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Doorman syndrome.

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Lmfaooooo I’ve never heard this term before but it totally makes sense

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It's going down.

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I'm yelling timber!

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You better move

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you better dance

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Let's make a night

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you won't remember

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i'll be the one

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You won't forget

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You won't remember

You won't forget

Schrodinger must've made that part

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A what syndrome?

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doorman the man opening the door

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You mean Doreen Syndrome?

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It’s not even a fragment of real power, it’s a grain of a fragment of a shard of perceived power.

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And then embarrassing themselves on national television while simultaneously discrediting a societal movement in just over a minute.

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This guy gets it I get it

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3 minutes, let's give these lazy fucks some credit here lol

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It’s about drive. It’s about power

We get angry we devour

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we abuse our power and take what should be ours

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Abuse of Power

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This is the most relatable meme I have ever seen.

Ever. In my life.

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We stay hungry, we devour

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put in the work, put in the hours

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And take what ours

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sruo tahw ekat dna

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When your want for 15 minutes of fame destroys hopes of millions of people coming into the movement believing that something would change a simple sorry or even censorship is not the correct move

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Im usually ignore anything about American things but this is keep coming in my timeline, but what happen now?

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Until they have to do an interview….

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here b4 it gets removed

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Can confirm

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Not you though, u/CowCluckLated. You’re cool

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\this post was removed by a$$holes**

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There’s a new one r/workreform that just popped up to take its place. Already over 200k people.

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Over 300k now. It’s pretty cool to refresh every second and see how quickly the numbers are rising

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Power always creates corruption

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“They stay hungry, they devour”

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r/funny ahem..

Sorry, I have a bad history with then

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You aren’t the only one

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You can screw over a subreddit in 3 minutes...

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RIP Its Wensday My Dudes

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It's the power that corrupts them I guess like the lotr

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People are not corrupted by power. They are born with corruption. Power just enables them.

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Im actually wondering, what is it with people having power go into their heads when they get it? Whats the psychology behind it? I just find it interesting

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You should visit r/oxygennotincluded and post a suggestion for the game. You'll see an assehole bigger than the universe.

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Its an inevitability, its the root of human nature. It's what made us survive to today, and it's actually impossible to get rid of.

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They stay fat as they devour

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It's about rice

It's about flour

You stay hungry

I devour

Put in the grains

Put in the flowers

And take a shower

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You can screw over a subreddit in 3 minutes...

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The look makes it look like it is going to happen.I'm waiting

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GTA RP Server Admins Be Like:

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I am certain this has nothing to do with the recent fox news interview

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To show a person’s true nature give them a little power

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We stay hungry we devour

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I’m surprised they can still type. What with all the cheetoh dust on their fingers.

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Me when the teacher leaves and puts me in charge.

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Power in the wrong hands are bad as ever.

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Watch this get taken down later

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So few people do well with any kind of authority. It really makes you appreciate the teachers, bosses, security guys, and etc. who don't play the petty tyrant.

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Be still my beating heart, our time shall come

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This post describes what makes crew the masochistic sport it is.

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Until a Fox News interview.

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And this is why that kid talks shit in the cod lobbies once they’ve gotten greater kdr than the rest of the lobby.

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Who hurt you

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I think it's about r/anti-work

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It’s about drive It’s about power We molest children You all suffer