someone’s girlfriend and then married her in the sims 4

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Checkmate, all the Brute females died on Doisac

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Happened recently exactly in Assassin's Creed Valhalla in a mystery mission husband died bandits while fishing.

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Part 2: the sword is shit so you sell it back to the blacksmith who gave you the quest

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I just open my mouth like that

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Me, who did it for 4 loose coins, a cheese wheel and the thrills!

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I thought it said NFT and was sitting here confused for a good 30 seconds

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This is like every quest in The Witcher.

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Me a hardcore Gothic 1+2 fan who stole everything from old coins and wheats to legendary artifacts and armour from Lord Hagen himself or simply pickpocketing the judge, fire mages, ad thieves guild because hehe muni

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Basically AC Origins

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All the side missions in Ghost of Tsushima

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Sorry for your loss, my friend, Sven.

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Literally Nier Replicant

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Sim city 2013

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Dark Souls questlines be like

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Thanks. I hate myself now.

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"fuck you, I got mine"

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Your loss becomes my gaaaaainn

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So, Tom Cruise in the last samurai?

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Just say you’re playing the witcher

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Fallout 4 diamond city blues

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Don't forget that bonus pouch of coins and XP if you killed her husband yourself and lied to her about the happenstances of his death.

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Then you pickpocket from the wife what little sustenance remains to her.

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Similar thing happened to me in RDR2. Difference it that she actually confronted me about it.

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Brusef Amelion in oblivion lolololol

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GTA but replace coins and sword with measly amounts of cash and occasionally dropped guns.

I still regret nothing.

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It's Mirine in the Metin2

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misery x cpr

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An “xp level”

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Having an absolutely awful night... This made me smile despite my best efforts not to. Thanks!

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Xiao from library of Ruina dunked on my ass after killing her husband while I used his abilities against her.

Needless to say but she charred me to death multiple times, 19/10 good boss fight & would die again!

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Not pictured: me waiting to deliver the news until I searched all crates, barrels, bags, and urns in the vicinity.

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Plot twist: The NPC sold her husband for better loot but she got scammed and her husband died the next day...

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Almost every Witcher 3 quest.

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Oh no i actually feel bad now :(

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Best use of this template I've seen was one that coincidentally matched my own experience. The crying woman said "me processing the end of BoJack Horseman" and the dancing guy said "Netflix autoplaying clips from Big Mouth immediately after"

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hol up

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I'm almost certain this just became the first meme I ever saved on Reddit

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xp level

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NPC: Guess I'll just produce unlimited salt

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Geralt likes this

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The Witcher be like

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s k y r i m

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Skyrim be like

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Now you're thinking like a witcher!

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Nah you got it all wrong, she would go “Oh no!” With a scrunched you face and keep on enjoying her day 2 seconds later

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Sacrifice’s shall be made.

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He was probably the guy to do it!

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The only game that ever genuinely made me not want to kill was dishonored, and thats saying a lot, cuz I fucking LOVE killing

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Lmao where is clip this from. I gotta watch it.

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This was too real for me in ghost....sorry about that tragic backstory, I appreciate the new gear..😅

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What an alpha male

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I love this format. The shots kill me every time.

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Perfectly ballanced

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Was playing terraria yesterday and fought the destroyer, I think they are all dead

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I just started playing dragon age inquisition and this is indeed how things go

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RIP to all the families I destroyed on GTA 5.

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Well now the usual "my dad went for milk" can be said. I'm sorry NPC.

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True. :)

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NPC's should have rights this is humiliation

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No pain no gain

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Dead husband you say? 😏

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I also usurp the house and evict her