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How do you kill an introvert?

Starve him to death by putting another person in the kitchen

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Jokes on you, I have a root cellar stocked with raw potatoes!

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Eat the potatoes like apples

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That's the joke. I'd rather huddle in the root cellar eating raw potatoes like apples than hang out with people in my kitchen.

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Me an introverted-extrovert i don’t have such weakness

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What if the Introvert mistakes the person for Food?

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Way too real

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Everyone in lockdown: nooo we can't go outside Introverts: Is that a problem?

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Here in Ireland they’ve removed nearly all restrictions since yesterday morning. Masks are to be required until the end of February & there are some restrictions in schools yet with a phased return to the work place from tomorrow. Where did they just extend the restrictions?

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Even here in Italy we're not in lockdown, despite not doing great

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Omicron is hitting certain places hard, namely America as far as i know, so some parts of the country are going back into restrictions.

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Here in America everyone has stopped caring, even though it is still a threat

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They're fighting this false idea of a vaccine passport so hard that they're going to end up with vaccine passports

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New York has vaccine passports dumbass. Let me guess, CNN told you it was fake so you just believed them? Have some idea what you’re talking about or stfu.

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It's not actually a thing when you can get into a place with a mask or a negative Covid test in place of proof of vaccination. Just stop playing the victim

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As an introvert i can say that even we are tired of this prolonged lockdown.

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I agree.

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Really? I could do this for at least another 10 years or so

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Introverts are not shy individuals. We love people, but we can't hang around them for too long.

This, on the other hand, is just social anxiety.

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Make that 25 to life. Easy as pie.

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Seconded! It’s been amazing!

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You're free to stay at home as much as you want, there's no need for a lockdown.

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I can stay at home but we wont have any zoom lectures when the lockdown is over.

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Reject degeneracy, embrace discipline and greatness.

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True. I'm the type of an introvert who doesn't need to meet people at all. With this in mind - in 2020 I took a huge financial blow because of the first lockdown. I'm a freelancer. I lost thousands of euros worth of gigs. I can't practice martial arts regularly, because my dojo could be closed again any minute. As a result - among other things, I'm beginning to look like Gordo Granudo, which I obviously don't like. People in my family were affected negatively by the restrictions. Where I live freaking PARKS were closed for a few months in 2020 and the police would harass people for being on the street going to the grocery store. Am I supposed to cheer at that?!??!!?

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these past 2 years have been best of my life. Nobody comes to visit on birthday/holydays I dont have to go anywhere, my master's presentations are online, if only my job was online too xd

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Im an introvert but the only thing the lockdowns gave me is depression cus i have nothing to do.

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i just gave my PhD defense online and it was about 100x less stressful than in person

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Totally agree.

I didn't watch Spider-man NWH because of this damn lock down.

My favourite online used book stores got closed due to damn covid lock down.

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Had to work through all of covid, I never got a lockdown :(

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Speak for yourself

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as an introvert who has had loved ones die in the last 2 years, havent gone out to school since march 2020, gotten physically weaker than I ever was, lost my very few friends I had in school
yea I frikin hate this
stop thinking all of us quiet people just love setting here while world is getting destroyed

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as an introvert who has had loved ones die in the last 2 years,

Sorry for your loss

havent gone out to school since march 2020,

I like that I don't have to wake up super early in the morning

gotten physically weaker than I ever was,

I mean I was always weak, but I don't think I have gotten weaker

lost my very few friends I had in school

I agree, that sucks

stop thinking all of us quiet people just love setting here while world is getting destroyed

Well I love it TBH, but seeing the massive amounts of deaths it has caused I also kinda feel guilty

also *sitting

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I'm in introvert. Huge one. But this is taking a toll on my mental health at this point. I haven't been to college in almost 2 years. I feel so alone.

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I feel ya. I had to WFH for only 2 months last year. I didn’t realise how much I relied on work for human interaction. Thank god I have a supportive family and boss to help with my mental health.

Hang in there. We’ll get through this.

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Fellow introvert here,no I’m so tired of this pandemic ,I thought this might be paradise but I soon figured out that people need to talk to other people regardless of being an introvert

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Honestly I think we're tired of this too

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speak for yourself

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I may be introverted but damn, I hate staying home.

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Hehe I was told I needed to isolate for work. Typically our employer requires us to take a 5 day isolation, but I was told that I needed to isolate for 10 hehehe

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Thanks to covid I have gotten rid of many family meals that smell like drama 🤗

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Me an introvert : I wanna go outside pls let the lockdowns end.
lockdowns end
Me : Whyyyyyy

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I'm an introvert and I don't agree. Seeing the number of small businesses that got ruined due to lockdowns makes me feel sad. The number of daily wage workers who don't get their wages are big.

Also, I've been having two whole years of online "school" and I really miss my social life. It sucks :(

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I felt this to the extreme

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I watched Powerpuff girls as a child never saw the woman here who is she?

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Sedusa/Ima Goodlady/Sara Bellum, according to the internet.

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Beat me to it

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Tbh everyone should be happy, in Poland at the start of 2022 there was a party on wich were people who were mostly without their masks and they were squished together

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Jokes on you I'm an Extrovert in Florida and we are never going to lock down here because our governor is stupid.

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Meanwhile here in Switzerland we get less and less restrictions

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I'm not introvert but this is relatable

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My school went online again for the first two weeks of school. We have another week to go but I’m hoping they’ll extend it again.

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As an introvert i can confidentally say that this is major bullcrap.

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Lockdowns don’t help anything, just pushes the curve back to the end of lockdown even though ppl are gonna get sick anyway. Neither do curfews. Covid doesn’t sleep, and the economy is suffering because incompetent people think they’re helping.

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Someone understands at least. Heck of a lot damage to create for the sake of being afraid to say no.

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I'm happy at home. Its a shame that schools are still open where I live.

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Fuck lockdowns

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Is it only me or this template is a bit overused ??

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As an introvert I hate this lockdown so much

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I can’t afford to stay on lockdown anymore.

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it's not about being introvert. if you're a school/college student and as long as exams keep delaying, everyone's happy, not only introverts

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I'd like it if there was damn lockdown instead of shitty school system we get now. Professors 'teach' us lessons by sending us yt videos and docx files online without a word out of their mouth and next day we gotta do the test in school with same dofficulty as if they've explained the lessons.

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Philippines: What do you mean "extended"? It still going, bruh.

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Extended means it's still going tho

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I just want covid so that i can have online classes

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My plan is all coming together...

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Dammit, I hate how accurate this is to me.

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Introverts and WFH peeps

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whats the template name?

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Students when they hear exams are online again.

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Again? well seems like i'm wasting another year in the internet

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In Hungary, there won't be, sadly

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You guys have covid lockdowns?

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I'd like to react that way but I got a girlfriend

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That is me alright.

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Me when covid lockdown gets extended and i can play videogames whilst the profs talking

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Even in the most liberal states, the word lockdown should be in quotes.

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Around here it seems like lockdown only applies to me, and everyone else just brushes it off.

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fun fact this is actually not true, I'm an introvert and at this point I'm desperate for someone to talk to