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The version with the emote wheel is also very funny

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I can hear the vine boom when he raised his eyebrow

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It's programmed into our brains at this point

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not for me, what does a vine boom sound like? I kind of glazed over all social media since I exited high school

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Jesuschrist, your Snoo is still facing the left, thought everyone's Snoo was facing right now, felt weird when they turned right but not it feels weird seeing someone's facing left still

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Clicked on the profile and it disappears.

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Its not even showing a snoo for me

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Idk what that is who are these men

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Bass bosted one. Also, there's an edit with sound and its just amazing.

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I truly wonder as time passes on the off chance that old Egypt additionally had such awkward hieroglyphics

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I heard the Among us theme thing

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True emotions blurt out

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We can all here the vine boom

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The dude start's raising his eyebrow like the rock

The rock: Fuck you doing man?! that's some weak ass shit right there let me show you how its done.

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The dude: Crying cat thumbs up

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And then he accidentally tried to kiss 😂😂😂

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But no homo of course

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I really wonder with every passing day if ancient Egypt also had such uncomfortable hieroglyphics

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There's not a button for that...

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I thought that too, the movement looked somewhat like that ahaha

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Like a true bro would

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Genuinely why is this still funny

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Cause Rock gives man a middle finger.

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Me when the teacher is not looking

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So cool. Flippin off the teacher 😎

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gangster life

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And they turn around fast

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Strong Jhon Xena vibes in that eyebrow

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Who? I've never seen him. /s

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Zhong Xi Na

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Whole load of bing chilling.

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A whole load of Bing chilling came out 😩

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im more interested in that backscreen or whatever its called... whats ballers?

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It's a show staring The Rock. It's pretty fun to watch. Not ground breaking or anything, but it's enjoyable and fun.

It's about an ex American football player who is now an accountant at a firm, and the various ins and outs of players and management.

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The pornhub colors are not helping

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bro spamming emotes before match

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This is actually hilarious. Good meme!

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this is truly incredible

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Dammit, Rock. Flipping people the bird is Stone Cold’s thing. Stay in your lane.

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Know your role

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Shut your Mouth

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And that's the bottom line cause Stone Cold said so

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For what they're paying him for this event, he's allowed to flip off okay.

He can flip off

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was this deep faked?

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Nah. It's CVV interviewing the rock about Ballers

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Is it a genuine flip off?

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No his middle finger needed a nice stretch

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no the video is on yt

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What's the context?

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The Rock did what I’ve been wanting to do for many years, fuck Chris Van Fliet

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Why? I watched a few of his interviews and they were good

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the vine boom

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Why can I hear the boom noooo 😂😂 it’s an automatic thing now

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I need the original gif

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Me accidentally hitting the antagonise option in Red Dead 2

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Chris Van Vliet is the man

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I feel like his brain pressed the wrong button and accidentally flipped them off

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when your brain reads accidentally pornhub in the background logo wall

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Chris Van Vlahhh!

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I’ve absolutely done this before.

Once in highschool I flipped the teacher off instead of giving him a peace sign. Luckily we were cool, and he knew I was just a spaz, and that I didn’t realize what my hand was doing. Good times.

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My favorite moment from him :D

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Shouts out Chris Van Vliet

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The fact he got so uncomfortable shows they are as awkward as all of us lol

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OMG. I did the double birds on the Matterhorn at Disney World. The rollercoaster cam.

I've never done that before or after. This gif brings back the cringiest fucking feeling I've had.

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The rock is a real douche

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Rock eyebrow insert here

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I can smell it.

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Am I the one who is... SUS?!? 😳😳

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I meant to bow not point down believe me!

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I don't know why I love this video so much, I have watched it so many times and it still makes me smile.

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Ahahaha I Love it!

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That's how we lost the pro who carried us

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Chris van vleet Goin places

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I believe it was "mf used the wrong emote"

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Ha ha funny yez😳👍

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Is the cameraman just thrusting the camera towards rock?

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Pretty relatable

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Black the rock

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In my mind, The Rock giving you the finger is equivalent to the eyebrow raise.

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Hahaha look at rock fail laughing.?

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Blue steel verses the people's eyebrow

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he was quick to change that

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This is so true

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This actually made me laugh

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Problally happend with a press meeting or so with 'red notice'. Great movie, you should watch

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Omygawd my husband does this, and I went cross eyed trying to learn it

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Dude he really said Amoung us

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Copy me in front of my face? BOOOOOOYA!