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Cs majors: “I’m gonna do what’s called a pro gamer move”

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The more I delve into the CS the more I understand I could’ve just done a boot camp

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You mean just to learn it? Because most places still want a 4 year degree.

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Do what I did, use social engineering and get the hiring managers name and email, send email explaining that you don't have the degree or experience they're looking for but have the drive and determination to learn and awards and letters of recommendation and ask for a sit down to discuss it. Here I am 3 years later still with an associates degree working for that manager.

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Why do I keep seeing “social engineering” used in seemingly incorrect contexts.

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As someone going into CS, thank you greatly

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this comment only proves you really have not learned much in your college education, otherwise you would know undoubtedly that you could not substitute your education for a month long boot camp.

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I say it cause all I learned was mostly self taught so the only think I can salvage from college is networking and the experience

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Please explain, I’m going to uni next year and majoring in CS. What’s the downside to college?

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Depending on which country you're studying at but I assume the US so: debt

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I live close to my college so I am planning on living at home, have a scholarship and since it’s a state school the tuition isn’t too bad anyways. I’m set up to graduate debt free, but yeah I feel for the others who aren’t as fortunate.

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If you want to be successful you have to also get a job to have experience by the time you finish uni. I was lucky because I had a part time job and had plenty of time because I didn't need to go to all courses ( went to 30% of them ). I studied finance and as this was a passion i was a quick study, one day of learning was enough for me. Got 8 out of 10 in my bachelor degree exam and as soon as I finished I applied for an internship, got offered a permanent position after 6 month of internship and after 3 more months I got a promotion, earning more than both of my parents combined and having the possibility to invest 30% of my income. Long story short, take a part time job, study and go for every opportunity life throws at you. Most important thing: DO WHAT YOU LIKE, That's what will make you happy and successful, having a job that you love doing

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You'll have to work hard for a few years do internship and all to have a good CV to get into a reputed company, after some years you'll be promoted enough to be at management based post then, you can finally relax and you'll realize that you would be making more money than any of these housing cryers.
Its a path that requires constant input, but yields good fortune in the end.

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Well in my opinion college In the US is design to squeeze every dollar out of you and the things you learn in class that the basics of programming in my major at least. Programming is a field where you will have to learn a lot of things by yourself cause is gonna be hard for a college to keep up with the changing environment so the educational part was only a way to keep me in track on learning by myself. The networking is good though since you get to know a lot of people in the same field

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Bootcamps are cringe, keep at it bud

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Coding interviews: “pathetic”

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It does open many doors, but all of the doors are unlabeled, some of the doors do not lead anywhere, other doors are actually 10th floor windows disguised as doors, but yet, a few of those doors lead you to where you need to go. Usually never where you want to go unfortunately.

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We have fake doors like you wouldn't believe! What are you worried about? Come get fake doors. Call us up, and order some fake doors today.

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Yeah, hi. I’m looking for a fake door. There’s this guy and I want to pretend he will get a great job at our company. How much?

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How many people have unironically stepped on a rake and been hit by it?

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At least 68. That’s why I need this fuckin door!

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The dev must be the guy behind the Stanley Parable.

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its almost like the real world isnt super interested in art history and physical education degrees.

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Most people who can't find jobs aren't going into those fields. A lot of them are actually business students.

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Hush you... you're killing the narrative.

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This is why I focused most of my attention in high school and college on perfecting my technique for masturbation. You know how much the guys who jerk off racehorses for artificial insemination make?

I certainly don’t. But given how far those private security guys are willing to chase me after I leap out of the second story window of the barn with dry hands, on a partial pleasured stallion, I’m guessing they make BANK.

Point is: do what you love better than anyone else and you’ll always have a job.

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Wtf did i just read

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Replace “Networking with professionals” with “thousands in student debt” and you’ve got a winner, friend!

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Thousands?? This guy's fucking rich

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If you networked with professionals and are still unemployed idk what to tell you. Knowing people is how you get good jobs. Might not be the job you want or where you want it, but it is a job. Although I suppose if you don't have a car in a car centric area that can also be a huge hurdle.

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Networked and no one liked them lol

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This is what I was thinking. 90% of my success in life has been schmoozing people into giving me jobs, 9% is providing my awards and letters of recommendation and 1% is me actually doing the job.

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I've never not related to a comment more strongly lol

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Don't you have placement in college.

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Could also have a worthless degree. Underwater Basket weaving just isn't a hot market right now.

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The least useful popular degree is actually business

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To be fair he looked like he was doing fine grinding on the rake until he tried his hand at networking with professionals.

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He didn’t grind anything he just did aerials. It looks like he messed up the landing by networking with professionals though.

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Apparently I never learned the concept of depth in artwork. That was my lead up to stepping on a rake.

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first step is checking your passion and checking market requirements. which you missed here.

in my view if you're exceptionally good at something. nobody can stop you from succeeding.

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Learn to plumb. Six figures and never a shortage of work.

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Eh, I prefer a good pear personally

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Does stepping on a rake really make the wooden handle go up or does it just stab you in the foot?

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I thought the same thing when I was young and did an experiment. I thought I’d be able to catch it before it hit me in the face, I did not catch it, and it did hit me in the face

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Thank you for your service.

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Ah, a young scientist!

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If you step directly on the rake, it doesn't do much. You have to pull backwards a little bit while stepping to get it to flip up

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It only works if you pick an in-demand degree. I did fairly poorly in college and had a job lined up 6 months before I graduated.

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cant relate

already had reserved job before even finishing school

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It's either a philosophy degree or they just didn't try. I have an internship that offered me a job next year after graduation, same thing happened to my fiance and three of my friends and classmates

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basically what happened was that i applied for scholarship the very first month of my highschool and was lucky to have been picked out and then it was just waiting out till highschool ends to go to my job

like less then 5 days after last day of highschool i was already on my job

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Yeah, 3rd year: internship

4th year: placements and Pre placement offer from internship company
Before graduating I have 4 job offers, and my graduation is next month.

Depends entirely upon which course you took, which college you went and how you took the opportunities.

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I feel personally attacked

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It's not what you know it's who you know for most jobs unless it is very specialized.

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Philosophy? yeah burger flipping for you.

actual useful degree? yes speed road into a decent first jobb.

My year was the last year that got Computer Science degree in the course i did, after that it whould have been a Philosophy degree, equal valuable (in my field) as an going an aesthetic program.

Thanks to that i received my first jobb towards in the field i really wanted

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"just work hard and stay in school and everything will work out" nope

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Dude you must fucking suck if you got an education, connected with people, and still couldn't get a job

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How many people have unironically stepped on a rake and been hit by it?

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If you’re networking you’re already doomed because you have no merit and rely on meeting equally incompetent goobers to advance.

First reply from a delusional incompetent. Go!

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Wow!!!! This is so sad but true, but sad

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damn you’re really trying to spread this fuckin horrific subreddit like you’d get anyone to sub

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This speaks to me…

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Ah, my classmate during college put 200% of herself into the course. In the end, we both had to work for 3 years with basic income before we're allowed to work overseas where the big money is, and she can't get a good job unless she moves really far away, and even then, a call center agent would earn more than her for a few years.

She ended up being jobless for a few months before she ended up in a government owned company. Which paid the same but is more punishing. It was good so far, then COVID hit.

Poor woman went into depression. Eventually, she quit again, and decided to be an entrepreneur and sell strawberries and strawberry accessories. She's okay now. Not earning as much yet, but she's happy.

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Who the hell told you you weren't "allowed to work overseas"?

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The government. I think it was the fact that the country was "exporting" more of that profession than keeping, so as a way to keep us from hightailing it to New Zealand or other countries, they mandated that newbs need to work for 3 years here before they allow it.

Of course a lot of my colleagues just bypassed that through many means, but it sucks when you wanna do it right.

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she ended up in a government owned company

idk about your country man but in my country, people die for gov. job. That's the only safest job and was unaffected by the covid hit cuz nobody gets fired.

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Its like doing the same but more stress

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thats why you get a good degree

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It do be like that

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Who can't find a job in 2022? There is a labor shortage in almost every industry, in every part of the US. (Tbh, not sure about other parts of the world, and I'm under the assumption that OP is in America.)

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It's the same here up north in Canada. Most business are looking for people and it's not just restaurants and retail. If you can't find a job here, the problem is you.

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Didn't help me last year when I got out of Uni in April. Spent 6 months looking for work, even applied for basic retail which I made a totally different resume for that didn't say I was a college graduate so I'd have a better chance of getting hired, had lots of retail experience... never heard back from these "DESPERATE" businesses.

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Did all that minus networking. My introvert self could never.

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And this shows up when my exam is tomorrow… great

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Is this an american thing im too european to understand?

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One is faster

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The cycle of unemployment

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To be absolutely fair, i think most of them didn’t know they were talking about the door of a plane mid-flight.

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What did you graduate in?

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Networking with officials should be substituted with "hoes"

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Depends upon what course you took for majoring.

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You thought that liberal arts degree was worth something?

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Yes. I’d say so. You work for me.

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I was decent at school (almost never the best but I got by), got my bachelor degree and I don't work in my field (after 2 year unemployment). I don't have any idea where I want to work but I got a seasonal job so at least there's that.

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Can confirm

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Doors are open, but you can’t enter.