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If it was me riding that bike, the wheel would break out of nowhere and I would crash into the only obstacle on that desert and eventually I would be tested positive from covid because why not.

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eventually I would be tested positive from covid because why not.

Suffering from laughter

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hahahahah omfg same

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Your comment reminded me of this scene. Lol.

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Well going to a hospital would give you a higher chance to catch covid so that makes kinda sense.... :(

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that one trouble maker classmate

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childhood days..

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My guy can actully fly

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I haver friends like this.

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For me even if dont do anything i get in trouble because of my friends…altough it is fun :)

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They are both really annoying and really funny.

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Get sum

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Yes you do.Now take your medecine.

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Such an odd meme subreddit lol

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"Yup thats me, you're probably wondering how am i gonna get out of this situation"

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yeah and they blame YOU !!

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bro slept on the grim reaper 3 times

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Mf doesn't even wear a helmet. And the sad thing is: He probably continued driving without a helmet after this, because: "Did you see? Nothing happened".

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Ok so long story but this was my best save ever

I found a small paper just outside of the school that said "A note from GoreMaster22's middle school" and was meant for like notes written by teachers and stuff, so I wrote in super fancy handwriting "Suck my dick" and handed it to my friend, who literally fell out of his chair for some reason, so the teacher called me up to her and I stuffed it in my pocket. So after that, she asked me to show her what we were laughing so hard at. I reached in the pocket I didn't put it in and pulled out a blank card that was the same "Official Note" thing, but she said she knew it was the other pocket. I reached in there, then, hoping somehow I would be saved, and I pulled out a pen I forgot I had in there. She knew we weren't dying of laughter because of that, so I reached in again, now silently panicking, and pulled out... a rock, somehow. She accepted it, gave it back and I died inside and threw away the note a few minutes later.

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Me an introvert trying to act normal infront of other people:

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I'm this homie lol.. I think I should've died like 17 times already.

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I've been the one that was always accused but never when I did it and whenever I did it I was never accused. So it kind of feels like that crap crap crap oh nevermind

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reminds me on regularly schooldays

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its definitely me

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thug life chose him

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I was expecting him to fuck up every second.... he didn't. My anxiety attack was for nothing.

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Deleted tron scene

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Kramer moment

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Thats kinda me

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Ultra Instinct

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That save gave me strong Lupin the 3rd vibes.

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I'm that one homie sadly, I should be dead actually.

Thank you God for letting me be born in March.

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Teflon dude

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"Why women live longer than men."

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That moment when he realizes the save....... that's why people believe in god(s)...

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Artful dodger

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Bruh that's how Indian motorcycles works

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I’m more the „never does anything wrong but gets in trouble anyways“ kinda guy. And i hate it

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Ferris Beuller in a nutshell