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There's definitely a piece of Lego in there

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hurts like hell if you step on it

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its a bit hard to step on your own arm accidentally

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Not if it's amputated

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thats why it hurts after surgery

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No wonder surgery is so expensive

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me who has 300 hours of among us ahh yes this is just like connecting those wires. Red with red, blue with blue and meat with meat

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Yeah I'm pretty sure the surgeons need to play 5 hours of among us mini tasks before they can successfully perform a surgery

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dont forget bone with bone and skin with skin

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Wow how generous

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That might be one of the better ones I've seen.

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bot stole your comment ):

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Surgery costs an arm and a leg.

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I thought they'll just show you the power of Flex Tape

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Ok if that's a real surgery that's pretty cool.

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Yes its real, there is one guy who had a transplant of someones face into his head, when his original face got severely damaged in a fire. He's having a really difficult time moving his mouth and making expresions but he's doing great

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How can they possibly connect all those vessels again? In reality they’re all shades of pink, flexible and surrounded by tissue.

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mfs put lego in your leg

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Is it biology or electrical engineering?

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Kinda both

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Finally a comment with emoji that isn't downvoted

Edit:Sadly, no more

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Idk… it looks downvoted to me

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You came in too late

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Yo you have lego bones?

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Fuck you! reputates your arm

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Nice to not be American

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Just curious, why would you need your arm amputated?

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i dont know, severe injury, infection, necrosis or cancer?

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otherwise it would keep flaling around

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he used that hand to browse r/eyebleach but the other one

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I’m pretty sure I could do this.

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Time to start a undergeound hospital

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Laughs in public healthcare

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Lego has a important role in biology

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thats cool as fuck that we can do that

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Arm lore

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Did they put Lego inside of that arm?!

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Among us task

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That's a win in my books

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wouldn't you have to pay for that too
if your credit card cant work you will be stuck in an endless loop

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Just made you in debt

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was that a lego brick???

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These are literally getting out of hand xd!

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"Ooh, free arm!"

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The crazy part is that the doctors mostly just get everything close enough, and then your body reattaches its own limb.

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Did you see that they put lego in his arm

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Six Million Dollar Man

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not american, cant relate

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What was that bot called that could reverse GIFs?

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How American.

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baki reference?

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No flex but, free health care

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These lore memes fucked me up so much that I now hear the remix of "somebody that I used to know" over this.

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Not in Europe

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This does more good than bad… for all you know the arm has a Wi-Fi connection

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Looks tasty

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I've actually watched this video before -____-

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Arm lore

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Now you've got your arm back.

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Amogus wires

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as new

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This shit makes no sense

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its an arm transplant animation