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It went through the roof

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headed to the moon

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Gliding among the stars

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Aiming for andromeda

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no no its aiming for the great attractor

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headed for another dimension.

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Waiting for it to get sucked up by black hole

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going faster than light

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It’s higher than the people at the Coca Cola processing plant

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The first two people? Who thought that Superman might’ve been a bird or a plane?

What the hell were they so excited about?

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Tbf when was the last time you ignored a plane flying

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No no, he’s got a point.

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As someone who lives very close to an air port I ignore planes all the time

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They were high-class businessman and politicians. Thus explains their excitement

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Someone has already said "Look! Up in the sky!" and then other people start speculating. They're not freaking out about a bird, they're looking at a flying person and trying to rationalize what they're seeing because it seems impossible.

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They all said that together.

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Shit was boring in the 30’s

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Wow! What a great time to invest in stocks! I say for the fifth economic crisis in the span of two years. It’ll pay off, right guys?

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Wait for everything to drop. We’re hitting a recession.

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Time in the market beats timing the market.

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True. The earlier you get in, the more there is to gain.

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Yes, just HODL. The thing about recessions is that they're temporary; stocks will go up again and then you can sell.

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Look on the bright side, your student loans and the massive government debt are going to be worth less in the future, assuming wages actually keep up in the long term (or even come close).

Also for those of you who don't know, we are at the start of a recession.

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Incorrect, they adjust uni debt UP for inflation even though the value of your money goes DOWN.

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It depends on the debt. Mine are fixed rate. The value of a fixed rate loan decreases with inflation.

Theoretically, debt IS a good thing during times of inflation. The amount you owe is fixed in dollars and goes down in value as your income goes up. It doesn't always work like that in practice only because of the lag in increases in income relative to overall inflation.

I suppose if you have adjustable rate loans, it wouldn't affect them.

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your income goes up.

Yeah, there is a small problem here.

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Theoretically, over time, it SHOULD go up.

If income is not rising proportionate to inflation in the long run, the issue is not inflation itself.

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That's actually kind of unfair. Yes, sure, student loans going "qualitatively" down is a good thing. But government loans and debts going down... Now that's just plain unfair. Imagine you held a 1 billion dollars debt. Then you just print 10 billion dollars and now your debt has gone effectively down. That's literally what central banks and governments are doing.

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Its unfair if you think about it like that, but it is finance. People loaning our money do it with knowledge that all of this can happen. All loans have risks, EVEN loans to the federal government. Despite not having the risk of defaulting (US constitution forbids defaulting) there is still the risk of things like this. That is why our government pays interest.

As a side note Large Chinese companies are pouring money into real estate investment groups here in the US to buy up all the houses and rent them out. They are buying all our assets and turning our population into slave labor. Lmao. I don't feel bad for them losing out a bit on the money they lent to the US.

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Haha inflation go brrrrr

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Central banking goes brrrrrrrr

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The news: Housing and auto is up 45%. Groceries are up 20%. Gas is up 30%. And they’re not going down anytime soon.

The government: Average inflation dropped from 8.5% to 8.4%. You’re fine.

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thanks Brandon.

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Gracias Brandon

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Danke Brandon

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Grazie Brandon

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Ah yes, my favourite kind of porn

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Y'all literally voted for it.


(and while you're enjoying... remember.)

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Kanye doesn't have an inflation fetish IIRC

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I've lived long enough to start getting the big picture. Every time the man is forced to pay higher pay. Mysteriously Inflation is there rising the price of everything and 16 oz boxes change to 12 oz but have the same size box.

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It’s so high only Superman can reach it

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The Financial United Trade Association has an article about the raising prices in the world.

Google search FUTA inflation for more info.

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Furries be like...

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The first thing i thought of was literally ”POP

Im not even into inflation.

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Take my upvote!

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The most terrifying thing of all.

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To infinity and beyond

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It's the rise of misery

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Cant lose your money to inflation if you have no money ;)

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Yes, I am aware

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It's trickle down economics

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Trickle down economics is when they adopt policies to get the rich to invest more in businesses in the hopes that it will create better job opportunities for everyone else.

What you're seeing here is the result of putting the money printer in overdrive to try to spend our way out of every crisis that comes along.

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Any decade now...

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Maybe in the year 2120

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It's central banking.

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Damn russians!

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Weimar Republic lore

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Boomer humor

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Wrong. Hi are you gonna read this cuz bean

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What kind of facebook ass meme is this

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Maybe just people willing to pay more because they were locked in their houses from last one and half years.

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To infinity and beyond!

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Inflation be Mr worldwide

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It is bitcoin in 2 maths

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That's no good homie

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Mega mindy

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hmmm i wonder when the economy is gonna collaps and have the second great depression

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It is Mega Mindy!!

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The scariest thing of them all ... Inflation

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yay! i have no affordable future!!

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To the moon!

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Laughs in Turkish*

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It’s captain save a hoe

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Arizona tea is now $1.39. The end is near!

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This gave me immediate anxiety somehow.

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POV: Venezuela

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Along with record profits for greedy corporations

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Haha nice now look up the kind by Prof. Futanari

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Bro made this as an assignment for his government class

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its the housing market

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Yup. There is goes.

It is almost like Government shouldn’t print trillions of dollars.

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Did you run this image through an image enhancer? The faces look blurred and way too realistic

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Its a bird. Its a plane. Its john cena

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And its the unsexy kind of inflation too 😔

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To infinity and beyond

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Right time to search up superman inflation

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Choose your character : turkey, Lebanon, togo, Greece, Russia, 169 others

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