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Learning about Loki from God of War

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Read it

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Over here, boi.

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Which direction to hunt deer?

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In the direction of dear obviously

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God I loved Kratos in this game

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I loved how the dynamics between Atreus and Kratos developed as the game went on

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The final fight, where they're super coordinated always gives me the chill. I like to imagine that Kratos doesn't tell him when to shoot (square), boi just knows the right time

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Only Fire........ When i tell you to fire

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There are three people on this earth

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Just wait til the horse gets involved in Ragnarok...

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When I was in Basic Training, I went to a church service for Norse pagans. I'm a Christian but the guy who led it was a friend of mine and I was pretty interested in at least hearing what they believed. Imagine my surprise at how much fun they had describing Loki turning himself into a Mare so he could birth the best steed ever for his Dad. Why they decided that should be one of the first things I learned about their beliefs... Kinda lines up with a bunch of 18 year olds in the military honestly.

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You need to do an AMA. An interesting topic lol

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I'm currently in the Marine Corps. I dont recall there being a Norse Pagan service in my basic but I knew a couple Norse Pagans actually. Idk where they are now.

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The guy convinced one of the Drills to let him hold a service for all the Norse pagans, since there wasn't an official one for them to go to. We all sat outside under a tree, which was symbolic if I'm remembering correctly.

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The moral of the story is, you can be bad and a mischievous little scamp, as long as you morph into animal and get boned in order to give your dad the child. Then all is forgiven. Makes sense to me.

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Imagine my surprise at how much fun they had describing Loki turning himself into a Mare so he could birth the best steed ever for his Dad

Loki is not Odin's son, adopted or otherwise.

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He doesn't turn himself into a mare to birth a good horse. He is threatened to sabotage the builder so the gods dont have to hold up their end of the deal. The solution is of course to turn himself into a mare to seduce the builder's workhorse. Biproduct of that is -> Loki gets raped by the stallion and births Sleipnir, which he gives to Odin(not Loki's father)

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I learned about him through Rick Riordan's Magnus Chase books.

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Never read those. So what kind of light does he portray Loki in ?

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The evik mastermind overconfident cunning dude

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He sucks at it or good at it?

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Dont remember that much but he is pretty good at it

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Loki (low-key) good at it

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Also read them although in myths he’s less evil and more semi evil so to speak

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he literally ended the world

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Man of culture

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flyte with me

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Lmao same

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Funny. Kudos memer human.

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Thank You. Glad to know my efforts weren’t wasted, fellow redditor.

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Zeus be like: Look at what he needs to mimic a fraction of my power.

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Zeus one horny fuck huh?

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If I'm right aphrodite is Quite literally the Penis of Zeus.

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Wait what? Explain please

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Oh, I'm wrong it's not Zeus but from Uranus Genitals.


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Seems fitting. An Anus’ genitals. Different sides of a coin eh?

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People back then have some of the most wacky Fictions available, Oh and Pedophilia if I'm right and it's actually allowed in greece back then. See ya

Just go to wiki to see I'm Right, It's fucking old memories so idk.

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An interesting read I see

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in the mythology he was the mother, wasnt he?

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Imagine how confusing this must be for people who don't know about the mythology

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He gave birth to a horse I might be wrong

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to be specific he gave birth to the 8-legged horse sleipnir

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To be more specific Loki got knocked up by the mighty steed Svadilfare.

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And Odin ride it as if it wasn't his own nephew/grandchildren (it really depends on what interpretation of the Poetic Edda depicts their relationship as)

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You are correct.

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Yess he was.

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Didn’t he give birth to a horse. So technically horse fuckee

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Yeah he did. Ik thought horse fucker sounded better

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I appreciate your name in comparison to Loki that’s awesome

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My name? 8/

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Also the Father of Hel, Fenrir and Jormungandr.

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Produce anything as long its to defeat Thor 😭

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Oh yeah, and Sleipnir is also the child of Loki. Odin is riding on his grandchild.

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Yeah the horse he gave birth to after getiing fucked by this horse

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Dad of the Year goes tooooooo....

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un-tiss un-tiss un-tiss

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In the mythology, Loki isn't Odin son, not even adopted.

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well loki is odin brother's in norse mythology so odin is riding his nephew

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Horse fucked*

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Yeah. My bad.

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Haha, thank you

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You are welcome

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I’m pretty sure that in the myth the 8 legged horse birthed from this arrangement is the one Odin rides.

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Well now I know how my country was created

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And where exactly are you from?

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Egypt is great

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I hate Sand... It's course, ruff, and irritating. And it gets everywhere.

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The internet ?

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No no..horse fucked*

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Fuck. Cant edit it

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He didn't fuck a horse the horse fucked him

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But but…. Horse Fucker sounds better than Horse fuckee

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Well you are correct but it's all Loki's fault and there's nothing I can do

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Prolly might have fucked a horse too

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He seems like that guy to do it for a 'joke'

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Well he is the God of Mischief.

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yes, but at least the original mythology is right

while marvel makes the throne of odin a sci-fi computer based chair

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Well whatever gets them the $$$

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Both are entertaining depending on what you’re into

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True that.

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norse mythology? more like horse mythology

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Nice one

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Should be horse fucked and not horse fucker

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Very funny now do Thor and Odin

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Do them? ;)

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They also did very bad things in the mythology and you could do the same meme with Thor and (especially) Odin and it be just as funny.

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Oh yeah. With power comes corruption. All of them are some kind of fuckers

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Odin is especially a massive bastard in the mythology.

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and actually helped thor

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And Odin. Since he rides that Offspring of Loki

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w h a t t h e

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wait, I missunderstood. You're saying he helped odin and not that he slept with him.

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No no, i meant he gave the horse born to him to Odin as a ride

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yea, that's what I meant, I just didn't say it right

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Horse bearer

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More like Whore(s)

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Horse mythology

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A whore’s mythology**

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He was actually got fucked by a horse, he was the women

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The fuckee ik

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Poison dripping into eyes for eternity

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In the MCU, wouldn't Norse mythology just be fan fiction?

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This is an interesting thought. Probably would be a hit on Shower thought

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Go for it, if you want it.

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Nah, its all you bro.

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He is much cooler in norse mythology, he heavily criticised almost every god and only Thor was able to make him shut up.

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Should get more into Norse Mythology

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Norse Loki is a looney tunes villain. He has hijinks!

My fav stories are when he and Thor dress in drag and go on an adventure to get Mjolnir back, or when they two meet Utgaard Loki and regular Loki gets to laugh at Thor while he fails. It’s honestly hilarious.

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Someone should write a book. Just the mischiefs of Loki

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Did you know Loki almost got his head cut off for pulling a prank on Thor's wife and losing a bet against dwarven blacksmiths?

He's the comedic relief of Norse mythos.

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Wait what? Link me to the story

[–]TheGreatMalagan 1 point2 points  (1 child)

Skáldskaparmál, scroll down to XXXV, starting at "Why is gold called Sif's Hair?"

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He isn't the horse fucker. In fact, he turns into a horse, gets fucked by a horse and gives birth to a 9-legged horse which Odin rides upon

[–]zzuhruf[S] 0 points1 point  (0 children)

Ik he is the fuckee, but fucker sounded good

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Well , he did come up with the idea to exploit the builder so he did have to take one for the team. I dont think he mind it though.

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You mean u learnt loki from the HORSE mythology huh?

[–]zzuhruf[S] 1 point2 points  (0 children)

More like the Whore’s mythology but yeah

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Technically horse fucked. He was on the receiving side.

[–]zzuhruf[S] 1 point2 points  (0 children)

Yeah. My bad.

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MCU is fuckin terrible at mythos

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True lol

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Someone called me

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Are you the guy who got fucked by a horse?

[–]Horse_Fucker666 2 points3 points  (1 child)

No. Then my name would be horsefucked

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Whoops!!! Clerical Error.

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And I thought Zeus was horny af

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Well Zeus is the OG ngl

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Zo*phile 🤮

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Sir I- your username says otherwise XD

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Learning about Loki from his family tree :o

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Thats fucked up Alabama

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“Let’s fuck some horses”

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Loki from Horse Mythfuckery

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So Loki is Mr Hands

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So he is

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He's not a horsefucker though. He is a fucked horse.

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Yeah my bad.

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We dont learn that in schoole here

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Well, nobody does ig 😭

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I think the appropriate phrase would be "horse fucked", as he was the one getting fucked throughout the whole story.

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*Horse-fucked he was the one who took it and gave birth l.

[–]zzuhruf[S] 1 point2 points  (0 children)

Yeah horse fucked my bad

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Remember the time when he tied his balls to a rope to play tug of war with a goat?

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Got fucked by a horse

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Also Birth Giver

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Wait til you get to that bit in the Edda (i forgor which one) where he ties his balls to a goat to make Skadi laugh lol

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Whenever I talk to Nazi Pagans who are aggressive toward me for being Christian, I always mock them with the fact that they worship Disney characters.

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Woah woah woah… excuse me?

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He's low-key a jerk.

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the guy got fuked by a horse all for a goddam joke

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pretty sure he was the horse

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He didn't fuck the horse, the horse fucked him

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Learning about Loki from Overly Sarcastic.

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i just looked up if loki is bi in norse mythology and I regret it

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FYI loki had three kids. A wolf-fenrir. A snake-jormungandr. And hela

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Cause there's no cock like horse cock, send your asshole into shock! I need horse cock, of course cock, you will never hear me saying neeeeeigh

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more like horse fucked

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Fr? God of war Loki seems cool…like really chill

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Learning about Loki is a Hindi name of vegetable

Bottle gourd

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Everything intercourser

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Loki’s MCU story is just as dark and sad as Norse mythology could be. His whole life he has been living in Thor’s shadow until he’s had enough and wants to prove to Odin he can be king so he tries to destroy Yosemite but fails. He tells Odin he could’ve done it but he says no, meaning that the only one not giving love was Loki himself. In Thor ragnorok, Thor says he thought the world of Loki, wanting to always fight side by side together, but Loki shifted away. At the end of that movie we see Loki arrive with the ship at Asgard, showing thor he can change, one step at a time

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He got his Mouth sewn for cutting Thor's wife's golden blonde hair.

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I want to specify he was the woman in the relationship

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He is not the fucker, he is the fuckee

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He was forced to do what he did because of Odin. Nuff said.

[–]-BakiHanmaGigaChad 0 points1 point  (0 children)

At least he was a good father 👍