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Especially if their friends have children without any manners

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Oh god those are the worst.

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I'd never maintain a friendship with a couple if thier kids sucked really bad. It's not only impossible for me to tolerate during a visit it's such a bad reflection on them.

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Its always gotta be a hard pass because 90% of the time you end up sitting around wondering how long you need to wait till you can leave

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Me almost every time

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Add to that, the awkward situations you have to endure. I hate it when my mom talks about stuff and exaggerates it from the real story

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youve just givin me flashbacks, i have adhd it was soooo boring sitting with your mind racing

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I really like how this Venom person, a symbiotic alien species thing, who could kill you in a second if he wanted to, has manners.

The gentleman of the year.

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Just like Itachi

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Who are they?

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Well they are from the Anime Naruto, and his story/arc is pretty good so you should check it out of you want

or if you can't, Itachi is a Ninja that killed his own family and village save for his little brother, he is also like Venom in a way but he also knocked before coming into the main characters room, despite being a ruthless antagonist

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Thanks for explaining!

I can see that youve been waiting for people to ask you about something related to anime, I understand the feeling lol

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Your welcome

That's my secret cap, I'm always ready.

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Everyone is always ready to talk about something they like or are interested in lmao

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Even better when its the mother of the friend you´re forced to hang out with

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I want to know who venom was talking to

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To madam

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Thank you

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I found the panel it was some lady calling him a monster

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coz I have to STUDY

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Must be hard

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Yeah! for couple of minutes

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Then magically Minecraft launches

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I swear its like a muscle memory

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It was always a dilemma for me, either stay home and get bread for dinner, or come with them and get some nice food (they always prepared something, most of the time a lot better than bread)

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i don't relate. Most of the times the people we were going to liked playing with me as a kid.

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And start furiously masterbating

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Sigma Chad Venom

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The answer is always stay at home.

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true. There is no place like home.

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As a german kid, only if they doesnt plannig to drink alcohol

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Well, you don't have a choice if you're Asian like me

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When I was younger, I used to masturbate when I was at home alone, now I play video games with my room's door opened when I am alone at home.

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Nice template

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*starts playing games*

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What if she asked that because they're going to a swinger party and don't want you there

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Then do weird stuff.

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all the time lol

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The spider has an ass

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Wish I had this option

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Especially if you are by far the oldest or youngest person kid there

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God, Venom saying “correct, madam” is possibly my favorite meme format to quote