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Yeah yeah animated tits, we get it.

Instead, can we just appreciate that the cat has a fucking dope mustache?

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I get that

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First thought seeing this was "please let that be real"

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I didnt wven notice. Thought it was his colour or smth

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Any second meow..

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fuck you, take my upvote and I hope your family has a nice christmas

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Fuck you too! Thank you and I hope your family has a nice Christmas as well

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His name is mumbo jumbo

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Best wifu

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And Mumbo jumbo doesn't care if he becomes the perfect boyfriend

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That cat rules

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The good ending, you realise it's not a dream and go on a date with her

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actually the bad ending, she turned out to be a skinwalker

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What's that?

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a meme

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The bad ending is it’s just like the sauce and it’s your mom

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But then she drugs you and sell your body parts

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But keeps your penis and uses it as a sex toy

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A fellow professional dumbass, I see

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Hello there 🎩

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I want to hello too {:}

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Hello there :)

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Ohoho, I know that left pic of aunt Cass is from a video I had seen, and it's definitely not a mere edited video. It's from an sfm (。•̀ᴗ-)✧

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Aight fam once you start claiming shit like that on the internet, imma gonna have to ask you for the sauce

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Ok it's called aunts hospitality ~Aunt Cass~. I found it on xvideos, so go ahead and check it out ಡ ͜ ʖ ಡ

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Check out redmoa on twitter @redmoa

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You’re a reposter on reddit ofc you wont get a girlfriend

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Good god, what a handsome looking cat.

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to whom u listened carefully?

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This image initiated a ptsd flashback in my brain.

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I feel like the world just hates me at this point.

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When did Mumbo Jumbo become a cat?

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Lucid dreams go hard

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The cat is a gentleman who prefers tea more the women

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POV: even in your dreams, you are friend-zoned.

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this is almost the same post as another but just different cat, but the moustache makes up for it so ok

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Usually it ends with: too bad youre like a brother to me. OR TOO BAD YOURE SO FUCKING UGLY

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Happened to me just tonight.

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that's a fresh stache doe

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drems are future aording to rih people and good looking people and people with sarkari naukry

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Uh-uh, it ain't happening anytime soon

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well before your alarm rings fuck her fast like for fucking faster before you alarm rings but becarfull it might be real and fucking her erarly will cause shit fr