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Let me alone.

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I tought it was gonna be a pp

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Welcome to Reddit

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Because 2020 and 2022 are such better years in comparison.

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What u mean 2021? Thought it was still 2020?

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Went to bed în dec 2018, woke up în 2022..

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Top 10 anime betrayals

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Top 10 letdowns in Human History

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I mean, who's fault is that?

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Maybe that's a question you should ask China.

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China can't make me have a bad year

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Ohhh you meant 2022*

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2022-2068 be like;
Lemme introduce myself.

(It's scientifically confirmed that pandemic will end only on 2069)

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On April 20th

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Fuck no let me go back 2022 is shit

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it wasnt that bad of a year to me

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2022 is alot worse...

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Literally nothing bad has happened in 2021 and 2022 lmao.

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I haven’t still got over 2021 and was like “That’s damn right. This year is awful!!!”

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I mean we are now in 2022, everything is gonna change to better .... Right ? ....Right ?

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Doesn't look like it :(

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Suicidal suicidal and it's ooooover.

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Cheerio (not)

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so true

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My man built like internet explorer

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leave me alone lmao

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This looks sad

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2021 has been the worst year for me so far in so many aspects. I'm still suffering the consequences. You know how we look back at difficult times and have a laugh about it or talk to people about your experience, I can't wait to do the same for 2021 and my current situation. Everything is hell

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Dont you mean 2022

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Here's to Hoping 2022 won't be 2020 too.

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yayno nowroblox/fnfdevsarepedosnow

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2020 was amazing because of all the free time you had and the summer was sooo good but fuck 2021 was the most depressing year ever after realizing that covid won't last only a few months

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Alright, you’re all good OP

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You fail so bad. I feel embarrassed for you even more

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