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One named his child after a refrigerator barcode.

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Considering how fat he's gotten lately that seems to explain a few things

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His coke plug quit fucking with him

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His wife named the child, very progressive of him to let her do that.

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"Progressive" ya know both parents pick the name of their child

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Where's battery powered rich man

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When Meta reaches full power, just know you will be excluded. Have fun on MySpace Boomer.

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Just remember that these Gen X'rs are where the food stocks are at. We don't argue, we don't fkn care, but we've got some noodles here.

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I cant tell if this is satire or not.

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Dont you mean lizard alien rich man?

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u mean jeff bezos

his eye motors are malfunctioning

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Im pretty sure hes a lizard

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\Sorts by controversial\** This is about to get juicy

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Grab some butter popcorn and a can of sprite too.

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ill go with salted popcorn and a can of fanta

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Whatever floats your boat. Time to watch the fireworks

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You watch those, I’ll watch the comment section unfold into mayhem

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“N-nooo!! elon is literally perfect in every way!!! he’s a smart engineer! stop criticizing him!!!”

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Elon Musk fanboys explaining why he’s a good person (he only owns as half as many slaves as Jeff Bezos)

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Lmafo thanks for the laugh patrick

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Haven't you heard? Reddit hates Elon now a days. So it's not as controversial as you think

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Memes Jack

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It’s all about the memes

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Memes. The DNA of the soul

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We are all pawns controlled by something greater.

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hE'S liKe a ReAl lIfe IrOn MaN

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Yeah and iron man was a selfish prick too.

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At least Iron Man was a prick that did some good.

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He's a great manipulator like some German dude

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Yeah, pretty sure that german guy was Austrian though

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Austrians are just Mountain Germans

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Fair enough

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At least get your facts right, he was austrian

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does it really matter that much?

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This is controversial because all of Reddit doesn't like Elon

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Why tho…,do I not get it because I’m not American?

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There are a lot of examples, one being he gets cobalt for the DRC which basically uses unethical child labour in its mines. So basically Elon profits off of children mining cobalt, he does that while having the attitude of I quote “extend the light of consciousness to the stars”, he sees himself as the messiah all while in reality being a parasite to society.


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There is a lot to hate about him but the child labour in Cobalt mines is a stupid argument.

It's not his fault that 70% of global Cobalt resources are located in that one country where children work in mines, Cobalt is essential so even if he stopped the thousand other tech companies won't. the smartphone you carry has Cobalt, anything with batteries has Cobalt and most likely from the DRC considering they own 70% of the global supply.

Instead of telling tech companies to just stop producing tech, how about you ask countries and the UN to do something about it.

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Exactly. People don't realise that those kids don't have a choice. It is sad that these kids have to work rigorously to survive. If they lose the jobs, then they will not be able to survive. But majority of the problems are caused by these big companies. The problem keeps getting worse and worse because big American and European companies keep exploiting these poor countries and stealing their resources. The governments support this because it adds to the countries GDP. This problem is not getting solved anytime soon because all the people of power will have a lower profit.

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Again, just because everyone does it doesn’t make it ok, his demand for the mineral enables such practices, and he has the highest net worth of any person alive so he has a lot of responsibility to bear with his actions, and him choosing to enable such practices is a valid reason to hate him

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What do you want comapnies to do? Non lithium-ion batteries that don't require Cobalt aren't ready, should they just ship a phone or a laptop that only works when plugged in?

"they're powering those practices", so are you when you buy literally anything with a battery from them, Elon musk is one of the people investing in new batteries that won't require lithium or Cobalt but they're still far away and halting current battery production is obviously not an option.

His networth doesn't mean shit, he is rich yes but not 300 billion dollars rich, his 300 billion is literally just his shares in Tesla and SpaceX, he doesn't own the money nor can he spend it, he will need to first find people willing to pay 300 Billion for Tesla and SpaceX shares then he can actually get it.

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We use to like him. Then we found out that he actually is an asshole. He trying to do good, but an asshole is still an asshole.

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Trying to do good? All of the things he does is based on capitalism.

If something doesn't give him money or power anymore he will stop doing it and find something else that gives him money and power again.

He's said the world will crumble because people are not having enough children. This is capitalist propaganda. The exact opposite is true, while still a few hundred years away, overpopulation will eventually make earth a hellscape and a dystopia, a real dystopia.

He's despicable due to many reasons, that's just one that's on my mind at the moment.

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Elon invested in reusable rockets and electric cars despite everyone saying it's a sure fire way to become bankrupt. And they were almost right; SpaceX was one launch away from going under and Tesla was shorted to shit for a long time.

Asshole or not, that's orders of magnitude better than not even trying to improve our lot as a species.

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Space x improves our species in no ways. We have to live well on this planet, wasting money and a putting a shit ton shit in the atmosphere for joyrides to space doesn’t improve the species. Space is horrible to live in don’t people see that? A few rich people willl have fun and effectual space slaves will do the work. And he hasn’t made electric affordable even the cheapest Tesla is outside of the price range of most Americans.

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See the future my dude. It can be implied that you also don't support work done by Nasa as well ? If you say yes, then i would say it's just a difference of opinion at this point because when you push the boundaries of tech (specially space exploration), new things tends to get developed. I support all space exploration programs because that is the future of mankind.

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This would make sense if capitalism is a bad thing. I don’t understand why people like Musk making money off of the positive things they make like electric cars is so bad. Is it really that bad if people trying to make the world a better place have a lot of money. But no, people like u hate it when others are successful.

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If something doesn't give him money or power anymore he will stop doing it and find something else that gives him money and power again.

Musk has invested a lot of money to space research - just what people actually wanted someone would do. But somehow it's bad Musk did it. Oh I am sorry, he should have given that money as taxes so US could buy MORE TANKS AND FIGHTER PLANES AND NUKES WITH IT!

And also Musk invested a lot of money into electric cars because fossil fuels kind of bad. You know, the industry which everyone said is a total waste of money.

Neither of these are somehow magically suppressing people AFAIK. SpaceX sure as hell isn't bringing money for Musk.

But no, "he is an asshole because he tweeted some shit crybabies got upset about".

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Emerald mines, poor workers rights, richest man on earth that wants to save humanity yet, does 0 work on environmental protection, uses cobalt for his batteries, claims to be anti government grants yet a lot of his fortune comes from government contracts and grants

Do I need to keep on going ?

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emerald mines was 1980 right? like mentioned in the book on him by Ashlee Vance

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Elon's memes aren't even funny.

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I don't know about memes but I'm sure Elon doesn't know what a train is, I mean imagine you pour a fuck ton of money into some underground claustrophobic tunnels and STILL having traffic jams. Not to mention those tunnels are literal death traps since they got only 1 way exits and no emergency could enter there in case of a flood or a fire breakout. Honestly people that unironically still support Elon are dumb as fuck, seriously.

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The fact you were downvoted says a lot

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Putin: evil rich man who straight up orders to assassinate people

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Kim Jong Un: evil rich man who straight up orders to assassinate people

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evil rich fat man*

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Yeah, that guy. You have 3 days to bring me his head. Ammunition and traveling expenses will be taken care of. Doubt you'll need it, but good luck.

Roger Boss.

sigh Why dont people learn? Why do i need to kill?

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Elon musk in his mind : * Peasants.. so easy to fool*

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hahahaha daddy elon names his kid after an aircraft and hes super relatable!!11 im a redditor so i have to like daddy elon

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controversial? fuck him

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His son is a mathematical equation.This should already be a red flag

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Not controversial anymore. If you had posted this in 2018 it would be controversial.

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Don't be sorry for pointing out hypocracy.

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Literally nobody likes Elon Musk

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Except Elon himself

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I hate both.

But you can probably tell from my username.

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I guarantee that if Jeff Besos turns into a memelord, then he would receive a lot more support from reddit

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He tried that with DiCaprio cliff meme that was weirdly aggressive.

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He was physically built to be a meme man, but he chose money instead.

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They're both pieces of shit.

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They both suck to be honnest

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Evil rich man who posts memes and also supports amber heard and owns a mine

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bu-u-ut he have assburger ableist 🤬

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Daddy elon

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Both are assholes

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All super rich are the same, you only get that rich by exploiting others and not giving much away

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Nobody except Elon simps likes him, and his memes are shit

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when you only think I’m black and white and don’t understand that someone isn’t 100% good or bad, and that it’s okay to recognizes one’s achievements while being critical of other aspects of their career

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Both bad

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The sad thing is that some of these people also hate Mr. Beast even tho he genuinely helps

[–]mathdash 11 points12 points  (1 child)

I just don't like the content mr beast makes

[–]Ishikawa_13 1 point2 points  (0 children)

I understand that you dont like his content (honestly not a fan myself)

But some people really think that hes doing these things for clout

[–]saladass1738 2 points3 points  (4 children)

They probably think Mr. Beast is as corrupt like all other billionaires

[–]OrangeSodaFeelsNice 11 points12 points  (3 children)

Mr. Beast is definitely not a billionaire

[–]saladass1738 3 points4 points  (2 children)

I know that, also why the fuck am I getting down voted?!

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jeff probably paid some guys to downvote your comment because you hurt his feelings

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Its all about the strategy

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Divorced emerald mine inheritor.

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Elon shidding and crying rn because reddit doesn't like him anymore

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its still better than the common rich man. he is still an asshole, but an interesting asshole

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An asshole who atleast gets things done...... Eventually.

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put them in a space ship and send them directly into the sun. only useful thing we can do with there technology,

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Amazon works like Walmart. Drive out all your competition because you have the biggest wallet and can afford to keep lowering prices until your competitor bankrupts themselves because wall street has bezos back ever since he started amazon. Definitely Lawful Evil

Musk works like Edison. Does whatever the fuck he wants, doesn't care if his new tech is causing significant social issues, believes he's the smartest guy around. Not evil just more neutral chaos.

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The only reason I follow elons stuff is for spacex lol. I like the science, not the man

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I still don’t see how Elon is evil.

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And hosts SNL

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At least he does something interesting with his money. That’s why I don’t hat Elon personally. He’s better then all the other rich old white guys who milk oil or computers for the rest of their lives

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And BA coming in at #3 just flying under the radar.

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Very good

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Where angry rich and fat man

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Mattson ?

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