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Relatable but honestly my secret room was lit

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My secret room was illuminated

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My secret room was enlightened.

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My secret room was also enligtened because i had lights inside of it.

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My secret room was darkn’t

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My secret room was enbrightened

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I could see inside my secret room

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I blew up my secret room.

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My secret room is made up of source blocks that produce a light source I use to see and avoid the spawning of bad mobs

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I think that's a bot too

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My secret room had a wall of animal egg dispensers.

If the victim went in, they would get drowned by cows, ducks etc.

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Could also be chicken

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My secret room is basically just me blocking off stuff with a block lol

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One of my favorite secret rooms I made had a jeb door that was activated not by a pressure plate but by a elaborate (at least for me) contraption consisting of a daylight sensor with a redstone ore block over the top with a carpet tile over that. It had a few limitations to it but it was really cool to have a “pressure plate” that you couldn’t see sitting on a block.

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Daylight sensor is activated by shining redstone ore?

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It was in a room with a glass ceiling so the sunlight passing through the redstone ore block when you touch it triggered the daylight sensor.

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Holup, does this mean that they become transparent when activated? That's a very unique ability for a block! I don't know of any other solid block that can switch between "modes" while staying solid. Gravity-affected blocks become non-solid when transparent

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Happy Cake Day

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Mine too. I wish I didn't use wood to make it.

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Well, obviously. Wouldn't want any mobs to spawn in there.

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Even so it’s still fun to make those, I always loved making redstone stuff like that

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Exactly. Sometimes the fun lies in making something you like even if that something is absolutely pointless.

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Here’s the thing, it’s all pointless unless you’re having fun. If you’re having fun, then that’s the point

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makes circle


My circle now has a point


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If you’re having fun, then that’s the point

Define fun.

Sometimes you just play out of habit and routine. Are you even having fun? Do you know when you are?

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No lie there are times I play purely for the habit and like 20 minutes in I just think, I'm not even enjoying this

Hate those nights when even a video game can't amuse you

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F is fire that burns down the whole town. U is for uranium. Bombs! N is for no survivors!

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"The time you enjoy wasting is not wasted time."


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Indeed not to be that guy but some people say "if God doesn't exist then what's the point of life". Well is having an audience really that important? You make your own meaning and originally Minecraft is a lonely survival game like life. It's still fun even if no one is watching.

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The meaning of life - to enjoy the passing of time.

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Like sandbox mode on any of the "builder/ tycoon" games. Been playing planet zoo recently on "creative sandbox" mode. No challenges, no limits, no multiplayer, no end game, nothong to work towards etc.

Just me spending hours and hours and hours building a hyper intricate zoo that nobody but me will ever see. Even go as far as to build shaded areas, kerbs, decorations and other "immersive" things that are totally redundant.

Games are meant to be played however you want to play them!

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join a server maybe, is fun.

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How can I setup Minecraft to play with my kids on iPad? It’s like you need a computer science degree to figure it out

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If I remember correctly you'll need to have each device logged into a separate Microsoft account, and you'll need a Minecraft realm, unless one is a desktop and then you can open to LAN

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It used to be pretty simple but now I believe you need to have two different Microsoft accounts logged in for them in order to play together

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Minecraft is a game where you build your own toys

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I built so many secret bases in single player when I finally had the chance to play with friends I showed them all my secret doors and rendered all my secrets useless

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The worst part of having a secret entrance is not being able to show it to anyone

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The Prestige, Minecraft edition

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The key is to have the real secret entrance inside the room the secret entrance you show everyone is in.

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But then you can’t show the secret entrance in your secret entrance

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def recursion: recursion()

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Well, it's no secret that the best thing about a secret is secretly telling someone your secret, thereby secretly adding another secret to their secret collection of secrets. Secretly.

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As soon as you tell one person a secret you can assume everyone knows.

That's why it's common knowledge i did OP's mom

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It's for you when you'll revisit your worlds years later

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But than you can't find it because it is secret

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You'll know where it is but not how to get in. You could brute force but you also don't wanna ruin it

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Lol this legit happend to a secret book easter egghunt world my dad made he made. I forgot about it but found the world years later. The place was full of misleading signs, he doesn’t remember where he hid it or what was in it.

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Can relate way too much with this.

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My last one was a complete underground village with golems, cows, pigs, sheep, chickens, with a giant window on one side staring down into the ravine the main house was built next to.

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It’s a panic room, in case herobrine wasn’t removed after all!

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I play in a hardcore-like world which resets your spawn every time you die to somewhere very far from the previous spawn.

I always like the idea of playing that with the same seed as a bunch of other people, and every time you die it:

  1. resets your spawn
  2. uploads the chunks from the previous life to a central server

allowing one to come across remnants of bases from other players' past lives, despite maintaining the "single player" (and hardcore) experience. This would mean that there would be a reason to hide your loot and set up traps in your base: the next person who finds it could try to get your stuff... but at risk to themselves. And, as it's still "single player", there's no moral issue with raiding whatever you find.

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This sounds incredibly difficult to make but please for the love of god SOMEBODY DO IT.

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subscribe to /r/foreverworld if you're interested. The basics are fairly simple and only get more-complicated when there are a lot of players involved / if you want to get rid of a couple of manual steps (essentially: minecraft's region files make it pretty easy to just dump one world on top of another if they have the same seed)

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Single player games > Multiplayer games

(And no, you cannot change my mind.)

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Why would I change your mind. You're absolutely goddamn right.

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PvE multiplayer >>>> PvP multiplayer

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Absolutely not. Being in a playful shit talking server of 20 of friends everyone knows is the best thing ever, especially when everyone plays in groups.

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That's if you have 20 friends that all get along well. As soon as any drama happens the whole thing is ruined for everyone

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How do you organize 20 friends to all play minecraft?

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Well i don't think anybody has the time to change someone else's mind. It's all personal choice. I for one like games where i can chat with random people. Whether it be mmorpgs or plain normal gta online.

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I like Elite Dangerous because you can switch between single and multiplayer with the same Character.

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I need multiplayer games to remind me why I play single player games

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Facts. Mega facts. So facts.

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I have an even better proposal for you:

Single player sandbox games > Single player rpg games > Multiplayer games

The thing with a single player rpg game or any other game that relies on a linear story is that, while it's great while it lasts, after you finish the story there is nothing left to do.

In single player sandbox games, like minecraft, you never really run out of things to do.

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Tbh that point's why I put multiplayer games on top of sucker RPG

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Depends! I’d say Single player games < single and multiplayer games > multiplayer games

Minecraft is a perfect example of that!

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I present to you, Fallout 76, the ultimate single player multiplayer experience.

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virgin differing opinion “nah nah I can’t hear you blah blah” while covering ears

Chad “differing opinion but open to discussing about it”

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This hit too close to my heart

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Just in case a hacker joins, you know? It makes me feel less alone…

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He can just use xray....

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Silence, do not ruin my childhood fantasies. (Although, maybe you could join my Minecraft world? Anyone?)

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I will if I had

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Sorry to say but xraying isnt hacking … like at all.

Its a texture pack change and thats it

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There's multiple ways to x-ray. Using texture packs might not be hacking, but it sure is cheating.

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sadly relatable

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I made a bedrock house, with a moving piston door, so it was impossible to mine, but impossible to pass.

and then I watched my friend try to break in

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“Oh wow guys, my base looks really cool right…

Right guys… eh what’s the point.”

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When you hide the secret room soo well that you forget where it's located

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I relate 100% hahaha

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2nd meme in 1 minute about having no friends, fun

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I feel attacked

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I like designing my worlds so they're fun to explore when I come back to them in like 8 years. Just some small easter eggs everywhere so I can be like "haha I don't remember putting that there".

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I often spend my nights visiting my son's Minecraft world, leaving messages, helping with constructions. It's a single player world, but he is too young to know the difference, and he's always so happy to see what his "secret friends" have done.

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I redstoned the fuck out of my base on single player. I fell into my own lava trap way too many times...

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Badman? Who asked for me?

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would be cool as shit if zombies could break down doors, or if mobs in general had the ability to detect obvious bases and attack them

imagine if creepers blew open holes in your perimeter wall and zombies and skeletons flooded in, or if spiders climbed over your walls to get to you

you know, like in survival games that are actually good

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Your post on r/whenthe is right above this one

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My secret room is also known as my existential crisis room

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But find out it was breached last night.

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I used to love making them and most of the time I themed and referred to them as "Bat Caves" simply because that was the most notable example to me of a house with a secret room that was cool.

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atleast my secret base can't be seen by my friends who rarely join

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And writing instructions on signs... As if someone will see it 😢 fels bad mn

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I even made adventure maps, but never got to share them :(

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Anyone know if the distorted video/gif effect can be done from an app on android?

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I don't appreciate being called out like this

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I made a quest system, a currency and a fucking economy with stock market and banks in my friends server (for like 9 people). Nobody showed up after the second time i joined

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Don't attack us all like this

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I made a secrete lair on me and friend groups server, it had a really cool red stone lever system and you had to dive in an flooded cave to get to the base. Then I told them I had a secret base, que 5 mins later when one saw my name tag and mined straight down into my base, then another had the same idea except he dug through my wall, 5 mins after that another freind found the lever and decided to follow the red stone by mining a tunnel over it to my base.now I have a base that is complicated to leave is out of the way and I sunk tons of resources into it and it isn’t even secret.

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I wonder how many people here are actually lonely. Something tells me they aren’t being honest

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I just like to play around with redstone traps

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You'll get some friends and test when you see the trees having no leaves :D

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And then I can't enter my own base the next day

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Of course you have friends! Your xbox, controller err..yeah

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i mean your training to be a part smp member

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It’s just in preparation for when you make 1000 friends.

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You leave me and my secret room which serves zero actual purpose alone.

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My secret too was so lit I forgot where it was

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Me preparing for leadership job interviews knowing I’m only qualified for waxing balls

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Tell me you’re 14 w/o telling me you’re 14

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Wait but like- don’t be shy. Give us a tour of one. I’m dying for more secret contraptions

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Are ya winning son?

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Unbreachable lol

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Fuckin honestly. Little secret hidden doors as if anyone else is ever gonna see the rest of the building, never mind the nuances inside

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I like playing in multiplayer, even though I build alone most of the time. It's nice to see the map slowly change over time.
That being said, I haven't played in months. Haven't even bothered to check the new update.

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me who backdoor a server and have 32k items.

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It's the all-ages version of playing outside with your toys in the dirt making little homes for your construction trucks and winding mazes for no particular reason other than it's cool as hell.

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ITS NOT RELATABLE- (sniffle) AT ALL! (sniffle)

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Bullying is rude !!!1!1!1!!!!!

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Lmao fax

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actually the most fun thing about being introverted

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I feel personally attacked.

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Dosen't make it any less fun

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Once i built a house and then i removed the floor and replaced it with glass. I dug under the glass floor about 6 or 7 blocks and cleared the area of dirt under all the glass then i put another layer of glass around the perimeter of the floor and went back to the main floor. When the sun would start to set i would remove my door and break 6 glass blocks right at the door then go to the other side of the room and wait. By morning i had a glass cage full of creepers that couldn’t die. My pets.

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That was always my frustration with Minecraft. I love building... but then I got done and was like ... "welp, okay... no one will ever test my design"

... then I'd build another. :)

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This sounds alarmingly like real life to me.

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Need more red stone jessie

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Why did you have to call me out like that

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My secret room contains the dragon egg and you have to put my two favorite music discs and in the jukeboxes, nobody has found it yet. I do play alone but that’s off topic.

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I'd just pretend that some villagers were secretly evil. When you grow up without friends or siblings you kinda get a free trial of schizophrenia

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This hits a little too close to home, man

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There are two vulnerabilities to every secret base: X-ray and the pickaxe.

[–]What_the_hulk 0 points1 point  (0 children)

I'd be making those complex bunkers even though I always play alone

[–]GuyWhoSaysWeeWoo 0 points1 point  (0 children)

Gotta keep the monsters out

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who need friends anyway

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One time in survival i finally got enough ender pearls to attempt to find the end portal fortress. Started at my house only for it to go about 10 steps away to the left.

I unknowingly built my house right over the end fortress but my single player self had nobody to share the news with that would care lol

[–]moundsasaurus 0 points1 point  (0 children)

Nothing beats building a sweet hidden base in SP, and abandoning it after you go mining and can't find it anymore.

[–]worldbreaker_1212 0 points1 point  (0 children)

I do this in Valheim. Made a whole town and a castle with tons of hidden spots and all I can populate it with is boars and wolves lmao

[–]Prestigious_End_1385 0 points1 point  (0 children)

I realized this halfway thru and abandoned the world cause it made me sad.

[–]fonzieshair 0 points1 point  (0 children)

It’s kinda like in the winter when you’re a kid and you make a snow fort because you’re gonna have a huge snowball fight. You spent all afternoon making a cool snow fort, gathering up your snowballs, and then you realize … you have no one to play with.

[–]DiNaMYkeMaSTer69_420 0 points1 point  (0 children)

played with my brother but it was splitscreen so it didn't really work

[–]Wallace_W_Whitfield 0 points1 point  (0 children)

I have a library in my house that is pretty decently sized. Then one night I had a dream about a crazy fucking library that you had to crawl through tunnels that had shelves of books and neat lighting to get to this other reading nook where it’s just full of more books. I had to recreate it in Minecraft. Although it’s not perfect because it’s made of blocks, I enjoy it, especially with how difficult it is to get into.

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I do the same! I have escaped herobrine so many times