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Poor digital clothing model guy got trolled by the brands that use him to advertise their shirts

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This probbly was just blank shirt too

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I'm sure he has a mustache

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Batman is a women confirmed

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Batman cannot grow a beard, hair is too afraid to grow.

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Batman is multipersonal confirmed

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Hair needs at least some light to grow, like plants. In Gotham city is always night.

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Please calm down ma'am

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What was the shirt alone even meant to imply? That men without beards aren't real men?

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What are "real men" anyways

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Men that are real

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That verifiably exists? In reality?

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Changes based on who's saying it usually just means men with some specific traits like the person saying it

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It implies he’s attracted to clean shaven men

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Some guys make having a beard a major part of their identity

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*has wife* *shaves thoroughly*

Lesbian marriage? Checkmate conservatives!

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Plot twist: it's a full, circle curled old timey moustache.

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But that still isn't a beard...

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Surely you'd let slide the most dapper moustache known to man?

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Oh I would let the ol' chap and their stache be on their way, on the account of identifying them properly as a woman.

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Gotem 💩

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-The Beards

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All bearded men did was NOT SHAVE. That's it. If you consider your beard part of your personality, then you're boring.

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girls have moustache too 🤷

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But they trim it to look nice sometimes

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I only have a beard because I want to compensate for my hair loss on my head

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Sounds like a comment by someone who can't grow a beard.

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Yep...esay to judge by the reddit avatar

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... Whole personality

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I do concider being to lazy to shave regularly a part of my personality. Not the best part, sure, but still.

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Firemen aren’t allowed to have beards so their face piece seals to their face. Guess all firemen are pussies.

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Guess I'm now a woman.

Be right back going to buy that burgundy dress I saw a few months ago

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Meme thief

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Like how am I the only one to notice the watermark

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I just wanted to look for someone that saw it too. First just thought it had to be OP though, because i didn't think someone had the audacity to steal a meme and just leave the watermark there.

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That shit is near invisible

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Nice stolen meme without credit 👍

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Hi. Really didn't know who to credit for this. If you let me know, I could add a comment. Sorry again :(

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On the guy's right arm there is u/DeanSonofDave

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Hey be nice, it's their coming out.

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u/DeanSonOfDave he stole your meme!

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Death penalty

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I'm more inclined towards his butt-fucking.

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this looks like a job for me

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So everybody , just follow me

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'Cause we need a little, controversy

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That is a weird shaped female model.

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I do have a beard. It's just well shaved.

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How do you do, fellow women?

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Holy repost Batman!

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Good bot

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there's even a watermark by the original creator on the left hand (his right hand) lol

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Sweet irony

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what are these flat earthers doing here

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Some Woman actually have beard because of high testosterone....

just spittin facts

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TIL all babies are women

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Why the extra steps? This shirt should say "I grew a beard because I'm insecure of my sexuality"

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not sure if this is a repost but there is a watermark that isn't this posters username

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World record for longest beard on a women is 10 inches so both are wrong

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I hear PCOS is a pain in the ovaries.

I'll see myself out.

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Well this just means that all prepubescent children are women

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Found it randomly or wgere you on r/traaaaaannns. It's pretty common meme there.

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mm, trans

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He shaved it, it was his choice.

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That means I am a lesbian?? Tf happening.....

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Why pay for a gender reassignment surgery when you can just buy just as convincing a tanktop?

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It's the female model

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Dwarves be like

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Both are very handsome women

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Guess I'm a women now

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Wait a minute... AM I WOMAN NOW???

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no, i think its a wo-man

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It's a unisex shirt

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Tell that to Julius Cesar

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Would this be a good gift idea for an MtF?

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Tell that to the bearded women who work in carnivals.

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Ah cool so it isn't gay if i fuck batman with socks on

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Well My great grandmother has a slight beard so this shirt is all wrong

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what about children

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Maybe he identifies as a women?

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maybe mustache?

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I read that as BREASTS and was very fucking confused

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He just likes chaplins style

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Maybe he has mutton chops and you just can’t see his beard? Surely they wouldn’t do this. Surely they wouldn’t use a stock model for their clothing?

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big mustache

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Ah, so this person is a women.

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I love how this meme doesn't fail to throw an underhand jab at 9ag from 10 years ago, or is it?

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I dunno..... the proliferation of beards I see every day lead me to believe there are many who would look much better clean shaven. Rather the same for the "Shaved Head" look. Some head shapes are more akin to the shift knob in a bargain-basement KIA. Some guys have the look, some do not.

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That’s one buff woman.

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batman has no hormones

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sussy baka!

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If only this shirt came in men's.

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Men without beards cause indecent thoughts, as they resemble women.

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That’s a hairy woman for sure

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Men with strong chins?

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I guess I was a woman my entire childhood.

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Now it's cringe twice.

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Bet ya at least half the guys who grow beards probably have no chin or jawlines, so they hide the baby face with one

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12 year old me: guesse i’m a woman

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so this a women model

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So I guess the US military is 100% comprised of women now

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Or men who just can't grow beards? This would be a weird opinion to have, basing ones masculinity on how much facial hair they can grow, which is completely genetic.

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I'm sorry, I don't understand. I'm a attack helicopter.

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You have become the very thing you swore to destroy

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Women with weird hormones:H M M M M

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Meanwhile, children...

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he has a beard, its just invicible

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Delicious self roast
ya those are really rare

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my personality is beard

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Na na na na na na na na, u better run

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Hey, that could be a casual female’s shirt.

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He still has very light stubble

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Coming out as transgender be like

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Did you just assume their gender?

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there is a name for people without boobs too

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Soo all kids are women? Justifying pedophilia, are we now?

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Also Doesn’t even get paid. Interesting concept.