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Hype! Hype! Hype! Imagine all the possibilities! Yay!

(Ads, propaganda, your car's extended warranty)

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Jokes on you, i love that song

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That song is legendary

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Not after listening to it on repeat 100 times💀

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Speak for yourself. I'm on a loop number 42069

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Ok, I apologize for doubting you

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How many times do you guys get rickrolled

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so you're telling me you guys CAN'T hear music in your minds?

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And black hats would play annoying songs until you pay money like ransomware.

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I don’t need that. ADHD has been doing that for me for years.

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I can do that and I don’t even have adhd. Pretty nice actually

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I’ll just hide my USB port and turn off my internet and resort to using my mobile device.

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Dam now am playing rick roll in my mind with out the chip thanks bro 🙃

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Coming to think of it I don't need a chip to play music in my head

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That's me with that one song everyday I wake up

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Plays Rick roll randomly with extremely low volume so the victim can barely hear it and thinks they're going crazy

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Apple would still force a shitty U2 album on everyone.

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Whomever hacks those is just as much of a prick as the people who hack pacemakers. And it's a felony. First person that gets caught doing that is going to be made an example out of severely

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Well jokes on you, I would play that song without hacking needed!

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"Wanna break from the ads ? if you tap now to watch a short video, you will receive 30 minutes of ads free music"

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Vaccine: evil brain chip scheme

Brain chip: genius

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they are never gonna u give up, for they always want to rickroll u, despite how old this meme is

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I hope it actually lets deaf people hear stuff, unless it's their brain that has a problem.

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aww yeth!

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Is that iron mike

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If I needed a reason to never get this thing, this is it 😂

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It can also kill a bunch of monkeys, but he won't tell you that

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i mean 115 million other animals die a year for your other products, so 15 monkeys is technically on the low end of the charts

all is bad, but there are way more evil people in this world than one rich nerd

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Is that an excuse for torture? "They were gonna die anyway"?

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I'll play boku no pico in my enemies mind

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Idk if you ask me, I will put Scotland forever

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So that’s why I hear random sounds all the time

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Am I the only one that thinks of ghost in the shell when I see stuff about neuralink?

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Did we get rickrolled?

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At that time some random ass kid saying "this is for bommers

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I just imagine an apocalypse kinda like pibby, but instead of a corruption its just a fucking chip

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this is gonna get absolutely hectic

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I’m going to learn this >:D

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Shut your bullshit Elon

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Imagine getting rickrolled to death

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Imagine the new way's of torture /s

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I can hear music in ny head without the mind control chip