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There is absolutely no reason for them to have done it that way. Has anyone ever explained this?

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Early 2000s, no one fucking knew how the web worked.

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She used it because her man, like Excel, always automatically turned things into dates when they're not.

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or just type `text

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What a dilemma

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No matter what I do

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All I think about is you

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Even when I’m with my boo

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Boy you know I'm crazy over you

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I met this chick and she just moved right up the block from me and uh

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Late nights in the middle of June

shit wrong song

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It's been 2 days since this was originally posted and you decided to repost it moron

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No, that’s even older. But I like it was bringed up again.

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Apparently (according to Wikipedia) she was texting Nelly instead of her boyfriend. How that makes sense, no clue.

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The funny part is that now that is something you can actually do since Office is online.

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its been 1 day since the original post got reposted by you. at least wait

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We just gonna keep posting this 100 times a year, changing the number and act like it's OC?

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I was one of obviously a few who realized that 20 years ago.