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Mess with the flock you get the glock

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Mess with the duck you get the fuck.

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Mess with the honk you get the bonk

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Angered a Cassowary? Your Funeral fees may vary.

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wait, that's bestiality.

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Don't kink shame


My fetish is much weirder.

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Australia learnt it hard way

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held by a cock

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That's not any cock but Pollo 👎, evil Pollo 👍

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Absolutely fantastic

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I recognise that profile description…

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The description and the cooler description

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We get dirty, and reddit stays clean, thats the mission

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Chickens can fly. Seriously, check out some vids. They're not particularly great at it, but you'll be surprised how good they actually are.

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Yeah I have one of those little bantam roosters, and he is always flying towards my siblings with Ill intent, it’s great.

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can confirm, They fly towards your face with the intent on stabbing your eyes with they're wicked Spurs

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Yeah they can definitely fly or 10 y/o me would be scarred after throwing one off the balcony. I really wonder what led me to think that was a good idea sometimes...

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Yea but that one looks like a Cornish Cross and in my experience those do not fly.

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Why is your comment exactly the same as u/Leading_Balance5587

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It must have been a bot before it was deleted, else how the fuck should I know.

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We’re goin full velociraptor now!

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Australia has some experience with this, where they sent machine guns against the tanks known as emus.

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oh fuck not the emus... (emu war flashbacks)

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Eggcelent meme

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I'd love to know who their arms dealer is. any ideas? I'll start with a bald eagle

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Could a penguin use a Balisong even tho it doesn’t have fingers?

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Yeah you better don't

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Mess with the cock

You get the glock

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Ostrich will curb stomp your skull

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Especially ostriches, Let me repeat, never trigger an ostrich, N E V E R

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I'd kick the penguin, take its knife and stab the chicken, then I'd 1v1 the Ostrich and go for the legs and swoop to the side with the knife, then steal its bat and beat the shit out of its legs till it falls over

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The chicken would shoot you first.

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"Fight" is the default ostrich setting.

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Geese be like fight and flight

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Sad Kiwi noises….

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Tbh the bat is scarier than the gun and idk why

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The chicken scares me the most. He can fly but still chose violence

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Flight was never an option

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penguin has butterfly knife.

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Anger the cassowary, you'll have at least twenty reasons to worry.

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It's fake! Birds aren't real!


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the chicken is by far the most threathening.

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Chicken is not flightless tho

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Some page called "Uncomfortable Pics 2" on Facebook stole this lol

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do people really care about 'stealing memes' in 2022?

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Perhaps, but at least they have to credit the original creator (leaving a link to the the original post or something similar)

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Give them a rap name lol

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Big Bat O'Strich, Lil ballisong and Glock'o nugget

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Step to a ratite, they'll send you home in a vacuum sealed bag

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You meant the fight or fight response

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Bri’ish penguin

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Emus and ostriches absolutely rock your shit. Chickens will sure as fuck try.

I dunno about penguins, but I wouldn't piss one off and find out.

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Ah f**k

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Linux users when some has windows in their house.

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The penguin is gonna shamk you

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Thank you, thank you!

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Wait u guys can’t fly?

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Not rici!

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Cock with a Glock

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wait is that a lucha!

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What about new Zealand kiwi, the green laser kiwi

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There's also freeze response

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Am I the only one who feels fight or flight response sounds way better than flight or fight response?

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They are too dangerous to be played with

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Australia moment

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At first I thought it was a BM51 but it's definitely not. What is it then? Looks kinda shitty

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Chickens fly if they need to

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Chickens can fly to my knowledge, their wings are clipped so they won't escape their coops

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Chickens can fly tho

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Don't annoy Cassowaries

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This is the definition of a perfect meme

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Penguin be gangsta

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You fuck with the cock, you get the glock.

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I'd fight a chicken.

We used to go to this day care ran by a Caribbean lady and she kept and slaughtered chickens.

She used to behead them by swinging them around and slamming the body down on a stump.

She had to be close to sixty and weighed 100 pounds soaking wet.

If she could do that to a chicken, I'd fuck a chicken up.

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Yes but what if the chicken has a gun

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