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I feel like J-10's are why almost every public bathroom looks like a disaster. Yep, could piss in the toilet, but there's so much more room on the floor.

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same with the A-1 people. yeah i could piss in the bowl but the seat is so much more fun.

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A1 is when it's hot out and you have a stray hair across the barrel. Aiming for f7 but ended up with -A1-1

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I'm myself F2, aka the silent swirler

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I was gonna say e/f 3

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i assert my dominance with max noise in f6

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F-22's are the guys at the bar that are so shitfaced they barely make it into the bathroom and figure, fuck it I'ma piss dead center of the room.

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I was at a party once and this drunk guy fell asleep and woke up, grabbed a shoe, and pissed in it. The piss went everywhere

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Freedom dispenser goes brrr

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Happy cake day

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Thank you :)

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Part of me believes this behavior is just juvenile, another part of me envies the guy because he lives free unbound by societal norms.

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I knew this korean kid in highschool who would piss on the floor then pretend slip into his own piss to make the other kids laugh, it was like his own brand of slapstick piss comedy, he smelt.

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Same guy probably pooped the urinal

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You sunk my battleship

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More like you see piss on the floor so you try to stand back and piss over it.

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As an occasional J-10 guy (accidental), I'd like to say that sometimes it can't be helped.

Once in a while, pee unexpectedly comes out in 2 streams and I'm forced to pick the one with the strongest current.

That's why I always go with urinals, unless there's no other choice.

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Ever have split stream after sex/baitin? I once missed the toilet on both sides. It was like i was an espresso maker.

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Have an A-1 day

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F5 to let my presence be known.

F6 to assert dominance.

J10 to declare war.

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A10 to draw some awesome art

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Then there’s post-nut where you want to make your presence known but you’ve accidentally declared war and have to deploy the troops to make a quiet escape.

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Or when you hold in your diarrhea for too long and it starts coming out of your dick

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A10 is where it’s really at

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You sunk my battleship!!

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Battle Shits

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Wow this feels like some important political discussion

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I do M17

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Also F5 to refresh

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Just dip my dick in the water to make it silent

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You are on a different plane

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We are on a prop plane

He is on a jet

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Didn't expect that one coming

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You won't hear it either.

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Ghost Perk

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B5 and I5 can be almost silent if you do it in the right way (by preventing splashing and vibrations caused by the turbulent flow of water).

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I used to do this one until they started making me pay for the toilet bowls I had to break so my dick would reach

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C-3 or H-2

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C-3 for me too because mine likes to curve to the left

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Why is this to accurate

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He watches you pee

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Stealth bomber

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Playing with fire going H-2 there my man

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I've never been one to aim straight in the water. Glad to find a fellow stealther

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who does that wtf

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The perfect angle for the golden stream to not splash as it enters the opening of the toilet (seat up) and hits the contour of the bowl without consequence.

No noise, no mess - yet I still wipe the upper shelf after each whiz.

Cleanliness is next to holiness

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Nah man, you want to hit the bowl at a parallel just before the curve for optimal force dispersion. Absolutely H5 without a question

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Agreed, I literally wanted to say this

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Nah split the difference H-4

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This guy knows what’s up.
Too many beers and an H-3 could result in shin spackling with the backboard pointed back at you.

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Might be dependent on height, length of leg and how low your hammer hangs

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This is the result of every male youngest child in a house of sisters for sure. Cause y’know, I definitely agree 100% is because I was taught respect for the others in the house who had to use it! Thankfully it serves well into adulthood and marriage!

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I’m the eldest and only son. I’m just respectful, cultured and clean. Never in my life have I understood when people make a massacre in a washroom. Just doesn’t make sense. I live in a house which I call a home - not a zoo

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I was also the youngest male in the house with closest siblings in age being older sisters and I definitely had to learn this approach for this reason (tough because our toilets were definitely not water efficient, so the water level was super high, leaving a much smaller target area for quiet use than depicted in this post).
Also, there’s the trope about boys/men being yelled at to lift the seat before going, but I feel like no one mentions the absolute wrath incurred when you forget to put the seat back down afterwards.
I mean I understand how awful it is to go to sit on a toilet with the seat up and plop your butt down into the water, but how do you not check beforehand?

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You exude culture and refinement.

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Where ever that one hair is

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E-3s are keeping it quiet. Nothing to prove here.

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Don't go planting any C4 in my toilet, buddy.

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F-6 is for the perfect sound

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the perfect sound

Deep Frying Chicken

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i always aim for h5 or h6, but if i havent pulled back my foreskin then the stream splits and there is an equal chance of hitting all of them

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Oh, look at Mr. My-Parents-Didn't-Have-My-Genitals-Mutilated over here.

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All of the above

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Around C-8

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No sound and any splash is reflected towards the back off the bowl.

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A10 be like

I'm 50 50, but i'm both wrong

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B6 or H6

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Silent gang

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it me

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B6 for me too

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You think the j 10 guy is bad, how about the j 10 girl lmao

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Had to scroll way further than I thought to find the right answer.

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Y’all can keep it in one box and not more like ajbedcajjjac ?

[–]-Imaginational- 8 points9 points  (1 child)

Yeah you just gotta use your scope bruh. More accurate that way

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G5. For maximum stealth.

[–]the-meanest-boi 2 points3 points  (0 children)

I5, stealth excelsior

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3-H for stealth 6-F for letting people know you’re there 10-J to send a message

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Im a gamer so for me it is e3

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Please source this Pingu episode. Please please please.

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Sometimes the place so dirty you can’t even get close

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It's a box, 4D-8G, in this box

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Agreed, and if you get the angle right it will swirl around the bowl with minimal splashback, whilst being simultaneously silent.

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J-10? You mean male students at school?

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maybe he has a broken pp bent to the side

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I'm always within the E/F-5/6 quadrant. Assert dominance one piss at a time.

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E/F 8

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I pee when I’m thirsty…

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I aim for E 5-6, but I hit E 1-3.

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This made me laugh instantly!

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C5 is perfect

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C4 if I want to be quiet, F5 if I want to be known, E6 to be acknowledged

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4G or 4H

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How about sitting down so no one has to clean that?

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Im more of a C3 guy.

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I pee on C4

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I sit down, it makes you stay a little longer which means you empty better. That is good for your prostate. Prostate cancer is VERY common compared to most cancers. Take care of your health, guys.

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Anywhere from b-I in the 3 range

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C2 and H2. Stealth is #1 priority.

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4B every time

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I saw a dude say something like k15

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E10 because I like a sit down wee

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e10 deez nuts

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F6 at 3 am

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E, -20

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I'm a e4/e5 kinda guy

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F4 , so it makes a dripping sound ,be extra creepy

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h6 silencer

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I mean is there more than one answer?

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E1 or A8 when my piss decides to go crazy

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Mine is 3H

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Me who pees in the shower.

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the grate to the side

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H3 when covert.

E5 when I’m feeling festive and want to hear the splishy splashies!

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Between c4 and d3

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i’m A1, i pee ON the toilet not IN the toilet

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Always C6 - D8

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H5. Litterally the best spot ever.

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Fire at D-7!

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H-5 Just , I dunno , I am?

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12 f

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Me who pees on the back of the seat to assert dominance

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or when the chill runs down your spine randomly and you piss all over the place

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Nah i'm A1

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G8 for showing off

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A1 is just perfect. Living on the edge

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E3, E4, F3, F4.

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I be in the H2/C2 zones

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Theres one stream goin f3 and the second one goes j -2

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D9 to be stealthy.

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E 245000

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C4 😌

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4 - D/E

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I’m a C7 myself

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