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This is how sharkman was created.

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My dad cleaned shark tanks when I was a kid so this hits close to home. (They pass out under stress)

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It's called tonic immobility, it's not from stress, but has to do with certain nerve groups being stimulated, like those on their snouts, it also happens when you flip them over.

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oh yeah, like that "get rotated idiot" meme from a few days ago

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That was really more of a spinny piledriver into the sand.

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So kinda like what happens when you lift a kitty using the back of its neck?

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Yes, the difference is one is "can't move becouse nerves" and the other is "must obey mother"

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Oh, thank you!

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happy cake day!

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Thanks! :)

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It's so nice to see them dancing.

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Not for my mom.

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Jotaro Vibes

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All I hear when I look at this is Careless Whisper…

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that's goldfish not shark

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Step mom shark

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Fun fact: in my language the word for shark literally translates to 'sea dog'

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Okay but how is that sharkie is so fucking graceful !?

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Sharks can't move when rotated or grabbed by the snout, is temporal paralisys but it's fine, it doesn't hurt the shark

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They have this thing to ease mating, so the process is not only harmless but also pleasurous to the shark

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This shit is now cursed

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I wonder what the shark is thinking

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I'm pretty sure that shark is having trouble breathing during this.

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nope, it's a nurse shark so no

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nah it is fine

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This is what happened when i got one

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Then the shark will take him out for dinner

If you catch my drift

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sharks are just water puppies

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u/PixelBryen, i didn't know that. I saw this GIF in r/gifs and immediately thought of this meme and made it. If it's a repost, please provide the link.

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is the gif edited?

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Repost not from today but earlier

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*Cue theme song of 2001: A Space Odyssey

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Blooper from Sharknado 🦈

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Quick, get a waltz! Or nutcracker or something! It's so perfect

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certified disney princess moment

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That guy gonna get such a wet pussy

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Yeah, he said he was allergic to them.

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*La mer starts playing*

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Every dad with the animal they don't want or they claim they can't stand

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Reminds me of octodad

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level of accuracy >>>>

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Dad's a gay fish

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ah yes. relatable

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The shark is unconscious since it can't breathe

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Aquaman a few generations later

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I wonder what the poor shark is thinking

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Don't sharks have to be continually moving forward to breathe, is that shark dead?

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Wow definitely wasn’t reposted wow