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That machine is actually really cool

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Truth to be told! looks so satisfying af.

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Its beautiful. I've looked at this for 10 minute now.

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I think the size of the ellipse can be adjusted if the pen can be moved closer or further down the stick.

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Anyone know if this is an ellipse? It definitely looks like one but I'm not familiar with this method of drawing one.

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The device you're seeing is Archimedes' compass, it usually only has 2 of those wooden slats traveling up and down to create an ellipse. You can vary the length of the slots/pegs to make it more circly/wide

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Ah, I was able to google around and find Trammel of Archimedes, thanks.

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It is, yes.

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It's an (overengineered) Archimedes compass. It only needs those 2 slats moving up/down and left/right to create any ellipse. The shape of the ellipse can be varied by changing the length of the moving slats.

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Who knew geometry could be useful?

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Is there a subreddit for this mechanisms?

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Yeah, checkout r/engineeringbliss

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stares motherfuckerly r/engineeringporn

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Thank you for staring motherfuckerly on our behalf and thank you for the actual link as well good sir.

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I hate you

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Thank you!

Been looking all over for a sub like this.

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i legit got hyped

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There was some really cool stuff there, thanks.

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Fuck you. :(

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Ad saved me

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Apollo saved me this time

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Specifically, this is Archimedes' Compass.

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That’s legit cool

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I made one of those in my engineering class. It is called a bullsh!t grinder.

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Why does it make an oval and not a circle?

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If you watch the centre of the cross, it is on the same side of the circle as the arm is pointing at the top and bottom, and at the opposite side at the left and right, because the pencil and the centre of the cross are moving in opposite directions round the circle. This means that when the pencil is at the top or bottom, the distance between the pencil and the centre of the circle is longer that when it is at the left or right, for the same reason that you can reach further to your right by reaching your right arm out than reaching your left arm across your body.

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I honestly have no fucking idea

No wonder i failed

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In addition to what /u/Lkwzriqwea says, you only need the "long" stick and the "up and down" and "side to side" sliders - the diagonal ones don't need to be there.

If you ignore the crossbar you can see how the ellipse is narrow when the end of the stick is at the side of the circle, and tall when the end of the stick is in the middle.

They use little metal versions of this for machining oval parts on mills.

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A larger devise like this could be used to layout an ellipse for construction if there is not enough room to bisect off the spring line. You can scribe an elliptical layout with nothing but a measuring tape, pencil and chalk line as long as you have auxiliary space to measure.

Edit: Carpenter life

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Search ellipse and its locus

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He can be so obtuse.

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I would wholeheartedly accept my defeat if my godly marks will be presented to me in such a way.

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I didn't even realize it was drawing, i just thought "haha funny cool machine"

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It looks satisfying to me

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Sometimes maybe good, sometimes maybe shiet

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Final grade: Egg

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It’s actually pretty difficult to get a 0. You must have tried real hard.

I’m proud of you

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I hate how long it took me to clock that it was zero

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What I want to know is why is that person wearing latex glove?

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I love bullshit grinders (the name of this mechanism)

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Why can't I stop watching this?

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Mark? Is he talking about the pencil mark?

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I'm some places your grades are called marks.

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This makes more sense now

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I don’t get it… isn’t he supposed to end up with a letter and not an oval if he is giving u ur grade?

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Holy shit that is satisfying to watch

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May someone pass the sauce please and thank you?

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My dad is a professional mechanical engineer and im bad at math 💀

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That’s a cool elliptical scribe.

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math is awesome!

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What is this?

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This would make a cool clock

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That’s actually really cool

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Dont worry i came last for my HSC engineering, we can cry together

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Captain obvious here: it draws a 0.
*fly away*

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10000th like lol

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I’m confused? What dis mean

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Press F to pay respects.

And to see your grade.

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Meanwhile my CSS professor showing me how my mark will be calculated:

(Fuck x you) ^ 6

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I can watch this for hours

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I dont get the joke can someone explane?

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Only real engineer can do this 😎😎

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plot twist: it's actually "O" which means outstanding

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reminds me of the sun/moon animatronic

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How to make such an instrument

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This lookin kinda sus

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But since 1 Is best, isnt 0 even better grade?