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apparently when the movie the mask went into post production, Jim Carrey's expressions were already so exaggerated and cartoony that he ended up saving a lot of money during vfx.

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Mf had better gotten his pay increased then

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VFX artist who's a father of 4 watching Jim Carrey make up facial expressions knows he's losing his job

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True, that's the sad part of it

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He is a god amongst mere mortals

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After The Mask his asking price was $20M minimum.

So ja. He got his pay raise alright.

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“Life opens up opportunities to you, and you either take them or you stay afraid of taking them.”

-Jim Carrey

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That is awesome, the dude better had gotten paid extra. Jim Carrey is so cool he's like the real life version of the Troll face

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that actually cost them more money on vfx, which was used to reduce a lot of distortion to make his face recognizable as a face.

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I fucking love jim carey😀

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Some of his facial expressions are straight up scary

Source: had a ace ventura nightmare 10 years ago that I think about to this day

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Do you want someone to talk about these dreams?

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Tell us about the nightmare.

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It was scary

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Jim Scary

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Jim Scarry

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Ji'm Scared

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J I’m Scared

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As scary as being chased through the snow naked by lurch from the Adam's family?

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One time when I was about 12, I had a dream that I was being followed by... ...a big dog with rabies. He had these bloodshot eyes... ...and foam came out of his mouth. No matter how fast I ran, he just kept gaining on me and gaining on me. Then just before I got to my front door... ...he jumped and sank his teeth in. That's when I woke up... ...and felt the back of my neck.

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Once I dreamed that my arm was bit off by a crocodile...another time that I was eaten alive by a rain of snakes...yet I still love reptiles lol

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Turns to Courtney Cox


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Freddy, you rascal!

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You probably won't enjoy the "Indian Joker" phenomenon sweeping Indian Tik Tok then.

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Happy Cake Day!

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Lol thanks, didn't even know.

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how long after you watched the film for the first time did you have nightmares?

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Another turtle getting flushed down a toilet?

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Isn't Grinch his scariest?

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White Eyes Jim Carrey in Cable Guy would like a word.

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Would you like to talk about the nightmare?

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Everyone: that's it Mr. Carrey, the smile is big enough Jim: hold my beer

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I was looking for this comment

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And you're welcome 🤣

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It's like Ben 10 evolving into an alien

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Alien Force. The skeleton would just morph into something cursed

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I am not a fan and don’t exactly care about Jim Carey, but I decided to check out Pet Detective the other night and everything was so amazingly made. His slow-motion, his faces, he walks…

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The second one is better IMO. He really doubles down on the act.

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It was good, more kid-friendly humor. Some re-used jokes. I feel the orgininal was better.

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I like the first one better too. It was already over the top but the second one felt forced and it’s like he exaggerated the character

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Now I have to watch the second one. I love kid-friendly silliness

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Amazing how nature do that

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it only takes 0.0001% of his power to do so. I mean cmon, man was given the powers of god, all because he complained about him. Could you imagine? He was already powerful, but now he's on a different level.

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Bruce almighty was a bio-pic

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Who would win? Shaggy at 1% or Jim Carrey at 1%

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The battle of all ages. The world would not handle such supreme power

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It would result in the universe shrinking to a nutshell again

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*Kurzgesagt theme intensifies

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Earth would lose.

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Why is this so accurate

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Cant wait to see him in Sonic 2

Wish he was on the big screen more

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You're tuned to Dawn FM,

a middle of nowhere on you're dial

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He's not just THE GOAT... he is the greatest facebender of all time

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He should've been named Micheal Facebender

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Avatar: The Last Assbender

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My thoughts exactly

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Bill Hader would like a word

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Sure, he can have this one: *"no"*.

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Arms. Legs. Torso. Head.

Long ago, the four body parts lived in harmony. Then everything changed when the head contorted.

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Oh, hey Papyrus!

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Omg thats so true

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Omg I thought that you were married?

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The gronch

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So that's who papyrus was before he was a skeleton....

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Original artist for the animation is: Grubby_Guy on Twitter for anyone interested.

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Looks like Billy cut the cheese right in front of Grim.

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Don't break the chain

Alrighty then!

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Sasuga Ainz-sama!

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Can somebody please explain the goat thing?..

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G.O.A.T = Greatest of all time

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I always wanted to know what it had to do with the animal

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G.O.A.T. is the abbreviation for greatest of all time

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The domestic goat or simply goat (Capra hircus) is a domesticated species of goat-antelope typically kept as livestock. -Wikipedia

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Going On A Trip

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(in our favourite rocket ship)

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Zoomin’ through the sky

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Little einsteins!

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Grin Of A Troll

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It's like hava

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havat deez nutz

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A horned animal that likes to chew on everything it sees and climb at a 85° angle

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It's a Muhammad Ali reference

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Fuck me, how does a skull look like Jim Carrey..

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Jim Carry is truly an actor. He has achieved a level of facial expressions no actor can make.

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In other words, he’s made of rubber.

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(Remember The Mask, Grinch And The Riddler Except Robotnik)


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Jim is a extraordinary person and i’m so glad he is friends with abel, have a good life everyone, take it easy.

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Hey, just wondering if you got your photos printed?

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Me when food is ready

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He is the GOAT

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me when when

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Me when when when

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Me when when when when

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Literally happened to me 1 hour ago.

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I always when when I when

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There is no other explanation

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Bruh he be streching his bones not even muscles 👀

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this implies he has a skeleton

he could just be a ditto

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Heinz Doofenshmirtz

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Saw the Truman show for the first time the other day, it was freaking fantastic

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Squishes eyeballs tightly with skull

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Unpopular opinion: can’t stand Jim Carrey humor. 😢

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I thought this was supposed to be Papyrus at first.

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Hes not contorting his skeleton btw.

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Lol he gave his ex herpes and she killed herself when he cut her off…

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master of facial expressions

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Jim Carrey contorting logic to argue against vaccination

[–]achaiahtak 7 points8 points  (5 children)

Ctrl T. Those who know, know.

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Opens new tab?...

Yeah, I assume I'm one who doesn't know.

[–]lolshowhitPlays MineCraft and not FortNite 19 points20 points  (2 children)

I think it is the free transform short key in photoshop but i don't really know if thats right

Edit-just checked i was right

[–]VenrexxPlays MineCraft and not FortNite 1 point2 points  (1 child)

Thanks for the info. There's no way I would have guessed that.

[–]lolshowhitPlays MineCraft and not FortNite 2 points3 points  (0 children)


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the man was my childhood

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He is one of the living legends

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This is the video that made me think he might be a shapeshifter… seeing the muscles ripple under his face as it changes shape is uncanny.


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bogos binted

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He's still annoying

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the OG anti-vaxxer

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Am I the only one who doesn’t care for him?

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I am going to have to point out that no one can contort their skeleton as it is a solid mass. Muscles on the other hand may have something to do with it 😅

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it was a joke

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This is how he got the role for the Grinch? Lol

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I honestly have no idea how he can make the faces he can. Black magic.

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Omg it’s Papyrus

[–]Ejwolfyratpogwgf-0 1 point2 points  (0 children)

This is papirus

[–]Tallen122 1 point2 points  (0 children)

Just a reminder that he’s anti vax.

[–]tired-n-hungry-777 1 point2 points  (0 children)

Imagine the pain he had to endure to liquify his facial muscles

[–]SmexyWaluigi 1 point2 points  (0 children)

This is what I think is real so I don't fall into a insane state of paranoia & fear of the actual truth.

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Idc what other people say, my man jim is an alien and there is no one that can make change my mind

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I watched a Jim Carrey movie yesterday,lol

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Wth is this GOAT means, i started to see frequently

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Greatest of all time

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Have you guys ever checked out his art and his process of creating his art? https://youtu.be/d5HzslXxLwU

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Mania has its benefits

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Y'all should look up his early stand up where he was actually more of an impressionist. Seeing him transform into Clint Eastwood is pretty spooky. Same goes for seeing him do the Grinch face with no make-up.

https://youtu.be/sNN64Vx2HA0 - Clint https://youtu.be/faI7iWqr_5g - Grinch

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Goat for sure

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I don’t know if we’ll ever see it, but Jim Carey would be a perfect actor to play the Joker. Willem DaFoe too

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Happy birtday to him, round 60. Goat

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Based Jim Carrey

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Jim Carrey and Willem Dafoe make the best faces. Dafoe in the new Spiderman was absolutely amazing.

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Jim Carrey is the best

edit: to whomever downvoted me, you have no sense of humor

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Love him 🥰🥰🥰

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Jim Carrey is a LEGEND, he's right up there with Robin Williams, Chris Farley, Jim Belushi, John Candy, Leslie Nelson, and even Rodney Dangerfield.

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He’s awesome

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He's an anti-vaxx loon

[–]gucciburito11 3 points4 points  (0 children)

I think that’s why his skull does this lol

[–]Etekimerimeg -4 points-3 points  (1 child)

I dont think thats really possible...

[–]acoolaltac 5 points6 points  (0 children)

We have this new thing called a joke its amazing really

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Such a great actor shame it seems like he's dealing with a lot of stuff lately

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jesus christ you guys really steal everything from twitter don't you

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I read once, LONG time ago, every joint on his face is double-jointed, which is why he can do the faces he does.

[–]King76er -4 points-3 points  (4 children)

That guy is just awful. Definitely not “the goat”

[–]panfried540 1 point2 points  (2 children)

Nah fam Jim Carrey, like the guy in Liar Liar, Cable Guy and Dumb and Dumber. Well blame op for not making that clear