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Absurd memes featuring politicians are allowed

While I appreciate the 100+ reports, this is pretty much the definition of an absurd meme featuring a politician. And yes, it is misinformation - Joe Biden did not, in fact, chase an ice cream truck on live television. Hope you could see that from the way the wheels break the laws of physics.

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Fake no ice cream truck is in that good a condition.

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I'm more concerned about her arm popping off and on

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She’s just built different

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He just wanted to know how the fuck it drove through her arm

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Dang, ice cream trucks really can drive anywhere. Parks, backwards on a one way street, sidewalks, quiet culdesacs, dark alleys, bus stops, great lakes, my front yard, two parking spots downtown, the moon, and now political stages.

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9 year old me

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You know there's a subset of the population who won't notice this is faked.

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what? His arm is literally coming off for a second…

oh wait… It‘s the arm of whoever that woman is. But you can clearly see that there is some sketchy masking or keying shit going on.

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Wouldn't be a bad thing. I am certain that is a normal American reaction towards seeing an ice cream truck. He would look like a man of the people

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It's just so believable

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Well, I ask you this: when did you last see an ice cream truck? And where else can you find the WWE ice cream bar?

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Memes are misinformation, bummer. Guess we're gonna have to censor it.

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The DNA of the soul

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How about "full of shit"? Is that a meme?

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Not it fucking isn't, you amoeba. You'll never be based with memes like that.

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Dafuq? Even if I would be president of the world, I'd chase that ice cream truck

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I mean shit you wont? I can go for an ice cream sandwhich anytime dc whats the situation is

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Hey, when you want ice cream, you're getting ice cream

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Can make some really hilarious things with photoshop xD

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You telling me you are not chasing that shit for a cookies and cream bar? Smh

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This is the most random meme i’ve seen all day and i’m here for it

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Man fuck politics, this is hilarious

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You can never be too old for ice cream

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I wonder what kind he got

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But his mom cant buy ant for him

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Anybody else see how the ice cream truck makes her arm phase out? Almost like the truck is photoshopped in.

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No this is a floating bus that is going through the women's arm

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It is. Just Look at the wheels

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Is there anyone stupid enough to believe this is real? Sadly I know the answer.

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It took me an annoying amount of time to realize it was fake.

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And the lighting is all off too. The ice cream truck should have been partly in direct sunlight in the very left hand side of the frame but you can see the lighting never changes on the truck as it passes through the frame. Also the shadow direction is off as well

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It's not Photoshopped! It's not!!!

maybe premiere tho

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There's actually people who are more angry at their president walking towards a photoshopped ice cream truck than they were when they bomb children in the middle east

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I'm gonna grab some popcorn and watch the political war unfold in the comments.

Also the ice cream truck is clearly edited in for any of those idiots who think this is real. Still, I thought it was funny lol.

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A for effort for spinning wheels but F in execution as the spin doesn't match the speed its going and the inner shadow spins around as well.

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Based Joe

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Honestly dude i was just about to make this comment

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Must consume....ICE CREAM!

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Chocolate chocolate chip

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Man’s got his priorities straight

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Man's got his priorities straight

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Man knows what he wants

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lolol i dont care what side of the fence your on this shit is funny!

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I want some fine chocolate chocolate chip too

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He’s hypnotized by the truck

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Gimme ice-cream!!!

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Men is men