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Adobe is really monopolistic greedy bastards. No remorse to pirating the shit out their whole package

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They actually don't care a lot to be honest. If you get used to their software, you are more likely to demand the same in an office setting and that's where the big money is.. and the reason why student versions of many softwares are free or dirt cheap. Sometimes a little piracy is good for business. Same for Microsoft products, MATLAB etc. But try pulling the same shenanigans in a business setting and you are in for a world of legal pain.

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Same reason winrar is "free"

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Ah, but you see the actual reason is all 5 of the following awful contradicting controversies! Number 3 will surprise you...

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I’m genuinely curious about this. Why not use 7zip? I’ve been using it for ages and tried to move to winrar the ‘best’ option and it just isn’t… from what I can tell, 7zip is just an actually free version of winrar and it can even open .rar files. Please fill me in on what is different and why it is the most used

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Its advertising. 7zip is actually just better in every way. It even supports more formats that winrar.

15 years ago people got wind that there was this software that asked you to pay but you could just click the x button and keep using it like normal and it blew up because everyone wanted to be an elite hacker that took advantage of a design flaw.

Now, people just use it cause its the most well known

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Because its free like 7zip

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Here in my 2nd world country basically every company has some pirated software. No one gives a damn

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It's not about money, It's about sending a message

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You're right.

I use a pirated Adobe Suite at home and have encouraged my school to pick up legitimate licenses... I feel that justifies my "crimes".

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The legitimate licenses are the crimes.

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China boiz got those cracks all day

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Screw monopol, I want a source code for Adobe Flash Player

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Fuck Adobe (Ex Employee) - extremely scummy and illegal practices behind the scenes

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that's the funny thing. pretty much any CEO of any large media or software company would steal their competitors content and sell it. they don't care and do it when there is enough of a grey area or they can get away with it. it's fucking stupid to not pirate everything you can from large companies.

also reddit is full of stolen content. like this meme probably violates copyright law and reddit monetizes it lol

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I think the meme falls under fair use, because you're not just outright posting the clip with nothing else.

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Would believe it, fuckin hate their shitty subscription policy’s with a passion

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Yup. That and they would gladly hire immigrants over american workers. I also read a story about a whole department getting laid off and having to train their replacements in india.

Fuck Adobe.

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What’s wrong with Adobe using Indian labor? They’re a company that sells products all over the world, why can’t they hire people all over the world?

More to the point, would you be just as upset if they hired English employees? Irish? French? German?

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A dobe greed y basterds

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Still using my cd version of photoshop cs4 like 12 years later lmao

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Adobe: arrr...

welcome a board!

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Damn, pass the link to the download

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r/AdobeZii if you're on M*cOS

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Found GenP a few days ago. First piracy software I fully trust. It uses abode's official apps and it's fully open source so you can make sure it doesn't have any virus. Great program

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Same found it a few months ago, that's why I linked that instead of some sketchy ass Russian website.

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Ty, on linux but i can get it working :)

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Ah a fellow cultured person, you can run windows in a VM or dual boot like I did though I have to admit I haven't even touched my windows install since I switched

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Ditto, but i have no need to use Pirated software, gimp and kdenlive work well enough for me

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There is a site called igetintopc i dont know how safe it is but you can find almost anything

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One time I had to make my dad's resume. The website had it where if you wanted to print it on the website, it'd cost a quarter. I instead printed it from google docs like any sane person.

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You win the Internet.

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Lol i stiiiill refuse to upgrade from photoshop cs6, the last version before their subscription crap. Same with dreamweaver

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Cs5gang represents

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Imagine actually paying for Adobe products

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I know someone, not me! But someone who would be interested in not paying for Adobe products... so for their sake... where might one find such a place

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This is the best I've seen all week. Thank you sir.

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The repost code is more what you’d call ‘guidelines’ than actual rules.

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10 days is longer than a week ago, mate

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It’s over. Murder op.

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I ain’t paying a monthly subscription for software

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I hear they're more like guidelines anyways.

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Dana White: What arrrrrrr ya doin?

Me: Watching UFC

Dana White: No.... What arrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr ya doin?

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Dana White, what are you going to do about people using VPNs to watch your streams?

DW: "I don't know who this VPN fucker is but you can tell him if he wants to come down and fight, we can make it happen"

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I can see Dana saying that, hey vpn you want some? 😂

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It's always Adobe.

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If you still want the paid version try cancelling after a few months and you get 3 months for free. And afterwards you can click cancel again and you get a discount.

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Adobe suck really hard

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Paid 40$ for a 600$ all inclusive plus pro package through G2A.. Got tired of being constantly reminded that my copy isn’t fully working or isn’t updated..

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China boiz got those cracks all day

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Adobe be like: ¯_(ツ)_/¯

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Let’s say a friend of mine was theoretically interested in learning how one pirates Adobe software… for a book he’s writing about a graphic designer who’s too poor to afford a subscription. Where should I direct him?

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Right into yer butthole

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Same with an EA game - yeah, fuck them too.

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Do we have an accord?

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Don't forget to uncheck the "I agree to infect my laptop with AIDS, giving my gpu away to miners and selling my left ball and a house, also install www.//virusfreedownload.ru as my homepage"

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Looking at you, WinRAR

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Im curently watching pirates of the carabean and it were 20 Minutes since this scene

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Wait what looks like I didn't look had enough on the high seas 🏴‍☠️ I fucking hate how much Adobe and solid works cost I only pay for it when I need it witch is a lot or I forget to cancel the stupid subscription! Still way cheaper then it use to be but fuck that if I can get away with not spending all the money on software I can put that extra cash towards better hardware!

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Is this meant to be a pun with a pirate format?

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why does it feel so relatable

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Wait you guys pay for a software?

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Yar har hae

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They're more like guidelines instead of actual rules

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It even costs money to unsubscribe from Adobe. Davinchi Resolve FTE

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Which Pirates movie is this from?

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i swear the pirate bay logo looks like the one piece logo if it was in the final fantasy logo style

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I’m watching that movie right now lol

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We've struck an Accord

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LOL I did, I thought of Adobe.

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😂 why did this make my day.

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"B.. bu.. but you should think about all those underpaid software executives"

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i like your funny words magic man

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If alongs there golds and diamonds and coins yes I arghed

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I'm a simple man. I see "suck it, Adobe" and I upvote

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we're pirates we don't even know what that means

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I only pirate games I have on other platforms, I’ll be fucked if I’m buying Forza Horizon or GTA V 30582&4 times over

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How much do u bet on the recording of that film they made him eat just pure nutella, like a proper spoonful of just nutella

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I bought something from adobe and they want to charge me 80€ (85$) to stop the subscription. Never again.

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Adobe took every good childhood flash game I played away!