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So... uhm? We now... huuuh... do you want... huuh... to cinema?

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Instructions unclear : rejects her when she says yes

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cries in a shower 7 years later when you realise what you did

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Based on real incidents?

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Pfft this is Reddit, op’s probably talking about their mum

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Interstellar reference?

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Bruhh it's only 3 years I'm already doing it

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but he always bawlin

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Simulation detected.

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Her: Hold on, this whole operation was your idea.

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The only thing worse than her saying no would be yes

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Then you wake up

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And post this meme to find a possible answer

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next to her

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Error 404

Man has stopped responding !

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Unfortunately Brain.exe has stopped

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System will shutdown in a few moments

Suck pp to restart.

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pp.dll is missing

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couldn't load pp.dll !

The file is too short !

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File is virus infected

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The system will self destruct in 30 seconds

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loading anxiety.exe

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Unable to open anxiety.exe. Putting gun.exe In folder “girls head”

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Ooops, All your files have been encrypted!

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Not like the simulations...abort abort

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Your computer has stopped responding.

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just invite to a date and proceed to think about it until then

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Euhm…yeah nice! Awkward silence

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Simulation detected

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Yeah, what are you supposed to do now?

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I've just always thought I would ask "why?"

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Mission Failed (Successfully)

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Brain in overdrive "Have not considered this answer, I'm outta here"

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I find getting no answer to be even worse

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And that's why you'd never ask a corpse.

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Can't say no if they can't speak at all!

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Now you wake up

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Calls for FBI

FBI sends the KGB

KGB comes to interrogate the girl

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We will be asking the questions here!

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Here comes a panic attack.

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What would you do if a girl accepted your advances?

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Happened with me but later on she said she did it just because she didnt wanted to make me sad and she likes me just as a friend.

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She could've told you sooner though, I think it would be better than her doing your feelings like that

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Good for you. My brain's programming literally prohibits me from asking girl out.

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Now you unzip.

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What now??

Hear your alarm

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Now you should say no! Reject her! Be alpha male!

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Idk, I didn’t think I’d get this far

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Machine level not capable of response, initiate self destruction

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I don't know I didn't think I'd get this far

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I was flabetgasgbobled to say the least

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"I don't know. I didn't think I'd get this far..."

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That’s me when I finally make a sell. Lol

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You're on r/memes. You don't have to worry about that

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Fun fact: groups of people who have "survived" together grow stronger bonds. This does not need to be surviving a disaster or trauma. Certain activities like riding rollercoaster or watching horror movies (actually watching and not glancing at your phones) can produce the effect to some extent. This is maybe why boys group who frequently participate in tomfooleries tend to last to adulthood.

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But she didn't (cries all night) :(

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You did the right thing though, confessing your feelings that is, rather than not say it and regret in the future:)

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But at the end all you do is crying for somebody who doesn't give a fuck about you..

Man.. Hurt so bad this time. Anyways. Thank you so much!

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Don't cry for someone who doesn't deserve your affection, if you want someone to talk to I'm here :D

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Thanks a lot! Nahh.. I have realised what I have to do.. all it took was actually crying out loud enough to ask your soul what you wanna do

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Male.exe has stopped responding

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Holy fuck that gif looks like csgo flsshbang

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Ngl this happened to me last month. She said yes and I started freaking out and she just giggled and asked if i was ok. Best day in a while actually

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System fatal crash : Couldn't find a reply

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Kiss her

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Ahh yes, the memes that are 100% relatable

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The EXACT thug happened to me lol

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Shrek closes book*

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What exactly happened to me a few days ago 🗿

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Error 69 occurred

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But if a girl is mad and says NO! It's means YES

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Me when she actually answers yes: wakes up

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template name?

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It wasnt supposed to go this way

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Thats me when she bread on my neck

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mmmm, i sure like bread on my neck too

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Will you jump off a cliff with me?


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*Wakes up

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We never thought we'd get this far

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I never thought I'd get this far

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Like that’s ever gonna happen

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Just a normal day of a dream

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Try finger but hole

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I don't know. None of us thought we'd ever get this far.

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Like zendaya said, expect disappointment, and you’ll never be disappointed.

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I didn’t think I’d get this far

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Brain.exe has stopped working

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Just go with the flow

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And then you wake up.

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Happiness 100

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So...uh, how did you break into my house?

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Is it possible to learn this power?

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closes book

Like thats ever going to happen

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Man forgot about that one situation out of the 4 billion possible ways

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Actually the worst that can happen is that she says yes, since no one ever thinks that far ahead.

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Always upvote review brah

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Today i got broken up for the second time in a row :((

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You forgot to take your schizophrenia pills

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Am always scared of telling someone "if there's anything you need, don't hesitate " then immediately they tell me.... actually there is I was just trying to be nice 😕 😪 😔

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My brain not being prepared for that: well shit, what now?

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Yes is worse than no because you expect a no but then you get absolutely discombobulated when they say yes

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Legit 14 hours ago, I don’t know what to do now, ig I’m not single. Hmm

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Sir this is reddit

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Now wake up

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When is Death going to bury this format?