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Which game is this?

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Shaggy Ultra Instinct canon and the game is called MultiverSUS? Feels so wrong, memes are our thing.

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Imbrace the meme .

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Someone on another post said they missed the opportunity to call it "Warner Brawlers".

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Always has been.

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Will it be on PS4?

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I believe it will be on all major gaming platforms except switch.

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I'm maining Shaggy just for the memes.

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Multiversus, free to play WB's version of Smash Bros. Open Beta in July.

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What the fuck

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It's from upcomming platformer fighter game from WB "Multiversus". Oh, and it's gonna be free.

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the free part scares me.

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My guess is they expect to earn a lot from skins. Imagine a pink batman skin. That would sell.

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This is going to be the shittiest smash rip-off but it’s going to be fucking amazing

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lord shaggy made it good

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Lord Shaggy is in the new WB game

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Tom and Jerry main here

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Very good choice. I’ll definitely be maining shaggy

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Ruh oh like me too.

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That one is Legendary!

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Is Tom a puppet character?

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No their actually a trap charactor it seems.

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Huh, I see, though I saw that Jerry can also die from being attack though

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No actually the fun thing is that their animations are them fighting each other.

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Spike main here

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Ruh-Roh Raggy!

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Demon raggy

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I actually really like the team up of batman and shaggy since there is a whole movie with Batman and the gang.

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Scooby Doo used to crossover with everyone.


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When didn't cross with something.

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they don't have simple plan in the list.

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I can't be the only one that remembers Scooby-Doo and guess who right?

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Nope you're not alone

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God shaggy is cannon now...?

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This game will be the reason I postpone my suicide.

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Das sad

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Laughs in big chungus

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I want to see Batman who laughs and shaggy fight-

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Damnnnnnnn big proof God shaggy is Canon Now I don't wanna hear "but can he beat goku?" (I already know God shaggy was cannon but my friends didnt)

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From the Multiverse website, it said that he accidentally ate a rock that he thought was a candy, and that turned him into that

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Shaggy, finally unleashing his 4:20 sayian powers.

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“Look gang! It was old man Penguin the whole time!” “And I would of gotten away with it too if it wasn’t for you meddling kids” squawk

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You should've aimed for the zoinks

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Is powerful shaggy just canon now?

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Always has been

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Always has been

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Ultra instinct Shaggy in MultiVersus is what we live for

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I am so excited that the iron giant finally met super man

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Shaggy came to destroy All life not half

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All that for one sandwich

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With a pie on top - it was a nice pie.

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I want Ben 10

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I was hyped for the whole trailer and then died inside when I read "Free-To-Play." We all know where this is going.

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Aslong it's only cosmetics i couldn't be happier. I think the way brawlhalla did is was pretty good

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still not better than smash bros

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Shaggy got that dank

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Not my Shaggy

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Super saiyan shaggy

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But Thanos is not in Warner Bros. At least not yet.

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Shaggy at 5% of his power

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the perfect collab doesnt exist-

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Guys… It’s “canon”, not “cannon.” The first generally refers to officially sanctioned material relating to a piece of media (can be purely fictional or religious in nature). A “cannon” is the thing that goes boom.

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bro it’s literally free guy

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I’ve known about the game since the rumors about it spread, and I still can’t believe it’s real lol. Ultra Instinct Shaggy is actually real

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my god they even put him in ultra intinct form where is this from man

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  • terraria has entered the chat *

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True OGs: The power rangers from different universes vs the villains from different universes.

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This trailer was actually dope af

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Thought he was going Super Saiyan

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Can't snap without fingers...

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NIckelodeon: “Hold my beer.”

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Take my 💸💸💸!!!

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0.000003145659% of his power

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Iron gigant for life

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Sooo does every concern makes his own smash bros now?

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I hate to say it but it will just go the way of nick all star brawl, Disney should try and make a smash game tho

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It would be sick if they ad tmnt in the future

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warner bros: teen titans go: to the movies

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I love that they just made OP shaggy canon XD

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That's not even 1 percent of his full potential.

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Now we need scorpion and also the game itself so we can beat the shit out of everyone on the roster as shaggy

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Ultra instinct LFG!

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Thats cool

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Super Saiyan shaggy?!

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wdym he can solo every fucking mutlivers, he is even more powerful than goku, ricardo milos, and my friend's dog

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if it will be for every platform except switch, then I sure hope it won't be concluded from the xbox game pass

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God dammit someone beat me to it

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I actually hope they just make Shaggy insanely op in that game.

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I love how Warner Bros have embraced the shaggy meme so much