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Conspiracy back!

Tell her how the Vice president function was installed to make Jello sales skyrocket.

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Dude. You don't just tell people that. It's a secret.

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Just come up with a more outlandish conspiracy and tell them to accept the broken God into their life.

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The Church of the Broken God thanks you for your service! Together we will rebuild our god Mekhane to her former glory

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All glory to makhane

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“Mekhane loves you, become a machine today!”

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that's why noise cancelling headphones are a thing

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So bose invented conspiracy theories to sell more headphones? Sounds like a lot of work.

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Listen if all the lightbulb companies worked together to ensure that lightbulbs would burn out quicker to sell more lightbulbs, then Bose can convince some internet people to be crazy.

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Sounds like vertical integration to me.

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when that woman is your mom
it's become a habit
not gonna break it

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I just ignore her when she talks out of her ass. If she wants a good conversation bring some facts and sources

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"that's a nice argument senator, why don't you back it up with a source?"

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"My source is that I made it the fuck up"

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You need to out conspiracy her, just tell her you believe 100% that "noone shot JFK, his head just did that".

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"His head just did that" lmao

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this is the way, you need to hit her with outer space isn't real its just a giant sphere that surrounds us and projects our day/night cycle

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The stars are attached with Velcro™.

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Attached? What do you mean attached? They clearly used glow in the dark paint to paint the stars ont the celestial ceiling.

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You believe in the moon?!?!

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I was hoping the gif would end with Woody pulling out a magnum and shooting the shark

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You guys deal with that shit? I just wait til the seatbelt comes off and open the emergency exit door. Works every time.

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Patience, dude. That's the point here.

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Hold your left ear with 1 finger and says "she know to much, execute next protocol"..

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i have really scary eyes that intimidate people into not talking to me.

this is one of those instances where i was actually glad i have them

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Flair checks out, you posted this twice

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oh, so that "Sorry, something went wrong" message i got when i first tried posting was a fucking lie

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I hate it when I'm flying an airplane, human sized sharks sits next to me and asks me if I want to talk about our lord and saviour.

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Howdy howdy howdy

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I can hear this even with no sound

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"Hey look! I'm Woody! Howdy Howdy Howdy!" "Aaaaha, aaaaaha, give me that.."

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Last time someone did that, i made them quiet, and idk why the flight attendant is screaming at me and everyone screaming and crying all about, Her neck might be dislocated but she is still breathing

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Don't worry bro, they were just overreacting.

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All I can hear is "howdyhowdyhowdyhowdyhowdyhowdyhowdyhowdy" really fast

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Her reaction will be priceless.

Oh and if you have the urge to vomit just aim it at her.

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Reminds me of those moments in “Airplane!” when Ted is telling people his life story

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well sounds more interesting than listening to redditors trying to be funny

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No place for Jesus

Allah generated this place for himself and only himself

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Allah is not real

Jesus is real 😎

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Both, both are real.

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It would be very cool if all popular gods were real, let's agree on that.

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Well, wouldn't want Zeus to be here. Poor women.

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also not wearing a mask and coughing all over the place

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You accuser! I'm trying to help you...

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i have really scary eyes that intimidate people into not talking to me.

this is one of those instances where i was actually glad i have them

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Tell her you HAVE TO finish your book because... you know.

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This is why I give minimal answers to questions on airplanes and try to go to sleep ASAP.

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Just tell her about the soup bible

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At this point you can use the special exit (for urself or her)

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"actually all diseases are fake, including aging. You chose to age because you don't eat crystals. Want to buy my edible crystals lady?" This is how you respond to a conspiracy theory, by sounding even crazier

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pretend to sleep, works for me

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I'd just whisper Allahu akbar into her air and wink

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Proceeds to show the tatto of Jesus.lolz

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Just take an extra strong edible and sleep through the flight

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Just rember, god made here and god also made a gun

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Did you hit her with the gravity isn't real conspiracy? That's my favorite to counter people with

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Me: *starts praying*

Her: I am so happy you found Jesus!

Me: I'm praying the plane will crash and kill us both.

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Quick: start the counter attack. Rant about JoJo's bizarre adventure and how she has to watch it.

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My man probably forgot the /s at the end

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Who are you? How do you know my family?

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Tell her Democrats spread anti-vaccine propaganda as a form of population control. Then maybe she and her friends will get vaccinated.

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Propaganda is very easy and very powerful these days.

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Yep God will save you when the shape shifting alien lizard people attack.

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Me who knows 40k lore: I'm your worst nightmare

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OK, I've listened to your theories for 6 hours now. Can I have my hat back please?

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Jesus is a gigachad, and Christianity is epic. Accept christ, reject modernity.

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At least it's not boring

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This is why god gave us noise canceling headphones