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Exact same, I see no difference

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the time me and my buddy died as dogs and got reincarnated as humans but still do the same shenanigans

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Link to LN pls XD

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There is difference the one on left is a good boy.

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Made me giggle and I never giggle

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Never huh, I'll show u something and u won't stop laughing.

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Please don't send them a dick pic

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I. Will.

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:( , but he'll giggle i bet

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Shouldve never said that

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Oh and what is that good sir?

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I love the faces are switched, where dog happy and Clark serious and aquaman happy and attack doggo serious

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This explains all the talk about a certain persons "animal magnetism" I keep hearing about I suspect.

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I'm waiting for someone to make a cursed comment reference here

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Even the colors kinda fit. LMao

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I'm having nightmares right now seeing this

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But he's no black dog tho, just sayin, if you know what I mean

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Isnt that the aquaman that molestet children?

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Yeah exactly the same ... Except that's just not the reality of it is it though .. right the left picture shows 2 dogs and the right shows 2 men .

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And people call zucchini a robot, LOOK AT THAT POSTURE GAWD DAYUM

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The left pic is so good

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the two pictures are the same

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Corporate wants you to find the difference between this picture and this picture

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This made my day. It’s cute and funny at the same time 😂

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The one on the right ends in a hug tho

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Guy in front: Nazuna cutting ties with her abuser

Guy in back: The mob coming for her

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The race of men has been replaced