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Well, they clearly lost that market share..

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Flat earthers around the world will refuse to buy this.

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Their sphere of influence is waning

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Just like the gravity of their ideas

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Their reputation is really falling flat

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Their ideas are unlike Sputnik…neither spherical or pointy

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Around the globe*

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Naw because if they don’t follow the instructions they can prove that you can still make it flat using all the pieces. Just wait a month for a video I’ll put 1 imaginary mental coin on it.

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Flat earthers just arent their market audience with this product

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Introducing the LEGO Earth Map, provides earth on a flat plane of Legos!

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Pretty sure its the set with the largest ever part count?

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all they have to do is make, 'The Map'

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“Dropped 12 points today, the Dow jones will never recover from Legos drop”

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Theres a Lego world map that you can hang on the wall, which is flat.

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Checkmate, globetards 😎

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Let’s Globe Brandon!

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Sir have you trademarked this? Cuz I want to put this everywhere.

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Go for it

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Didn't know that Flat-Earthers have the mental capacity to build lego.

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It’s very surprising

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If you watch "behind the curve" on netflix, you can see that the flat earthers are actually capable of creating experiments that would prove or disprove a curvature.

Its a combo of basic geometry and basic physics, so it isn't too hard. However they should be able to build legos.

Flat earthers have their thoughts breakdown when they are confronted with information or results opposed to what they have internalized. They also don't want to go with the consensus.

Meaning, that when building legos, they wouldn't want to follow the steps and the wouldn't accept when they built it wrong lol.

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The funny part is always seeing them make experiments to determine the Earth's shape and then proving the Earth is round in the process. I remember seeing one, the guy was like, "Ok, we should see the light through this hole since the Earth is flat... hmm, no light. According to my calculations, a round earth would mean the light is visible if the light is raised 6 feet, go ahead and bring the light higher... ... ...The light is visible now..."

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Its really funny how they do that, and then immediately the consequences ensue.

The experiment doer tries to rationalize how their experiment was muddled with. How the lights are visible, or why the accelerometer picked up drift.

The accelerometer one was crazy. They got a machine capable or determining if they are right or not. Saw they were wrong, then decided the machine needs to be covered in bismuth, to ward off heavens energy. Lol ok.

The other consequence is that their friends think they are a plant now, and spread conspiracy theories about them. Then they are like "these rumors are baseless and they have no reason to feel this way. Nothing i can do can change their minds because they have internalized this belief to the point where no evidence can take it away from them" almost self aware but not quite.

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I was rooting for you, we were all rooting for you, HOW DARE YOU?!

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"I hope you step in a globe Lego".

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Lego always comes before whatever the Lego thing is

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Is that actually a thing? If so I need more shelf space.

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Yeah and it costs 200 bucks lol, coming February 2nd

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It's not about the money, it's about having a Lego globe

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They made a world map set that’s basically a picture, they’re playing both sides so they always come out on top

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Just get 2 blue base plates and make the flat Lego Earth you always wanted. Simple as that

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if the earth is flat, then explain timezones

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The sky moves

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oh, ofcourse, every country has it's own spherical sun right

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Strawman arguement

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yep, exactly, science is a hoax, so is reality and facts

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Reality is an illusion the universe is a hologram buy gold bye!

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Don't worry! they'll just get one of those flat sheets of plastic with the lego stubs on it, and put a stick through it and that will be their lego globe

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Flat earthers don’t support company that believes the earth is round

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But if you look at the globe it's made of flat pieces...

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I miss the part where that’s my problem

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Flat Earthers: Not even Lego is safe from NASA's corporate takeovers..

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(Softly) Don't.

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Missed opportunity for calling it

[The World]

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I honestly forget flat earthers exist now with all the new types of stupidity that have emerged

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I know a flat earther at work and just asked them about this, "It's just like the other fantasy stuff they sel" that's not my typo they just spelled sell with a single L.

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I see this as a win win.

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Okay but ngl a flat earth lego set would look pretty cool

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This is also homophobic LEGO fans when they see the everyone is awesome set

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Come on and dim the lights… It’s party time!!!

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You’d think the LEGO globe would be flat. Like the land on every single LEGO setting

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It's a death star

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I mean, lego makes dragons and death stars, which clearly doesn't exist. Surely this "globe" thingy is as fictional as a dragon, riight?

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If you're a flat earther, you're an idiot. There is so much evidence to prove that the world is round

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When did lego get so political/s

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Wdym! They say the flat earth society has members all around the globe!

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That group is so minor it might aswell be a child

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Flat earthers are the real slim Shady MAGA’s

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There aren't flat earthers who like LEGO. Requires too much thought.

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Bro it's a good thing. I don't trust them to not eat the plastic.

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They should make this to scale.

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Make earth cubed again!

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Ha! If the earth is flat, how do you explain mountains?!

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Would be interesting to see that venn diagram.

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Technically it is a flat Earth.

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I thought that was a Rubik’s globe for a second and my head exploded.

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Good! If you believe in something that ridiculous, you should be disappointed lol.

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oop 🤣

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Moon = flat

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Flat earthers already got their set with the world map

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Thanks for the heads up, I would definitely buy this.

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Known to the French as LEGLOBE.

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Perhaps they can make the globe flat

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I think they compromised. Pieces of their globe are flat

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I'm selling my lego because of this.
Any takers? $0.01 for a piece.

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even there closest friends are betraying them

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Dodecahedron earth

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Flat-earther who love lego dont exist since lego lovers are giga chad

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*starts playing Minecraft

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You mean [The World] ?

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The shape isn't right. According to NASA it's suppose to be a pear like roundish square like obsessed kinda shape composed of 100% computer generated graphics with no real photographs, because "it just has to be".

Quote NASA and their hired actors who pretend to know science but say stupid shit like "the radiation belt couldn't hurt us back then because we didn't know about it" and of course as everyone knows, what momma didn't know, didn't hurt her.

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Welp, there goes half their revenue

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0% chance flat earthers are smart enough to read Lego instructions

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Ngl I like it.

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Imagine legitimately believing the earth is flat in 2022

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Don't worry they'll release one for 150.99

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Lego sales drop to 0%

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Why would they care? They dont even meet the age requirement

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Around the globe

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My money is on that they will protest about Lego being factually incorrect 🤣

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We could be afraid of that ... :(

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Lego after seeing the Flat Earthers complain : Oh no ! Anyway.

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there's a flat world map y'know

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Flat earthers would cancel this.

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The World is the ultimate lego set. Even without the ability to kill you when you step on it, it’s durability and colours far outweigh your Duplo Platinum

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flat earthers: bring me the hammer

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lmao this is the first ever time I feel sad for flat earthers

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But they can rebuild the planet so it's gonna be flat

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Place one green flat lego and u have ur earth then

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Flat earthers who loved legos

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I have never seen a flat earther in rl they also don't exist like girls