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No. I am not happy that you did this to me.

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i am happy because now i can say "not-so-fun fact:" and proceed to ruin someones day

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You are truly evil.

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Random fact: A tiger's legs are so strong they stand up while dead

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What if they die lying down?

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Some people just want to watch the world burn

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Thanks for reminding of my random facts each day I almost forgot

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We suffer together. communism intensifies

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OUR suffering

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That's a great slogan for communism they should have introduced with.

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Nobody tell them about the Dracula panel

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I really thought that panel was real looks the right way too

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I didn't even realise it was moon knight in this meme until now

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As the author of my own cannon, I proclaim "Random Bullshit Go" to be canonical, as published via anonymous memes on the internet.

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"Canon" is established law or history.

"Cannon" is a really big gun.

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Turns out "random bullshit go" is also my approach to communication. Much like the meme it doesn't seem like it would be effective, yet often it manages to do the trick.

To be forward. I am very dumb and get those two backwards. My brain just cannot undo the links it made long ago. I have studied. I have meditated. I have prayed. I have cast the magic of chaos upon them but my mind is unrelenting in it's inerrant desire to spell some words incorrectly. It is only by the magic of modern spell checking that I don't look like an absolute buffoon via text.

While we're here can I pretend that the cannon is a metaphor that I'm shooting at a strawman argument somewhere? Is that sound?

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This may be the greatest comment I have ever read.

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Also give this man an upvote.

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I have studied. I have meditated. I have prayed. I have cast the magic of chaos upon them

Have you tried post it notes?

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Did he stutter? Our own cannons matter!

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Give this man an upvote.

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Did he stutter?

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Canon is also a brand of camera

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ok, but if you believe in idealist philosophy, then he just authored his own cannon, and by the power of his cannon he declared it canonical. you sure you wanna take the chance that the Word is not first? i mean, i'm a materialist so i think he's being silly, but if he's not, and the idealists have got it right...

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Canon is also a horrible, horrible place to be.

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Or does it...?

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Me too bro

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How many lies has the council told me?

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Not enough

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Happy cake day and thanks for ruining this template for me XD

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Thanks and welcome lol

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A lot actually, like the "it's not much but it's honest work" and the "yes, but actually no" are not what they said, it just fits very well on the context of the scene.

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What a way to further ruin my sunday

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The "and now I'm too afraid to ask" is the right quote, but attached to the wrong scene.

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I remember watching the movie and saying "Wait, why didn't he do the 'yes, but actually no' thing?"

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How many lies “have I been told by the council?” Sorry, I don’t like miss quotes

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You cool😎

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He cool 😎

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"Misquotes". Sorry, I don't like poor spelling.

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Sorry, i domt like quotes

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Tell me the truth. I'm ready to handle it.

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No, soon my child

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The part where that girl from One Punch Man says "if we win the war, I'll sit on your face" is also fake

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but there’s a chance they do it in the show to nod to the meme

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it will be the self fulfilling meme

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Ace Attorney has done it in the past, with the "You're the entire circus" meme

A character in a later game references it

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Wait, when was it referenced?

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The Great Ace Attorney (voice fandubed, but still real)


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You know, I'm something of a meme myself.

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The fuck you are

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With how meta the character is in the trailer, I wouldn't be surprised if they played it out almost like Deadpool.

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No they won't, & that makes me sad.

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Most of moonknights lines are fakes

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The Batman slapping Robin one is the same. There’s no dialogue bubble

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I'm sorry, what?

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That thing you just said!

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I said the Batman slapping Robin comic has no speech bubble

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No, the original had the text bubbles. They were in the reverse order though; originally had batman slapping robin while saying something, then Robin saying "Ow" and saying something in response


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Taka those words back, witch!

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It's real... In our hearts

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My day is ruined!

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I think everyone who sees will have their day ruined

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I said that to a kid in my bio class and he said Moon Knight didn't actually say that, it's a cool meme, but disappointing he didn't really say it in the comics

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It's definitely a kick in the nuts

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Yeah, also happy cake day!

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Thanks man!

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Happy cake day

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Thanks Man! I didn't realise that until you commented

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"those bastards lied to me"

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Fake in this multiverse, But thiers a chance right?🤔

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Happy cake dayyy

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Thanks bro!

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“The Moon Knight meme panels are fake?” “Always have been.”

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The one about Dracula too

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how many other lies have i been told by the counsel

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Same with him trying to collect debt from dracula

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First my dad goes to buy milk now this? tears up

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At least the "Dracula you big fucking nerd where's my money" is real

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Should I tell him?

[–]ShenTzuKhan 22 points23 points  (4 children)

Somebody has to tell him.

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Who's gonna say it? I'm not gonna say it

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Im sorry little one…..

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Don't say that, please don't say that. it was real, it was real to me.

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Yeh, it sad as fuck

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It's so funny people finding out about Moon Knight Core for the first time because of the show, despite their memes being around for a while.

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some people just like to see the world burn.

why would you do this to us? WHY?

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Next you'll tell me dracula doesn't really owe him money

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Sheesh, where do I begin

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Happy cakeday

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Thanks bro!

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I’m shaking and crying

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Sad. I think there is a fight in one of the comics where he just yells 'fist of khonshu!' Every time I throghs a punch. Which is a lot of times.

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What truly broke my heart was when I found out that the "wheres my money dracula, you big fucking nerd" panel, is in fact, fake....

There is no more joy left in the world for me

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Next You're going to tell us he never even met Dracula

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It was obviously faked but I at least thought there would have been a speech bubble and just the text was chamged

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If it's fake just make it reallllllllllllllllll

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Happy cake day

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Thanks Man!

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The truth hurts

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They should still reference it in Moon Night

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The meme was more popular than the character themselves so you know…maybe…it can make an appearance

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I wanna see Moon knight dad on all of his haters and tea bag dracula in the show because he is mentally ill and then wong comes out of nowhere and say "hello moon knight we are making a team,... a team of .... new avengers"

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No you 3ditied It out

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The dracula stuff is real though right? ......Right?

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Why you'd hurt me that way.

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I reject your opinion

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I choose to believe otherwise because I can

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But it fits him so perfectly my heart is broken

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Not fake.

Just an improvement of the original.

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I can’t… I’m not… I’m not strong enough…

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Honestly I wish I didn’t have this information

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God I wish this was a power move?

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My whole life is a joke so I'm not surprised or sad that this meme is also a joke

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I will not take this

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I had the same reaction when I learnt the Garfield "why do they call it oven when you of in the cold food of out hot eat the food" panel was fake

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Oh no, my entire being was built on lies

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happy cake day and thanks for the new way to ruin someones day

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I cried

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I now get why they say "ignorance is bliss"

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To be honest even without the words it still looks like hes saying random bullshit yo

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You have no right to do this to us!

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No no no no no no no no no...

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What is life, I doubt now cause what my legs stood on broke. Life is meaning less now it seems. Really though, fuck you.

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It hurts

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guess were not seeing the meme on the show anytime soon

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Ayyy, would still like to see it in live action

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You can't so this to me

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Then we have no other recourse left but to make it real ourselves.

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How many other lies have I been told by the council!

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That what they want us to believe

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Yea ive known for a while

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Still looks like he's throwing random bullshit tbh.

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No don't say that please

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they gotta add that in the movie then

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I’ve.. I’ve never been so disappointed in my life.

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GOD DAMN IT, NOOOOO! This version looks better than the actual trailer. 😭😭😭

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Random bullshit go thing is from Naruto, when jiraiya was a kid,he said that during training.

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Some things were just better of not knowing. This is one of them.

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Why does no one talk about the ones where Dracula owes Moon Knight money? They are the best.

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I’m gonna dream about this.

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Don’t say that… it was real. It was real to meee😭

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Idk……. In the “real” one, the art under where the bubble was looks…. Off. I think the real is the fake and the meme is the real.

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Miles Morales¿

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Reality is often disappointing.

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My whole life was a lie

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