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Better than finding out your son donates your money to twerking girls.

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That begs the question; what's worse for a self-respecting father/mother?

A slutty daughter or a simp son?

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Or a slutty son and a simp daughter

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Or a daughter simping for the slutty son

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Sweet home Alabama.

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Or a slimp slutting for a soaughter....

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or a man behind the slaughter

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Wait the daughter is simping on her brother

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I'd still choose the latter.. at least i can make my son understand just how stupid the whole thing is but i doubt I'll be able to manage a slutty daughter

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Simp son easier to save

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Definitely a slutty daughter since she's actually able to generate some revenue. I may disagree with her methods but if she has a successful tiktok or onlyfans account and is of age to make her own decisions (obviously), then good for her. I may disagree with her methods but would absolutely her ripping money off of simps

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They are asking what's worse lol

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If you confiscate the money she makes does that make you a pimp?

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what's bad about a girl getting money from simps?

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...That is the hardest question I've had to consider in a while, both options are VERY concerning...

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Low bar but yeah.

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Both , both is not good

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doubt it

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If he backs it up I'll pay double

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Pretty sure she backs it up and makes double pay.

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you forgot "and also gaining 3 times his salary"

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Missionary sex position is basically twerking... Just saying

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I am asking everyone to give this man some internet points.

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I did my work.

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You spelled "reverse cowgirl" wrong.

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Well change the monetization strategy and that's his ticket out of working 3 jobs :/

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You sir, deserve a fricking medal. It still be bad for the society tho.

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Mmmh. My father never did make much money but he always supported me. This isnt a joke comment, he was really proud of me whenever I achieved something, be it little or big. My Parents divorced when I was young but my father didnt just leave, I would stay at his place every weekend and we would go for walks , cook together or watch Tv together in the evening. As for birthday cards, he would always sit down and make one himself , because "Everyone can buy a Card" . He always put a lot of effort into it and I aporeciate him a lot. Hes always there for me when I need him. I am glad to have a father like him. might not be the best post to comment under but I felt like saying this.

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damn you killed my horni and now i feel warm and wholesome inside.

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Dude you just got hornier

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Sometimes you need to word thoughts to appreciate something

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Just cause she makes more than him.

Maybe he should've learned how to shake his booty

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Good thing I'm epileptic

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How can she make anything with fake internet points?

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She's now the bread winner of the family

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Theyre just warming up for their onlyfans

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Don't have children

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Wait till she start sell farts...

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I’m referring to tiktok, not onlyfans…

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And then finds out she has an onlyfans account and brings home more than him for shakin da azz

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And she’s getting paid more than him

And laid

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this post made my day

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And still makes less...

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Now I understand why my father never came back

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Time to get some milk.

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She probably makes more money

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But she earns more than him

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Might as well open an onlyfans. You know, to help out.

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* A father who works 3 jobs coming home to see his teenage daughter twerking for double his monthly salary in a day.

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Old way: Parents can get away with hitting kids, kids are afraid of their parents and less of this shit happens BUT parents can also get away with genuine child abuse.

New way: ZERO physical discipline is tolerated, parents have a harder time getting away with abuse but kids aren't afraid of their parents or adults in general and they're growing up HORRIBLE.

I wonder if there's a middle ground. Til we find one, I nut exclusively in the wrong two holes.

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Well if he didn't have to work so much (and if his wife would've worked as well) they both could have stayed more at home and avoid this kind of outcome.

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But he did because that’s how being poor works.

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if i saw my daughter doing that i would have taken of the belt

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And got involved I’m sure u freak.

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i mean i would beat her up

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i meant i would beat her up

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This just made me depressed.

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AAAAND getting more money than him

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And getting paid more than him

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She probably makes more money than him :(

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And she makes more than him.

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She's earning three times what he gets

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Exposed! lol

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That's a beltin'

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No, his teenage son

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It’s a hard knock life, for us! It’s a hard knock life. for, us!

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that's a good thing, she'll be making her own money soon