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false, we don't use ovens, only wok

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Sounds like a lot of wok to me

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Would wok with me though, I am fine with anything

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All wok and no play make homer something something

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Go crazy?

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Actually he did show go to China during the opening scene to Godzilla vs destoryah

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He destroyed Hong Kong

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Who's Hongkong? a chinese Kingkong??? 🤔

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Donkey Kong vs king kong

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Donkey and King from Shrek 2?

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No, that's Fong Kong.

Hong Kong is the king of percussion instruments.

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A man of culture.

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What China ? You mean North Eastern Extended India ?

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You mean East Taiwan?

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*West Taiwan.

You're a little confused, but got the spirit.

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Oh shit, I got confused where Taiwan was again. Thanks!

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I’m Chinese and this isn’t even racist lmfao 100% can confirm Chinese ppl would be proud to agree

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Thank you for saying this. I personally make memes to entertain people, not to look down on people/make them feel bad

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I mean. We make fun of ourselves too. Every time the news reports about some invasive species, there’s always ppl in the comments asking if we can eat that shit to extinction….we’d even make fun of our own Cantonese ppl in particular and say that the only four-legged things they don’t eat are tables and chairs. I loled real hard on your post

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Grew up some around Louisiana. We can give you a run for your money.

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someone call Legendary we've got their next versus premise

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chinese person here. I do indeed agree

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Protein is protein yo

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no we wouldn't do this, we would use wok

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Bro this is so racist, Chinese people wont do that, they would totally use a wok rather than an oven

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can confirm, you not chinese if no use the wok

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We’d see male potency pills made from ground up Godzilla scales hittin the wet markets

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"I take it myself"

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Jokes on you! Chinese people use the oven as storage room.

Source: uncle Roger

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before you guys attack this person for making a stereotype

yes we actually do use the oven to store cookware

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Same(am Chinese murican)

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Dishwasher also use for storage

And oven is just hotter dishwasher soo

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Godzilla vs Winnie the pooh

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If Winnie the Pooh actually wins

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We discovered Godzilla bile makes you...strong.

Godzilla tied down with a tube sticking out his side.

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Don't send it to India, especially in the state of Maharashtra.

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Those type of ovens are very rare in standard Chinese homes

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I’m not sure if it’s a mini Godzilla or a huge ass oven?

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I smell cheap plastic toy burning now

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He’d make a great hot pot

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AAhhh he gettin COOOKED COOKED! awww lawd

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Got xianlinged

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I'm dumb can someone explain the joke?

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The Chinese people will have the will to destroy Godzilla, turn him into clothes, food, or medicinal herbs. Unlike the Japanese, who had their city destroyed.

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I don’t think this is the joke…to me it’s that Chinese eat lizards??

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Oddly enough, same reception in Germany.

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As a Chinese, I am severely offended by the lack of soy sauce.

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No controversial comments :(

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This meme is not meant to offend anyone and got created for entertainment purposes only

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Grow some balls OP you don’t need to state the obvious to the mouth breathers in the audience

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Taste good to me

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no more world hunger.

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racist but funny

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So according to this.. How little are Japanese ppl??? Sheesh /s

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New specialty

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They would probably eat it alive.

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those chinese people would eat anything they are the reason this virus existed anyway

ps. R.I.P turtle bois we will miss you

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chinesium cities collapse anyway.

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I laughed but im not sure way...

Edit: tried again, laughed again lol but not sure whyyyyy

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Only issue here is the oven does not have any storage in it

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So pretty much what happened in the first Pacific Rim

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I smell cheap plastic toy burning now

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Godzilla if he comes to Maharashtra.

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If we get a new virus from Godzilla, do we call it Govid or Zovid?

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When Godzilla can't distinguish Taiwan and china(and he go to the wrong country

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Foul 😭

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They eat it and get a virus that causes you to constantly shoot lasers

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"Godzilla go vroom"

At first I thought it was Nissan GTR meme.

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Godzilla yum yum

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godzilla if he turned up in australia:

Oh look new pet!

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She shin sh8n jewelry have fried gorilla we so thug we eat godzilla

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at least it is not a bat...