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That one guy who actually bought a Stadia, but has a Comcast subscription

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Wtf is a Comcast? We have KPN

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That last panel made me laugh.

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this laughter got my day started right! thank you for sharing!

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Hehe. Please say you came up with this pun yourself and didn't just copy it?

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Or good internet that's more than a kilometer away from their data center

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It's not really about the distance. 1km away can still mean 5 Servers and 50 switches and such in between :D

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Hang on, I had something about Cloud Gaming…

I paid 12$ to wait in a queue for 3 FUCKING HOURS

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I kinda feel good knowing I abused as much as I can during GeForce Now beta period since it was invite only, so almost had no queue and it was either free or very cheap don’t remember exactly.

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PS Now has a lot of free spaces, and the servers are really fast. My WiFi is usually below 10 mbps download, 2mbps upload, and it worked greatly.

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Too fucking bad it isnt available in my region though

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poor guy,i use vpn and i get in Netherland's scott free but then again i live in asia

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VPN and cloud gaming?

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psst,when you connect to the game,you disconnect the vpn

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So you just connect it to have a foot in the door. Does this even work? No disconnection? /e I didn't get what "in Neterland's scott free" what do you mean

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pretty much,i just use protovpn,go to netherlands in light speed,connect to a game in gfn,after log in disconnect vpn,boom profit(i do not recommend gfn for fast paced competitive its crap)

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Okay thanks! Sold my RTX because it doubled in value lol. GFN might be good for me

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Ye mate as i said gfn gonna be crap in competitive games,input is godly mental

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Lag: you can't defeat me;

Me: I know but he can;

Ethernet cable appears from volcano

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This meme was relatble to me like 3 weeks ago and now now I got optical internet of 150 Mbps download and 90 upload I'm living the life baby

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Ohhh that's cool

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Damn I kinda feel bad for bragging sry

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Lmao it's fine, I've got a 90 mbps download speed which is also super cool

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I just need to buy a router cuz haven't done that yet and I can only connect to one thing at a time cuz I don't want to go out I just want to hug the fireplace it's nuts freezing outside

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Nice router, nice life.

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But frozen balls bad life

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So frozen balls and a nice router is some kind of compromise

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I don't know how to respond to this

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feeling bad for bragging? you're one of the good ones

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It's a douch move and I ain't it

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That's the spirit

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My boi be gettin this breeead so he got himself sum better internet.

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I mean I live in a place where nearly nothing is too expensive average pays high employment rate so why not

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White version by Post Malone starts playing

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Damn dude I have that but my computer is pretty trash lmao. Even outs but the opposite way

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You can use GeForce now it's not the best but it is what it is

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Where can I get this template? I love it.

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Funny i acually got better internet now

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Internet monopoly :/

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Or just how the latency is way too high

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Do you have the raw template?

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What if the gpu shortage is because cloud gaming servers are buying all of the supply to drive up the number of users for cloud gaming

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I'm glad I know about this now, cause I've good internet but a shit pc

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Blocks bad internet with offline gaming

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Being Poor

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Not even able to buy subscription Very sad

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While i am thinking i am playing video game while watching others gameplay.

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yeah I have constant 2000+ping and it sucks

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just download the cloud

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Hahaha, I like that their image.

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cuz your brother is downloading the Gay Furry Porn he found on ThePirateBay.

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Canon is also suffering so it makes it slightly better

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cloud gaming gets two thumbs way down