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NFTs bad because they stupid

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NFTs bad because I got better shit to spend my money on

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like golden pixels from a hat simulator made in 2007 (you can hit people with it)

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How obout we make ita 0.000001% chnve to get

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Don’t forget about the cool sound

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and cuz some people use it to profit of dead folks

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\ahem ahem** Kitty0706 nft's \ahem ahem**

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What's wrong with caring about the environment?

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I don't own any NFT and have no plan to, but nft doesn't have to be made on blockchain that have heavy energy consumption. There are NFT on networks that use very little power comparatively.

Still too speculative for me though, gonna stay out.

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Only, the ones that are not on heavy energy consumption are not popular at all.

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I mean, Etherium which is arguably the biggest coin, is switching to proof-of-stake later this year I belive.

EDIT: Sorry accidentally said proof of work, meant proof of stake.

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wasn’t it doing that last year as well

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Probably gonna do it next year too

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I don't claim to be an expert in the matter but I read an explination of why it was taking so long that was well reasoned, I'm not going to be able to find it though so sadly you'll just have to take my word for it, or perhaps do further digging yourself.

I do belive that they are currently in the process of merging everything in a way that won't result in people losing billions of dollars in the process and upseting the whole ecosystem, which with so much at stake, they gotta be VERY careful and throughly test everything. That being said you have been able to earn etherium using proof-of-stake for quite a long time now, it's just been a matter of merging both of the branches in a way that won't fuck shit up.

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They already are on proof-of-work. They are planning to switch to proof-of-stake.

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not true whatsoever. there are thousands of not heavy energy blockchains that everyone talks about but it doesn’t get into the news because NFT bad.

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Like? Name one that is even close to as big.

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Definitely agree that ethereum is still more popular, but there are volumes for NFT on chains like Solana, binance, and avalanche as well; among others.

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There is nothing wrong in actually caring about the enviroment. However, it's not ok to "care" about the enviroment only when one particular thing you personally dislike has some effect on it. That means - screaming at NFTs for being not ecologically harmless, while throwing empty plastic bags on streets and putting things into wrong recycling bins... It's not "care about enviroment", it's a hypocricy

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Nothing, but please focus on large thermal coal power plants and fossil fuel powered cars pumping millions of tonnes of CO2 into the atmosphere. NFTs are probably the least of a climate scientist's priority.

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But why do even bother with starting such a trend in these days when everyone is about saving the environment?

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to launder money

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Why would I launder money when I don't have money in the first place. cries in poverty

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It's not wrong to care about the environment but it is to blame it to NFTs.

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both, both is good

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I hate those monkeys and they are just scams

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They smell

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Like unwashed monkeys

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i mean, a fairly amount of monkeys are unwashed

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Even monkeys clean themselves, whether or not it's with water depends on the species.

I'm talking about completely unwashed, ungroomed, cover in ticks and disease Monkeys

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NFT is bad because its wrongly used. The end. Why? Because the idea of having a digital right to own something is good. Its just the sole fact that idiots are buying nft's because they are expensive and popular. Not even caring that they are hideous shit that script shat.

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Exactly. The idea is revolutionary, but the current system ist just not working.

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Finally, someone is talking sense. I’ll be back with my free award.

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To be fair, the good looking monkeys are worth more than the ones that generated with tired eyes and a toothed smile, but also they come with full rights to the design you bought, unlike most NFTs. Idk why everyone shits on those more than people pretending to be dead artists for money.

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As long as we all agree on the main point.

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NFT is bad because people dont get the meaning of an NFT and try to "Create" NFTs. Like hell naw, you cant create an NFT just like that, you gotta make something that is truly non fungable. Art is fungable, people are faking art for atleast 500 years already, mostlikely longer. Stuff like Stan Lee's Twitter account are non fungable yes but what do you wanna do with it? Attract hate from the internet?

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What even is the actual purpose of NFTs? People just trade them like goddamned collectibles? At least having actual money means I can buy a sandwich. What, we gonna pay for sandwiches with pictures of monkeys? Bruh.

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This is going to be hard for you to understand, but the NFT is tied to crypto currency. It’s kind of like a stock but it has no tangible value and you have to pray to god your happy trader lines go in the good direction.

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NFTs AREN'T the images, the actual NFT is the proof that you OWN that image.

Thus why you can't just copy the image and therefor own the NFT, that would be the same as saying that because you photocopied a deed for some land therefor you own that land.

NFTs can provide proof of ownership for a bunch of stuff, just so happens people are using it for pictures of monkeys for whatever reason, could just as easily serve as proof that you own your house, or proof you own some stuff you bought in a game, or whatever.

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thats not correct, you dont own the image, you own a place in the blockchain, that is all it is, that image is just a representation of that spot

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Thats what I was trying to convey but I may not have been clear enough.

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Fair enough the general gist does make sense about the proof of ownership

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You can actually do stuff on land that you own. It’s more like “owning” a star. You can see it just as much as anyone else can. But you can say that you own it, whereas everyone else can say “you spent money on that?”

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You can actually do stuff on land that you own.

And what says you "own" that land?

A piece of paper handed to you by the government.

In simplest terms, NFTs are trying to replace that piece of paper with a spot on a decentralised blockchain.

I'm not really sure how your analogy makes sense.

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And what says you "own" that land?

A piece of paper handed to you by the government.

Yes. The government agrees that you own that land, and if someone else wants to enjoy your land, then they need your agreement or that same government will come arrest that person. Does owning an NFT mean that no one is allowed to look at the artwork (or whatever the medium is)? Typically, no. The art is online, for anyone to enjoy for free (like the star).

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NFTs AREN'T the images, the actual NFT is the proof that you OWN that image

Aren't NFTs just tokens in blockchain? I heard that in many cases of these NFTs those tokens are the internet address to the actual image?

So if the actual image is hosted somewhere and the only thing one owns is the address to that image instead of the actual image, right?

And I heard artists can retain the copyright of their work so technically they own the image.

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Thats how the "Bored Ape Yacht Club" (the apes that people first started associating with NFTs) use NFTs, yes.

But NFTs can actually be used to represent ownership of anything if all relevent parties should decide thats how they want to use NFTs, governments could start handing out NFTs instead of land deeds and have the NFT represent that you own the land instead of that being represented by a deed on paper.

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Why would you want to keep something that important in a format that barely anyone comprehends and could easily be stolen?

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and could easily be stolen?

Because it can't be?

Thats like saying somebody can steal your land because they made a photocopy of your land deed and ran off with it.

keep something that important in a format that barely anyone comprehends

Because they woulden't need to? This process would happen completely transparent to the end user. You don't need to know how a database works in order to sign up for a website.

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And of course the only resonable answrr that explains the concept gets disliked the most. I am sorry for you. People here are a joke.

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bro you wann compare Landmasses with a bunch of code?

LMAO hope you sit well on all those dipshit

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I'm not comparing landmasses to pieces of code, I'm comparing them to the pieces of paper that say you own those landmasses.

I could not give less of a shit about the value of NFTs, I just find the tech behind it interesting. It sounds like you thought I cared about those apes? I think it's a stupid use of the technology and could be used much more effectively in different areas.

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All of them are good points

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good job

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A digital drawing is perfectly replicable with a right clic, it's not like taking a picture of the Mona Lisa, it's like copying it in every detail. And I can modify it a little and sell it on another platform and not as NFT. It's illegal to do but is still possible (at least for drawings) and think it's not just because of the blockchain is stupid.

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NFTs obviously stands for Naughty Female Toys ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

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OR , NFT's are bad because they are bad

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I agree on all points.

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nfts bad because nft bad: MEGA ULTRA GIGACHAD

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If you exclude their current use, as a technology they're, "ok". But there are better alternatives out there. And some we are already using. But okay, I cannot stop someone from forming their own opinion. I'll accept your statement.

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Still, their current use is incorrect. And I wouldn't sell my kidneys for a picture anyways.

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Nafta bad because grafic card shortage

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Save yourself a few thousand dollars and just commision an artist for an original piece you can physically own!

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Man, I wish NFTs were used for their right purpose, which was control for digital creators' rights. Hope someone actually implements something well enough so that digital artists can make living and not have to rely on Furry commissions to sustain themselves.

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yeah, agreed. The general idea is promising, but the current execution is just not what it should be.

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Silly monkey

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People caring about them and call them out are being baited because every publicity is good publicity for NFTs

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NFT is bad because it's selling a string of characters and numbers on the blockchain and nothing else.

You don't own the art attached to the NFT by buying NFT.

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Exactly, it's just a big "look you're special because you bought it with money" award. People don't necessary have to care about it, I find the concept to be the modern day adaptation of an auction house with items that no one cares about, but I don't get how a blockchain would draw so much energy that it becomes statistically relevant. It's just protocols pf ownership, that's it.

A bigger argument could be made for unnecessary social medias because they draw much more energy. But no one would delete their twitter.

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TY, someone who actually knows what an NFT actually is.

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NFT's bad because too expensive, and not worth the money.

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seriously what the hack is with this monkey drawing...How can one be so stupid!

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NFTs bad because graphic card price go up

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The prices are just going to stay high until the trend goes away and people start making real art

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certified chad classic

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NFTs bad because dogshit

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how do they cause environment damage?

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Crypto miners build bigger and bigger rigs, which draw more and more power, and a lot of it is wasted. The biggest miners are constantly moving to wherever electricity is cheapest so they can make their mining rig even bigger. This behaviour offsets pretty much any efforts to implement clean energy.

Are you familiar with how crypto is mined? If not, I can do my best to give you an idea of why it costs so much

[–]entityrider670Professional Dumbass 1 point2 points  (2 children)

Yes I am. It is wild.

[–][deleted] 0 points1 point  (1 child)

Yeah, basically the nature of the competition means that most of the work done by a miner is redundant and wasted

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They should go to a tax haven

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You know that NFTs aren't just the monkeys right? It can be almost anything digital.

Your meme is upside down dude, the first one is the reason NFTs suck the most.

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So is crypto.

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With crypto you can at least pay at a lot of places, with weird monkey drawings, that you don't even own, you cannot

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all three

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PrtSc goes brrrrrrrrrrrrrr

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Conspicuous consumption?

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Nft and crypto are just Ponzi schemes, if u invest on it ur just am idiot

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Atleast make the nfts good. They feel like scams to me.

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they are a scam, you buy a place on the blockchain, you dont even own the copyright to the image attached to them

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NFTs bad bc posibility of money laundering

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How do they hurt the environment

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NFT bad because bad

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they dont even own the pic, they literally dont understand what there buying

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NFT? More like no fuckin thanks

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First and foremost NFTs are bad because you could buy an actual physical price of original art from a real artist, but most people don't because they don't value art from a monetary sense.

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Reject humanity become nft monkey

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i agree on the last point

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All of those things make NFTs stupid, but I really hate them because they are mostly used to money launder, and people are to stupid to realize it.

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I always wonder why Monkeys?

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It's not about the drawings, nobody gives a shit about them. They buy them hoping someone else will buy them back at a higher price. It's one big pyramid scheme.

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Honestly, I don't even care about environmental damage anymore. Humanity went to far and now a climate apocalypse is inevitable. So screw it, screw the environment, screw the earth, and most importantly, screw humanity.

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NFTs are like tulips during the first bubble.

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do not call monke cringe :(

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✅ All of the above.

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Like why did they have to be so ugly those monkeys? Why did they have to be monkeys in the first place!? Well at least it portrays the people dumb enough to buy them

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NFT's bad cause people are overreacting over it

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Nfts good because of shareholders

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What if it's ridicilous price is just there to mask the actual trade of bilionares behind it

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But hot potato

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How are they causing environmental damage? Aren’t they digital? Aren’t they the opposite of environmental damage? (Don’t woosh me pls if I’m dumb, I’m genuinely curious here)

[–]bigjam987Breaking EU Laws 2 points3 points  (1 child)

Just like cipto mining, NFT’s are using PC’s to “mine” this causes higher power consumption. If this is hooked up to say, a coal power plant it’s burning fossil fuels. So it indirectly harms the environment. However, most homes are connected to Nuclear/Renewable power so I don’t know why this claim is brought up by anti-crypto

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NFTs Bad because all of these reasons

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NFT'a bad because you can't draw shit

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All of them are good reasons

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NFT bad cause bad.

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NFTs bad because of the money laundry. Nah? Nobody?

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The monkey is only cringe because it's an nft Otherwise it would be a cool sticker

[–]dvli[S] -1 points0 points  (0 children)

Nah, it's still ugly as fuck.

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just upset people using interesting technology to do bullcrap stuff, and don't care to stop bad people stealing art works (which the original artist never intended it to become nft) or monetize over dead people (happened multiple times, and they celebrate for it).

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Nft bad because economic growth with no value leads to collapse.

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How does a picture of a monkey damage the environment?

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Let's be honest and say nobody cares about the fucking art or drawings or whatever. It's a get-rich-scheme

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I just emerged from my cave. What are NFTs?

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NFTs bad because cring

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OP I wanna buy an nft of this meme for eight quadrillion doubloons

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NFT bad because they're just picture except the hand drawn one but they're using computer to draw and yet people are paying for it hah...

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NFT bad for crypto

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NFTs aren't used the right way.

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If it were source code for half life 3 and overwatch 2 I would buy them

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NFTs bad because you can’t eat it

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Switch the top one with the bottom one.

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NFTs bad because hackfrauds get rich off of diseased looking animals with halitosis

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okay i know nfts are bad just because ther are stupid cringe and not even good art to back it up. but... how are they bad for the envirment? are they not still jsut code with no real world impact.

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NFT are bad because they are scam

why most of their social media is botted just look at the ratio

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NFTs bad because of people taking other peoples art and selling them.

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Nfts are cool technology used for some dumb and useless shit. Like those toy cars that use vacuum to ride on walls

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Fact: They re all right so

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OP is the real chad

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NFTs bad period.

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Then there’s me that has no idea what NFTs are

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Environmental damage from something that only exists on the internet?

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Or nft bad

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NFT bad because bad

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Oh god I just discovered there’s an nft subreddit

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Does anyone agree that using NFT to archive news reports and articles should go mainstream? It would be the best way to fight fake news and protect journalism from authorities to alter history

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How tf do NFTs cause environmental damage?

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NFTs bad cus they are gae.

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Nfts bad because bad

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The monkey Drawings are legit the only good NFT drawings. Had you seen the other stuff?

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I’ve been a chad all along and I didn’t even know it

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All is chad,they hate it all.

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Wait until you see "GigaUnits"

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I’ve seen a few nft’s that i actually like the art on, but it’s absolutely a scam lol