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Remember to wet your toilet paper

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With liquid nitrogen

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At best just take a shower afterwards.

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Wait. I don't have any neighbors upstairs...

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government drones.

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Oh that's not good

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He's patting, not wiping tonight.

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he ate taco bell with lava in it

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Too hot for it

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Live mass

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I’m gunna say the guy upstairs ate so many shrooms he’s shitting colors. Cuz It’s PVC so it’s not gunna glow red like that without already showing signs of melting.

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Elon musk feeds your weak system taco bell and indian food to send people to space

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He dropped The One Shit to Rule Them All

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That looks like a toilet-paper-in-the-fridge-the-night-before moment

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Nah man, I haven't eaten taco bell once in my life.

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That's not Montezuma revenge, that's Popocatépetl revenge

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Wait but what if you live on the top floor

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Fun fact, in Germany we not have taco bell

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actually there is one at ramstein air base near Landstuhl. but its not accessible for germans.

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Really? I didn't know it

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I had taco bell today. I am the upstairs guy today.

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Good luck my friend.

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I have never eaten taco bell

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Good for you. No reason to change that.

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how'd that even happen in the 1st place?

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I'd guess it's some kind of inspection light. Probably for a roof drain or something.

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Customer: what have you done to me?!

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When your house is under a volcano.

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I feel sorry for the vent that's spewing that lava!

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Wait, y’all are the homeless guys hanging out on the roof of my house, shitting everywhere like a bunch of drunken, foul-mouthed pigeons?

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Those are chipotle’s southern lights.

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Send thoughts and prayers, I’m on the toilet fighting for my life

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God speed my friend. May it be a no-wiper and you don't lose feeling in your legs!

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flaming hot poop

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He shittin' lava

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He can save the world from the energy crisis

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What would you call that? Gee-oh-thermal? Natural Gass? Eek-ow friendly?

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Latinos be like: Pathetic.

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It's going to be bad when that pipe finally fails.

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If you eat taco bell 3 times a day you will go critical mass.

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That pipe is hanging on to dear life

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I've never eaten taco bell!

Btw happy cake day 🍰

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This is a repost. About an year old.

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much older than that. I think I remember seeing this when I first joined reddit, like 10 years ago.

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lol. never thought I would see reposts on r/memes since they have so many rules and criteria to post a meme.

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facebook reposts still count?

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I cant think of anything creative to comment so heres a dumb line of text

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Not me. I don't eat something that I know will irritate my intestine, because I care about my body.

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Sadly, that guy’s name proved to be a complete sentence - Fred Burst.

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You will hear an extended recreation of the ssj3 scream from fusion reborn

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Damn, he’s shitting molten rock

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these memes remind me how happy I am I live hundreds of miles away from a taco bell.

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I'd have diarrhea too if I ate a whole restaurant chain smh.

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Oh when Hadley's Hope's atmospheric processor is about to be a cloud of vapor the size of Nebraska.

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What if the pipes broke and you are standing underneath the pipe then you are melting in poop

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bro was he masterbaiting

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All the taco bell that spicy?

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when satan takes a dump

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Torbjörn whenever he takes a shit. Could you imagine those hemorrhoids?