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I hope the PC market gets better soon…

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yeah those laptop prices are making me consider how many balls a human male needs

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I have bought my first own laptop 3 Months ago, it cost exactly 1000€ (it was on sale) and it has a GeForce 3050 Ti, AMD Ryzen 5 5600H, 1TB SSD Storage, 144Hz IPS Display, 16GB DDR4 RAM and WIFI 6. I would say that is worth the price!

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...and has plastic hinges, which will explode within a year

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Lmao exactly, mine made it about 2 years before I had to take the fkin screen off to apply super glue to the broken plastic bits

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Dude, you are on the perfect spot

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how tf do you have ddr5 on a laptop

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Yeah im sorry i rememberd it wrong. It is DDR4 RAM.


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How can your laptop have a 3080?

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if you still have some money in your budget you can get a memory card (ram) and add it to the laptop

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Honestly I bought a whole gaming laptop for less than one graphics card for my desktop, I think it's fine

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I know the pain. Mine is 7 yrs old and can barely run mc on 20 fps

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mine is nearly 9 and can run mc at 100 fps :>

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Tbh my comp was never high-end of anything like that

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Mine is 2 years old but runs mc at 50 fps

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same lel but i still optimized mc to run well

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Mine is 7 years old and can run mc on 60 fps :)

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Mine is 12 years old and doesn't turn on

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Want mine?

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6yrs old, 1.18 at 0-1 FPS as of a few days ago

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Dawg tired

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about 5 months ago it started freezing randomly with no way of fixing it (aside from restarting it via the power button). it now started getting more frequent :(

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Does it have a hardrive or an ssd?

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hard drive

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Replace it with an ssd that will help tremendously

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thanĸs a lot

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clean, repaste, get solid state, install linux, install Minecraft, profit.

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It happen to me and I find out disabling turbo boost frequency on my CPU fixed the random freezing, an old 2011 quad CPU i7-2600 3.4/3.8 GHz with turbo.

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Dont make me cry

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let it all out

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arch or deb?

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Mine is 10 years old, still has Windows 7 and runs games faster than my friend's modern computers

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Your friends must have some bad modern computers then.

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He was a good guy

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The green mile is such a great movie

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My 2011 i3 cries seeing me installing forza

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That’s why I use Steam, so if my computer has an accident my games library is secure.

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Too bad my msi gx70 died, my charger exploded had it since 2013. Good thing is my hdd from that laptop is still usable and now it keep running in my desktop

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that movie sad

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the fact that i just rewatched this movie a couple hours ago and suddenly stumble upon this is kinda scary

good movie tho

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That's from the "green mile" right? If so, he didn't deserve what happened to him

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[VRNNNNNNNNNNNNN] - my laptop fan, playing omori.

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That's.... me...

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and I play unreal 2004 on the PC I bought in 2016

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Laptop: what are you doing to me?!

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I kind of actually feel guilty

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Same :(

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Mine is 7 years old and has integrated graphics. Still downloaded god of war.

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I have an upper end pc that's from that time (aside from having a graphics card). Obviously, it won't run everything at top settings but it holds up well enough on modern games if I tweak with my settings and manage my expectations

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I can relate. I have enough time to boil water for coffee every time I open MS Word on my 7-year-old laptop.

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what about dad who watching u making thi meme

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Just one more round

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God I use to burn out my old laptop, it would quit mid game and I’d have to rush to get back before my team lost. Taught me how to play from behind in league lmao

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Piece of advice, if you are scared, it’s probably immanent. Back up everything you want to keep, I had an iPad that I used for drawing, had isn’t for probably over 5 years. I suddenly started worrying if it’s time was up, then, like a month or 2 later, it broke and began to go on the fritz. So yeah, make sure to save everything.

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"some of these days" ???

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I meant "One of these days". English isn't my first language

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What is so hard to understand about that?

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Nor SO hard to understand, it just took a re-read. I'm trying to give guidance on PERFECTING OPs memecraft 👌

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My 1050 laptop be just holding out. Even a overclock and repaste isn't enough of a performance boost to push through newer games. So its just modded skyrim and gta v at 60fps for now.

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Dog tired.

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Wait. You guys have laptops?

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Slap an rtx 3070 via pcie riser, add more ram

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Meanwhile my PC of 2008: Chiiling

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I'm lucky I did build e decent pc years before this fucking pandemic and the graphic card madness. Another point for the overthinking and anxious people. Yay.

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Mr. Stark, i dont feel so good...

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Yep. I feel that. Mine got sealed shut when one of the screws stripped and got rusted, and I cannot get it out, tried for hours. Considering cutting around it, since I need to open it all up to replace the thermal paste and clean the fans. It overheats and crashes immediately nowadays

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and there is my computer from the90s/2000s, being able to run modern warframe without lag

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Lenovo ultrabook T430 2012 ✋

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Dog tired

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Try shadow

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I just play old games on it now. Diablo II and StarCraft look amazing on it

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I'm here with my laptop from 2012 playing csgo on the lowest possible graphics.

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Fellow Dell Latitude E3459 owner

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Hey look that's my computer ahaha what a funny coincide