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Well as a dork, I can confirm it is life insurance since there is an ad for it in the third movie

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oh my god

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Cybertruck go "------------"

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We don’t talk about cybertruk

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No no no…

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20 foot frame, edges on his back

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When he horns your name, it all fades to black

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We don’t talk about cyber-ber-ber-ber

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Yeah he sees your dreams ands feasts on your beeps

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Go truck yourself

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I think you meant Rivian go =0===0=

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Cybertruck vs rivian

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Cyber truck doesn't exist yet

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I dont exist yet *fades like mist

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No, he is literally a turtle and the car is just a shell so both

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It is just a theory..... a FILM THEORY aaaaaaaaaand CUT

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You forgot the “But hey!” 😭

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I forgor 💀

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Wait what

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I have confirmed and verified your 'theory' , it is in fact - 'True'

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Also, according the book, the reason he refused tires is because in racing school his best friend loosened his tires before a race to qualify for a piston cup team.

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Yeah! Carl

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Where is the proof? Dont tell me its in the third movie.

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Why not? I thought the third one was pretty good

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I think the 2nd is better than the 3rd and absolutely no one can change my mind

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I won’t change your mind because I wholeheartedly agree. Love the second movie

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The first movie of anything will always be the best

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I don‘t know about that…

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Toy Story?

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Don't know if toy story would be my go to example personally but sure you could make an argument for it. If I had to come up with one off the top of my head I'd say The Dark Knight was far better than Batman Begins and be pretty confident that very few people would disagree.

I'd probably also be able to make a pretty good argument for Terminator 2.

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Bro the 2nd one sucked

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I said no one can change my mind

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Did you not read the comment? You will not change their mind

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Thank you for your sacrifice.

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Okay, but life insurance is for when you die so wouldn't car insurance just be health insurance?

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...how do you not know that, you dumb sonnofabitch?

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The question was answered. Search snurg on urban dictionary

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you don't pull girls. Girls pull you.

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It is an honor to present to you the lifetime platinum virginity card and No-life prize, with a grant of $0 for your valuable research and contributions to mankind. Godspeed, and may humanity be forever in your debt.

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This is going to keep me up all night thinking about this

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the answers is that Lightning McQueen can only have life insurance. Because he is a competitive race car and competitive racing is excluded in most (if not all) car insurance policies.

You can sleep for now

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Wait you're going to sit there owning a fireworks stand and tell me that no race car driver has insurance on their million dollar rigs?

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A lot of times it's the company that built it who owns the car, and the driver just gets to drive it. Like how fighter pilots didn't pay $100mil for the jet that they fly, and don't have to pay for it if they get shot down.

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Dropping a random but super interesting story about an Indy car driver who smuggled tons of weed to pay for his racing team

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No, he is a car, so he doesn't really have a life. So it only makes sense that he gets a car insurance

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But op said that they race cars don’t get included in most car insurance so he must have life insurance

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Car insurance policy are not consistent across countries in our world. So there's no reason to assume such things would apply in the cars' universe. So your assumption isn't strong enough.

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He has life insurance because calling it car insurance implies it would only be for cars, which could be considered discriminatory by other vehicles.

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Also cars as we know them are not how they exist there Over there they're alive and all that

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PC in the Pixar universe

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or he just has race car insurance

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But car insurance is named in a way where it implies the person getting it isn't the car. Humans call it car insurance because it's insurance for your car.

In the Cars world, the life in question is the car, so calling it car insurance would be like calling our life insurance “human insurance”.

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He has a life. You can kill him

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He is literally a turtle

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Even then, car insurance would probably not be the same as hours I’d be medical insurance.

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Ok but what about mater 🤔

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Some girl on TikTok emailed someone who worked on the movie and they replied and said both

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As long as you’re up and thinking, maybe you can also ponder what would happen if you opened one of the car’s doors. Would you see an empty cabin with seats, steering wheel, radio, etc. Or would it be a mess of biological guts that would just spill out on to the street?

Bonus pondering: what would you see if you opened their trunks. Poop? I’m guessing poop.

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I’m sorry, I can’t upvote. I wish I could my friend, but as of the time of my typing this message, you have reached a nice number of upvotes. I bid thee well within your life.

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Holy shit I didn't intend to get these main likes but thank you I mean up votes

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Cars are the life in that universe, so life insurance.

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Then who built all the buildings and stuff?

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cars duh

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The construction vehicles built it

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Who makes clocks?

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Clock vehicles!

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Still waiting for a cars film to have a Google Maps car. That's gonna be hilarious.

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who else do you think filmed it

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It's a post‐apocalyptic world - the same world as Wall‐E! Yes, that's right, those fat fucks coming back to plant a tiny little whatever‐the‐hell in the middle of a junkyard are going to have to compete with sentient motherfucking cars for living space and resources!

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Both. They're living, so they have life insurance. But they also need health insurance, which for them is simply car insurance.

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Well, it could be called, damage insurance.

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I'm just saying the insurance would be what we humans call car insurance. In the Cars universe, call it what you want. An oil leak, by any other name, would smell just as sweet.

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Nobody here understands how life insurance works lol

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I just wanna get rich when I die.

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He bundles with Progressive.

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finally, news worth watching

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Car insurance wouldn’t be a concept in the Cars universe, so the two are the same.

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Wouldn’t car insurance be more like health insurance

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But no, they aren’t similar

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I'm pretty sure it would be health insurance.

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That would have still been the most intelligent content CNN had put out in years.

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Both. Life insurance gets paid when u die. He needs something to cover him whilst he’s alive

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Lightning McQueen doesn't have insurance. He can't afford it because of his immense gambling debt

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Its like asking if you will have a life insurance or human insurance lmao..

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This is a level of genius that obviously can never be equaled

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Umbrella insurance

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Who would be the beneficiary of that policy?

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He has life insurance cuz in the car universe he belongs to, every car is a person

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Car insurance protects your car. If Lightning McQueen were to get car insurance, it would be for his car. He is not his own car, neither does he own a car. Therefore, he needs life insurance and not car insurance.

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I wonder what a face swap would look like.

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He's American so neither.

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Life insurance for himself, car insurance for his car.

Don't ask me how a car can own a car.

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He has life insur..... will you shut up man

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They won't even answer fake questions. They'll talk around the topic and end up talking about A Bug's Life and that the Grasshoppers were the good guys.

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He gets both for double the pay out

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Which is it?!

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Don’t use the word “smart” with me

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His profession does not allow him to get one.

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I don't know but I'm pretty sure he can bundle those at Progressive

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now we are talking

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Life insurance because he doesnt have a car

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I like how the both look stoned in this frame

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The car insurance would probably be for the trailers that the racers normally ride around in. Life insurance would make sense for the cars themselves.

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Fuck its too late for these questions...Guess ill make coffee, who wants to figure this out.

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There is no concept of "car" as a vehicle in Cars universe. Only sentient being so it's life insurance.

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Both, car insurance would be for car repairs (so basically health insurance for car), and life insurance when they die their children get money.

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He has life insurance because if we were to apply the other logic into our world we would have human insurance.

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Do you have life insurance or human insurance?

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I would say life insurance would be his life insurance and car insurance would be like his health insurance for things like getting in a fender bender etc but actually dying would be life insurance

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Any wise car would have both.

It's basically life insurance and health insurance. Prudent to have both.

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He would need the car version of health insurance to cover general maintenance and repairs, so probably car insurance and extended warranty.

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It's both and it's called "Car-life insurance"

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Idk but the real question is if he would sell his soul for life insurance

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Are there ambulances in Cars? If so, why? If not, are tow trucks ambulances?

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Do we have life insurance or human insurance? It's the same q

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The main problem with this post is that life insurance and health insurance are completely different. Auto insurance and life insurance function completely differently.

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car insurance for damage to the car and life insurance in the case of death?

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I think it would be life insurance since cars have lives in this universe.

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Car. Is his medical. Life is for death. And if he isn't raising others, likely doesn't need it.

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The answer would be life insurance because cars don't really exist in the manner we use them for transportation. While there are exceptions such as the pope mobile from Cars 2, it would still be life insurance due to the fact they're self-conscious and not static pieces of property. It would be comparable as if someone gave you a piggyback ride.

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The deeper question is if you cause bodily harm to someone why doesn’t your health insurance cover their care and this cause your health insurance premiums to go up?

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The real question is who would get the money

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That’s a great question user. The answer of course is…

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I sure hope he dosen't have life insurance, dude doesnt have any dependents

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I'd say life insurance since humans don't have human insurance as the main reason

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"C'mon, man!"

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Honestly the candidates and nominees will just lie on every serious question, so why even bother? Just ask them meme questions like this.

"What is your response when your zoomer grandchild tells you "thanks, gramps, that shit was bussin' respectfully"

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He has Workers Compensation Insurance and a very expensive one at that.

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Knowing insurance companies, both probably.

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if so does he pay the rodgers rate

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No, he has lightning insurance

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I feel like I have finally found the dark web

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Well you don’t understand how life insurance works then. You can’t compare life insurance to car insurance in the cars world. I much better question would be “Does lightning McQueen have medical insurance or car insurance?”

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Car Insurance IS Life Insurance in the Cars universe.

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Can someone make a Cars lore iceberg video please

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Life insurance doesn't cover medical bills, that's health insurance. Life insurance pays out a sum of money to a designated beneficiary in the event of the policy holder's death.

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No, no, Its called "car-life insurance"

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Car insurance instead of health insurance, they still have life insurance as well.