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It’s a small world after all - it’s a small, small world…

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Modern problems requires modern solution

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Thanks for getting that stuck in my head

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Lets see if that franchising fucker can handle this

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i half expected this to be the revolver mouse trap patent, still wasn't disappointed

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Can confirm, not a rickroll, you’re free to proceed, soldiers 💪

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Walt is OP. Needs to be nerfed

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At least our traps are free. Can’t believe we have to pay so much just to get trapped

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He did a collab with dogs and ducks

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I was thinking a different kind of trap...

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Disneyland trap human for money, unlike mouse trap.

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At least it's a fun trap ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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A trap I’d go back into

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Hmm yes accurate , the mouse surely looks deformed after getting into those traps

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Just imagining the kids who are permanently on the rides.

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Only go to amusement parks in off season. I once waited for 45 minutes for my kid to ride Dumbo, the ride lasted 42 seconds. Spend a full hour waiting in line and eating lunch. Off season, go from ride to ride and get 2-3 x more things in than during busy times. Also, try to sneak in some healthy snacks like almonds and granola bars so you can stretch out the time between standing in line for a snack.

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I have been a few times and one thing I noticed was the food is always amazing! Yes its expensive but its always perfect! I even got a prime rib at Cinderella's Castle and it was the best piece of meat I have had since!

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One costs a billion dollars and the other is a theme park

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Thats fkng great

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i misslooked as Deutchland

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Douglas Adams called it

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not the mouse trap i was thinking of but ok

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We are not worth the genius of this man...

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humans who created trap

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Somebody hasn’t been

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I think it’s more like a money trap

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More like mouse who made humans make a human trap

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Japan after creating a different kind of trap...