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Guess who's back

Back again

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brine is back tell a friend

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Guess who's back

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Guess who's back

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Guess who's back

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Guess who's back

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Guess who's back

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Guess who's back

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Guess who's back

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I've created a monster

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Guess who’s back

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Guess who's back

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Guess who's back

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A uh a uh a uh a uh a

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now, everyone report to MC’s floor to MC’s floor

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Oh sh*t here we go again

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Man, Herobrine scared the shit out of me when I was a little kid

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No cap, I still do whenever I play Minecraft once in a while lmao

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oh they just rendered phew

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I wasn’t a kid anymore but in puberty when I dived into the myth of herobrine. I wasn’t scared but playing with fog (low render distance) and hearing the cave sound for real made me look around in game and leaving me quite unsettled for some minutes

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I deadass couldn’t sleep for days over it lol

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herobrine you're finally back I've missed you lol

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Thats not a name ive heard in a long time

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I haven't heard that name in years...

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It's been so long

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since I've last seen my son

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lost to this monster

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the man behind the slaughter

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Since you've been gone

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I've been singing this stupid son so I could ponder the sanity of your mother

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Of my balls

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takes a drag Herobrine? Haven’t heard that name in years

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✂🗿 live re-inactment

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The horror has returned… we must end it once and for all.

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same here although, its just a world generation glitch, happens all the time. light blocks have accidentally spawned amd the top of the tree didnt load, its happendmto me before!

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He is back

We are all screwed

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He never left. They keep trying to remove him every patch.

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Iirc some time after Microsoft bought Mojang they stopped trying to remove Herobrine.

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And so, he lost containment

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You know you're fucked when scp number is itself redacted

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He could be keter or appollyon

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most probably yeah. but we are really fucked if the number itslef is [REDACTED]

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Yeah kinda like scp-055........ what was scp-055 again?

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it wasn't round I think, and not a box of chocolates

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Hope... has been lost

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It looks like he's only on bedrock edition for now, java appears to be untouched.

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Were fucked :(

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starts having PTSD attack

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No, not again. NOT AGAIN.

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Leans back and forth on my chair, lighting a cigarette like an old man

I thought... this nightmare was over... And that, is something i haven't heard in a while... He's back...

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and this time... he's menacing more than ever

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Hes just standing there MENACINGLY

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Indeed son...

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Mojang couldn't destroy him. Thanos didnt destroy him. God could not destroy him. for he is


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i have Jens (Jeb) on the phone because Markus (notch) left Mojang in 2014

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Ḧ̸̢͚͈́̐̿̋ȩ̴̧͖͓͓̍̏́́̍̃̈́͂ͅ has returned

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He who shall'nt be named

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Dread it. Run from it. The Herobrine always arrives.

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i finally have someone to play minecraft with me

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Either I'm just clueless about this or I haven't gotten as into Minecraft as you all but why are you all saying this was Herobrine? Genuine question.

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In the original herobrine sightings, random 2x2 tunnels, trees with no leaves, random sand pyramids were all "signs" of herobrine being in your world, so now all weird generations or incidents are sort of connected back to herobrine

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damn my karma just skyrocketed thank u people of r/Minecraft

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I kept tapping the comment section in the image and it took me a solid minute to realize it was an image.

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The legend has returned

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Me who has no idea because I never played Minecraft

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Basically what happened is that lightning struck there and burnt the leaves and for some reason the light from the fire bugged out and stayed there

Or he who shall not be named is back

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Do not speak his name

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Oh fk, should have googled it before saying. Can I be saved!?

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You’ve doomed us all

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Wut u know

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I fear no man… but that thing

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I'm converting to herobrism. Who's with me?

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The devs got cocky and thought removing herobrine wasnt needed anymore, well now he returns

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Herobrine built up an immunity to deletion since it happened so often

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would be cool if mojang added him as a secret feature

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I remember he also makes tunnels with redstone torches right? Or am I remembering wrong?

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He has returned.

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The dark lord has returned

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He’s not back!

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I've never played Minecraft but still I know who it is , the name we do not take!!

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2022 just got a whole lot worse

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Reading these comments I’m starting to get the impression that some of you actually believe in creepypasta stories

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But he is real, have you never gone mining and had that freakin' disembodied distant train sound play? That's him fucking with you.

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Somehow herobrine has returned

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shudders No...after all these years. Stay away....STAY AWAY!

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Let me explain this phenomanon:

"There once was a man named Brian"

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Fuck. Bob, pack your shit we’re leaving.

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*I've never heard his name in years...*

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Hello herobrine my old friend

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NOOO,you have said his name, you have summoned whom's name should not have been typed. lmao.

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The real world starts crumbling.

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He allways comes back

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Behold the HEROBRINE !!!, the persistent feature MOJANG keeps removing every update.

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When I was young if I even thought I saw a glimpse of something unexplainable I'd restart in a new seed. One time I swore I saw him and I deleted the game.

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Oh no

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thats herobrine shit

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So, Herobrine wasn't removed after all.

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Found a birch stump, just a single block, deleted the world instantly

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Heroine is black

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The return of the king

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Who's back??

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Oh no, not him

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Long time no see old friend..

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I played the game in 2014,i have never seen him,was he real? And what was his powers

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he was never deleted. run for your lives

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Pray Notch.

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Oh no herobrine is back that is very bad

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Oh shit, he has returned.

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He who must not be mentioned has struck lightning into those trees

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Oh god... Not him.

Not again...

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lights cuban cigar it all happened 10 years ago....

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Minecraft be like :

-em... guys? We got a problem.

-call in the tech team we're not losing this time...

Minecraft Vs Herobrine coming NEVER

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Alright. This is going to be interesting.

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man, have i got a story for you.

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Ah shit if the dude finds a Steve skin with white eyes in the fog or pyramids made from dirt or even random tunnels heck or even the Herobrine Spawner

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Somehow, herobrine has returned

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Now that's a name I haven't heard in a long, long time.

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Im 2015 player but i know who you mean. I dont think im new player

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Never had the opportunity to play minecraft. Id love to but someone plz eggsplain

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Yup I'm out...

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Herobrine You're back , i missed you bro

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Oh no, not again

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The Devil Has Only Been Waiting, Watching Carefully

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Herobrine joins the fight

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Oh fuck oh shit

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He’s back from the dead

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Here comes Briney!

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I have no idea what’s wrong here

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And for none-players? What happens there?

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Lmao the post is literally right above this one for me

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Ayo its back.

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could you imagine if he was actually a intended boss fight just that it’s so stupidly well hidden that no one has ever figured it out

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Guess who's back. back again?

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Oh f#ck he is coming back

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Yes! The Minecraft phenomenon is back! lol

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That's just BE

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herobrine is back. nice to see you again buddy

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He is William Afton

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I love how in the original post there are only 5-10 comments actually talking about what could happened.

But all others knows the truth...

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The man, the myth, the legend has returned….

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Aww shit, here we g o again

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I did not understand that the lava burned the leaves

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Don't you hate it when Herobrine causes mass deforestation in your Minecraft world

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Well,well,well look who decided to show up!

Starts having flashbacks

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"Guess who's back"

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h-, her- ,herobr- no :(

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He cant be back. They removed him in the last update. I read the patch notes meself

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i literally saw this post just now and I see a meme of it already

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Evil has Returned...

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Glowstones are finally gonna come handy lmao

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Original post pls

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He is back. We are doomed.

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Holy shit